Bad Hug [by ChungusMyBungus]

(Had a stressful day at work, came down with something on the way home, felt like some stress-relief. So have this.)

Gavin was pissed.
The roided up bouncer had turned him away at the door but let his girl Tina in without him… and Tina hadn’t even cared, she’d just swaggered into the club and left him on the street.
Gavin was pissed.
Tina said she was done with being a slut, that she had just been drunk and stupid, that she wouldn’t cheat on him again. Not only had he been suspicious of her ever since then, but now she’d abandoned him on the street. No doubt he’d find her tomorrow morning claiming she hadn’t done anything and that she really did love him.
Gavin was pissed.
He had decided to head home and be mad about it there instead. If he was going to be pissed at something, he could at least do it while being warm. He had been making good progress too, stomping his way through the cold city street just after 10pm, when suddenly something jumped out in front of him.

It was a fluffy pony. Bright pink. A pegasus. It looked like it had a collar on it’s neck. He’d seen them advertised on TV, but he had no interest in the things. They looked ugly, they smelled like shit, and they were all the worst parts of a bratty kid wrapped up in a fuzzy multi-colored shell.
“Hewwo nice mistah!” The fluffy pony babbled at him. “Am wost! Hewp pwease?”
“Shut up.” Gavin said, trudging past it, only for it to begin waddling along behind him.
“Huhu, pwease mistah! Fwuffeh hab ownah! Fwuffeh wun 'way to hab babbehs, buh den-”
“Not my problem.”
“Pwease! Pwease mistah! PWEASE!”
“Fuck off!” Gavin yelled at last “I’m not wasting my time helping you get home!”
“Huhuhu…” The pink pegasus cried, but kept following Gavin’s steps. “Nice mistah gib nummies den?”
“Shut up, I don’t have any food.”
“Huhu… otay… fwuffeh hab toysies?”
“No, I don’t have any toys either. Fuck off.”
“Huhuhu… can hab huggy?”
Gavin stopped. He was damn near ready to punt this thing like a soccer ball… but then he had a better idea.
He looked down at it, plopped on it’s rear, arms held up and wiggling with anticipation.
“Alright.” Gavin said. “I’ll give you a fucking hug then.”

He crouched down and picked up the pegasus, which began to ‘coo’ in happiness. He held it against his chest, and wrapped both arms around it’s back, holding it in place.
“Yay! Wub huggies! Fank yoo nice mistah! Huggies make ebweyfin-”
Fluffy squeaked suddenly.
“Eep! Nice mistah, huggy too tighty!”
Gavin wasn’t listening. He was slowly letting all of his rage out, by gradually tightening the hug. With every passing second, his arms drew closer to his chest, his muscles contracting and squeezing against the fluffy pony’s fragile body.
“Hurk! Nice mistah, pwease wet fwuffy g- HURK!” The pegasus choked as the air was forced out of her lungs. She began making rapid gasping heaves, desperate to fill her lungs with air as they were squeezed flat inside her body.
Gavin didn’t stop squeezing.

The pegasus’s own body had turned against her, her bones pressing against her organs as the hug squeezed her body tighter and tighter. With a snap one of her ribs broke, and suddenly speared into her stomach. Then, with another snap, another rib broke and skewered her stomach.
“HUR-HUR-HUR!” The pegasus wheezed, her eyes wide with panic. “PWUH… HUR-HUR! PWU-EAZE MISTAH! HUR-HUR! PWEASE NU… NU HUWT! HUR-HUR-HUR!”
Gavin didn’t stop squeezing.
His grip continue to tighten slowly, as he felt more of the pegasus’s frail bones splinter and snap inside her fleshy body. With the bones out of the way, the organs were being properly squeezed now too, each one being compressed and crushed inside of the fluffy’s body.
As Gavin continued to squeeze, some of the fluffy’s organs began to shift, stray chunks of tissue and squirts of internal fluids rising through the fluffy’s body towards her throat.
The collar around her neck, once such a proud ornament of ownership, was now tightly constricting her throat as the crushing pressure built inside her body as her own innards were forced to rise to her mouth.

Her heart was rapidly beating, so rapidly it was almost about to give out from the effort.
Gavin didn’t stop squeezing.
He tightened his grip further, feeling something in the pegasus’s body actually pop. She still seemed alive though, as she continue to frantically wheeze as his grip squeezed her even tighter than before.
Another snap. Some other bone, potentially in her spine this time. Another pop, a different organ, but the bitch was still alive. She had completely stopped speaking, but was still making desperate gasping wheezes.
Her bowels voided, but Gavin didn’t care. This was the best fun he’d had in weeks.
He saw the pegasus’s eyes lock onto his, desperate, begging him to let her go, wordlessly pleading for her safety and freedom.

Gavin didn’t stop squeezing.

And then it happened.
With an almighty POP the pegasus’s head actually flew from her body, forced off by the tight collar and the pressure of her organs compacting inside her body. Gavin watched it arc through the air and come to the ground in the middle of the empty road with a wet ‘slap’.
He tossed the headless body into the road with it, and spotted some tiny foals come tumbling out of it, all misshapen and crushed in various places.
Gavin briefly wondered if that’s what he’d heard popping inside her, before turning around and continuing to walk home.

Gavin wasn’t quite as pissed anymore.



Dumbass should dump the bitch.


I knew immediately this method of fluffy murder would be a fast track to getting caked in shit.


I’m actually pretty impressed she took so long to shit herself!!

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It was more just me writing in a stress-relieving trance until I remembered how biology worked.

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forgot the name


Fixed, thanks.

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You had me at your username

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Be careful with what you wish for, Gavin :smiling_imp:

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They are great stress toys. And killing the needy bitchy pregnant ones lessens the population.

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the hug worked

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