Babbeh's First (And Last) Sight [The_Agony_Presence]

Just a sketch I made for Practice, and added a bit of color to.


AT first I thought it was food processing till I noticed it was just an incinerator I was going to say.

“See yah later, nugget.”


Oh, man, this is so bleak. In your headcanon are babbehs born with bald heads? My idea is that they are born with a fuzzy coat over their whole body and as they grow the mane and tail come in with their own colors.


If you think about it, the newborn won’t have any regrets or fears about that’s coming for him.

He’s kinda lucky and make some people jealous

Btw: i love how his bald head looks


Happy ending.


Not so much bald, just that the fluff there is thin before the mane grows in.


The world hates fluffies

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Good. Burn them all.


But babies are for wub and hugs! :weary:


Well, at least he won’t die feeling cold.


Plot twist: the foal falls off the conveyor belt (because fluffies are dumb), breaks its neck, ends up in the incinerator anyway after an overworked, underpaid worker has to pick its corpse off the floor for no extra pay. Everyone loses.


Peak bleak!

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That said, better than starring in a @BFM101 epic :stuck_out_tongue:


so … snif … so beautiful !! swip a tear

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The foal felt a searing blast of heat, then everything went cold, and wet, and dark.

Confused, the foal fluttered their eyelids open again, wondering when they had closed them. They seemed to be in a different place than before, now they were outside, surrounded by brick walls and large plastic bags that smelt really not pretty.

But at least mummah was here, sleeping on her back with her eyes open, silly Mummah, she was so funny.

Suddenly the foal heard a noise, they turned and saw a figure approaching then, it was another Fluffy, a bright red stallion with an orange mane. The foal gasped, there was only Fluffy this stallion could be.

“Daddeh?” They piped out their first word.

The red stallion laughed and wiped something wet and pink from their mouth. “Nu babbeh, Cwimson nu am daddeh.”

The foal’s heart dropped, they had so hoped this was their daddeh. As tears began to well up in their eyes, the red stallion began to stroke their Fluff with his hoof.

“It ok wittew babbeh, Cwimson wook afta babbeh tiww daddeh git bak. Gibs wots of ‘Huggies’ tuu.”

The red stallion started laughing and the foal joined in, such a nice Fluffy this was to give them huggies until daddeh came home,

This was going to be the best day ever


lol! Wasn’t expecting you to turn it into a writing cue!

Or it just peeped and chirped like a retard as it slowly burned to a crisp while shitting itself. XD

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The cannon ending >: )

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Everything is canon because multiverse.