Back of the Van [Bio-refinery 2] (avoiding_mare)

Looks like our little pal Seabreeze was picked up by a local bio-refinery funded fluffy control van! A careless mistake means one of his new contemporaries has flown the coop! A recipe for disaster in a moving vehicle. Each of these potential friends seems to think they’ve been picked up for a different reason, but will any of them be correct?

These vans form one wing of intake for a bio-refinery whose job is to process runaways, abandons, and internal breeding wing fluffs to sort out valuable colors and temperaments for sale. Less desirable fluffs are used as breeding stock, milkbags, litter-pal production, and bio-grafting “donors” for other more deserving fluffs. The bottom tier of fluffs, whose coloration, attitude, and the bad luck to arrive during a swell, are doomed to be processed into food, cosmetics, and unwilling test subjects.


adorable faces as always


Lol, “happy poopie noises


Use those wings fucko.


Poopie is going to get a nasty shock.

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The mummah is not terrible colored, its the breeding pen for her!

The matching blue colored fluff might want to reconsider escaping, hes got matching colors which is quite pleasing he could end up as a breeding stallion.

The escaping one, get him back INSTANTLY, thats fluttershy colors the MLP bois will pay big money for that!

The rest… good luck to ya :shrug:


Man I hope that Poopie fluffy gets a good life. I love seeing the asshole fluffys suffer, and the mistreated ones find happiness.