At the corner take a FRIGHT! "WildeFaun"

Trick or treating is a lot of fun, especially for energetic fluffies such as my Crush, and he was ready for sweet nummies and even more so to show off his Galarian Rapidash costume.

The first few houses went off without a hitch, until we came up to a large bounce house. “Daddeh daddeh! Wat dat!? Wat dat wiggwii wewwo ting!?!” Pulling on his leash as best a runty unicorn can do, we finally arrived in front of a large SpongeBob bounce house.

Giggling children ran up and through the gaping buck toothed entrance to spastically fling themselves up and down to the point of sickness. “nuuu” I hear the tiny voice. " You say something little boOy vay!" Before I can ask I see Crush’s eyes have gone huge and he is shaking.

“Nuu, widdah hoomuns am not nummies, WIDDAH HOOMUNS AM NOT NUMMIES!” He was so loud the block went almost silent! " DADDEH, DADDEH SABE DEM DADDEH, PWEASE YU GOTTA SABE DEM!" He was now pulling on his lease so hard I could hear him choking.

“Crush baby boy calm down it’s not eating them.” I say assuredly " It’s just a game." This does nothing for my panicked pony as now he was starting to stress others out. Fluffies and children were beginning to sob, other fluffies voided themselves in terror and attempted to flee.

This went on for a bit and I was getting a few evil stares, honestly I was just so proud of my little fluffy for causing such bedlam. “WUN, BABBEH HOOMUNS WUN! WUN FWOM DAH MUNSTAH , WUN BEFOW MUNSTAH GIB FOEBAH SWEEPIES!”

At the moment Crush finished his plee his collar broke, sending the small stallion face first into the pavement, where he continued with a graceless summersault right onto his back. Everything went quiet except for his panicked chirps and the ambient noises from Halloween decor.

" Oh shit, baby boy you ok!" I crouch down next to him gently lifting my equestrian son. " Hey buddy." I snap my fingers in front of his face causing a frightened SCREE " Oh geez right in my ears, do you think you’ll still be up for going to the Carmel apple bar?" I ask " I think he needs doctor." Someone in the crowd shouts." I was joking!"

I gently tuck him inside the inner pocket of my jacket. " Come on Crushidash, let’s get you to a pokemon center." As I walk away from the crowd I whisper to the cheaping unicorn. “After some sympathy caramel apples.”


D’aww, I like it!

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Haha cute!

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Is the title an American Dad reference?

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Oh geez, now the yard is covered in scaredy poop…

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