At the Park with my fluffies (InfraredTurbine)

If you ever seen seen this video before you know where I took my inspiration from :slight_smile:
Just a normal day at the park with @anon68543914
Red doesn’t appear here cuz he was buying ice cream for me :v
I better pay more attention to George next time!

If you don't know Red and George

For commissions, illustrations and so on, feel free to contact me ^^


I’m not saying those two are your best creation but I too would have felt the Wrath of God if something bad happened to them.


I think any of us would incur the wrath of god if a ( feral) fluffy had the fucking balls to mess with our pet fluffy.

I know I would take a very dim view of a feral fluffy messing with Rambo because he has multiple tails.


Your already dead shitrat,you just too dumb to know it.


That fluffy’s now the past tense vers. of “fuck around and find out”.

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The idiot get what he/she deserves.

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