Bad Babbeh Gallows (Artist: Great_White_Nope)

One of the votes is on the discord, uncolored, minimal text. :shushing_face:

Realmente me encanta, me fascino.
Me pongo de pie y aplaudo a tu trabajo.

This is a great way to punish a herd that you recently adopted … make an example.

It would be much more effective is forced them to watch the execution and leave the corpse where they can see it everyday.

I imagine the neighbors are watching like “oh boy franks dong his execution bit”


Sounds like mummah could use a few more educational whacks from ye olde sorry stick.

I pity the unfortunate mail clerk/ delivery driver that has to edge past that rotting babbeh corpse over the next few days, before its inevitably devoured by crows/ falls down and becomes food for bugs. Maybe next time put the gallows in the back yard.


I didn’t know I needed medieval age style fluffy

This was a fun idea. Thanks for this.

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very cool

I’m kinda fuckin shocked I haven’t seen something like this before

what a rare sight seeing bestest babeeh suffer while the mother agrees to torture him


She had to weigh the consequences

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By old English standards, babbeh has committed high treason.
Make a two panel sequel of disemboweling and quartering while alive.

This is so delightfully over-the-top.

The Epilogue:


You are the best.


Lmao I love how his balls are inflated


If anyone is confused. The reason for the burst nuts is inguinal hernia (scrotal hernia) from suspension trauma.

Have fun on google


How bad could one Google search b… brother get the flamer… THE HEAVY FLAMER

Welp uhh time to read this again lol

The balls on that kid

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