Axed (2017) (Artist:Titanfluff)

Another one I thought was uploaded but maybe not?

Also last one for now, still got some to upload, but I’m trying not to completely flood the new posts section…


Bleak AF

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Babbeh hab twu mummah’s now!


That’s a good mummah right there

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And in a moment he wil be twins too.

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I would have spared her if she axed nicely.

No, no by all means flood away

Hope that’s the shadow of the persons head/neck and not their dick.

Babbeh wil be dicked in two then.
And now you can’t unsee that either !

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Always sad the mother trys to told them to run and they say and ended up dead too. :cold_sweat:


Destroy the child

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The foal deserves to perish as well.