Battle fluffies Round 4 ( maybe ) (AMDk7)

Yes, i know i said i wanted to stop battle fluffies with round 3.
But i had an amusing idea for round 4 adn wanted to float it by people see what you lot think.

Round 3 wil feature all the winners from rounds 1 and 2 going up against each other.
To be crowned winner battle fluffy and get all dat sketties !

Fro round 4 i was thinking that the losers of round 3 go up against each other to become the winner of the losers.
Out of all the losers there is one head loser that came first.

The idea just struck me as funny, and particularly fluffy like even when the fluffy wins they lose.
Bonus is that nobody has to think up a new battle fluffy they can reuse their old battle fluffs
(patch em up a bit )

Off course i have to stress this won’t happen until the new year
Round 3 won’t start until December 28 at the earliest, to get the holidays out of the way

Anybody going to organize any events in the mean time ?


it’s like a “going for the third place” game. I think it’s a good idea but with december not far away I might not have much time to check on the updates or participate :c

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Don’t worry
Round 4 wont take place untill jan 2023 at the earliest