"Automated Sorting Station" by Carpdime (FB ID: 19199)


No milkies


Seems rigged to me


It’s all politics.

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From what I understand, this was the fourth coloured image Carpdime did, and it preceded Cowd Wawa Woom

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Mmmmmmmmm minced fluffy.

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Grind the blue one.

Why? The blue one is the one they needed

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A novel idea, but inefficient. Why wait until the non-preferred colour is skinny enough to fall into the grinder when you could just toss them into the grinder?

This was a really early piece when I was still finding my way around the whole fluffy thing. I would call this a very indulgent piece, for the fact that I was looking to invoke outrage at the unfairness of this super contrived situation. The setup makes no sense at all except to create shock and draw out an emotional response. The commentary at the top left has the beginnings of the unemotional, industrial abuse trope that was a theme amongst some of the later works I did.

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Yeah, it’s a little contrived but the booru itself was still relatively new at the time I think?