"Bad Smarty Daddeh" by:MightyMorphinFluffy

In an alleyway sits a pink and purple designer fluffy who sits and cuddles her newborn foals except for one. The “poopie babbeh” isn’t allowed to have milk or love and hugs. This isn’t the mother’s choice, however. She would actually like to treat the foal the same way she treats the others.

It’s the father that forces her to treat the baby differently. A red and yellow stallion is about to be disappointed by this new litter. The stallion walks around the corner and drops the food in front of their nest.

“Awwight wet smawty see babbehs nao.” The smarty demands.

The mare places each in front of her mate and sits back hoping that he would be pleased. The smarty picks up a baby that looks like him and places it back with the mare before moving on to the next foal.

The smarty examines the black and blue chirpy and proceeds to stomp on it.

“Nu wook wike smawty.” The smarty says angrily.

This is repeated for every other foal except the poopie babbeh.

“Need fow num poopies and enfies” The smarty says annoyed.

“Smawty hed hab owwies.” The smarty complains before the last remaining foal starts chirping loudly.

The foal is squashed by the smarty as the mare cries out…finally breaking from all that she had just witnessed.

“Stahp cwying dummeh…smawty am happeh to hab bestest babbeh su ou shud be happeh too…besides…can awways make anudda babbeh”. The smarty says before mounting the mare.

“ENF ENF ENF ENF ENF ENF ENF GUD FEEWS!” The smarty exclaims before lying down and taking a nap.

The mare sits there sobbing about the death of more of her babbehs but she had to get ready. She was about to have her seventh litter. The smarty wasn’t pleased with the last six litters.



good to see you back man


God kill that smarty! Get hammer to bash his head* :grimacing::triumph::smiling_imp:


thank you. It feels good to be back


Maybe…thinking of somehow working this into a mini series


Cant wait what’s next, this smarty is worst than an abusive greedy breeder. :grimacing::triumph:


REMINDER TO MYSELF: read this story when you get back to your computer

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