Bad Uppies [Sexygoatgod]

Theme Week


Hugbox association open the fuck up!


No like fly?


Ooooh babies!!!

I’ve finally realized the abuse that gets the strongest emotional reaction for me tends to be on fluffies I’d actually want to snuggle. More so than even justified abuse (“Smarty McRapist gets his just desserts”).

Totally different emotions, mind you. But I figure most of you knew that about folks already.

That said, nut-shot jokes tend to be an exception. I must be 12 years old still :stuck_out_tongue:


“Perhaps a little light will make it less scary~” ~flips the light switch but the light is off and the fan is on as the foal begins to slowly rotate picking up speed~


. . . xD

I dont know if it was intentional or not, if so bravo on the Scootaloo subtext.

ie - them being bad at flying.

H a n g in there


I do like some bad upsies!

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Fluffyshy and a Scootaloo?


Awesome art. More please.

@sexygoatgod , please let the fluffy down, slowly and gently.


You’re saying that foal nutflix are bestest?

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So, I don’t understand why the foal is crying.

It wants to fly, doesn’t it?

Upsies is part of flying.

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That string night be digging in and hurting. There’s a lot of missing details, so I’m assuming that abuse tag is relevant. The human isn’t being nice about it somehow.

Versus, you know, being a dummeh.

You get it only now? It was scientifically proven years ago.

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Playful and accidental ones? Absolutely. It has to be funny to me. Kind of line a robot chicken sketch?

I’m new and dense. Self-awareness is a slow process :slight_smile:

Foxhoarder does my favorite nut shots so far.

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You can’t talk about unjustified abuse without mentioning foxhoarder. It is a rule

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It’s left open so y’all can draw your own conclusions on it.

@sexygoatgod is this an entry for our Theme Week?