Battle fluffies: stuffy friends (carniviousduck)


Oh my gosh I need that spin2win plush. She looks like she doubles as a frisbee! Though Rapid Poopies looks great too, he definitely looks to have floppy limbs so you can swing him by the gun and he’ll flail around.

I imagine Bouncepad would want his own plush so he can ride it around, he could put it on his hopper and become Bouncebouncepadpad!


There’s a special, limited-edition version of each one made out of the skins of the losing fluffies.

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I would pay top dollar (if i had money) for a rappid poopies plushy

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No toysies for Bouncepad, he’s grounded.




daww lookit the little Goblin with his vest fulla stabby things. I keep forgetting to remind folk about the three slash mark scars over his left eye but daww, lookit th’ little murder machine.

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Im just imagining a shrapnel plush. With real spiked armour for that extra touch of authenticity!

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ohhhh i love them i love theeeemmm i NEED THEEEMM