Autotomy by Chikahiro

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This is a foal from Falling Apart by Chikahiro


Now I want a weirdbox fluffy that loses its head all the time so you have this rotting body and then head with teeny tiny body and leggies walking comically fast


I take they can’t stay alive after losing half the body…right?

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Nope. Even a less vital area, if large enough, would be problematic. In vertebrates it appears some of them done regrow with bone but cartilage IIRC, and the nutritional/energy requirements for regrowth are high. A fluffy living with humans would have issues, but a feral fluffy? Could be a major setback or even death sentence.

I watched and read a bit on this. It was kind of cool. Animal Logic (?) had a nice one.

So this little one was effectively cut off from its mother (ambilical cord where?) and too many major organs. Neither side would really be able to recover from the split in that location as a result. And even if the back end could, I don’t think anything relatively complicated grows back in the real world (brain, cardiovascular system, etc).

I like this series because the whole generic chimera aspect lets me do weird little fluffies. And this whole series is on those: one in a million (or so) types that come up with interesting but not helpful traits. Or traits that animals have but get them wrong somehow (like here).

That’d be rad, to have your fluffy spontaneously separating in two and flapping uselessly.