Babbeh Bottle (Father_Dan_the_man)

I have once again stayed up too late to finish a fluffy drawing but I couldn’t get this idea out of my head. Do you think this would taste lovely or like ass…? :thinking:


Cherry flavor only goes one of two ways.
Amazing or like cough syrup.


Lol. This is true. My own husband has a hate for cherry flavored things thanks to cough syrup.


I will share with you this idea because, damn, I love this art style and I’ve been kicking around this goofy thing in my head and boy, does this ever kind of marry in my head.

A few stories I’ve read use scent as a means of reintroducing runts or whatnot to mothers as acceptable, normal babies. So I got this idea for a weird, modern day/old-timey snake oil salesman type product. Professor McGillicuddy’s Patented Babbeh Stank. Or something like that. I was planning on using it in my current story, eventually, but it’s waiting in the wings.


Not just cherry, either. This seems to be true of a lot of flavors.

I may also be a poor judge of flavor. I love the taste of original Nyquil.

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No judgements there
I liked the original Mtn Dew Pitch Black because it had an almost medicine like taste.


People in general may find it may taste like ass wine. Other people, they are going to say that it’s the best flavor for others to enjoy. As for fluffies, it’s like liquid Enfies, the best thing since they had there mom’s milk.

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