baby facts. by (angry19)

there’s 37./100. chance Poopies in the litter of foal.
unless it a s*** factories 67./100. chance of Poopies foal.
and a good mare 20. /100. chance of Poopies foal.
and a pure breed 10./100. chance of Poopies foal.
but sometimes a s*** factories has 100./100. chance of Poopies foal hence the name

Poopies fluffy include brown black albino dark green and dark yellow and very washed out colurs
and blood red/boo boo juice and very rarely dark blue.

there’s1./100. chance of natural born smarty.

there’s 000.2./100. chance of alicorn.

description newborn foal bye fluffy mare bye taste.
birth defect/bad bady
runt/very bad bady
smarty bady/ns/natural smarty just a bit naughty but can trend easily.

not bye taste.
bestest bady/favouritism/NOT a smarty.
bestest smarty bady/ss/smarty syndrome but can be reversed but if reaches puberty
it can not be.


Give me your artist name in the title


Uh are the emots necessary?

What is a bady?