Battle Fluffs Round 2 Pre Amble (AMDk7)

We are almost ready to get this thing under way.
I got 15-16 artists and their battle fluffies.
Originally i wanted to do 8 battles but that would leave at least half of the participating artists SOL.
And that’s no fun !

So instead the battlefluffies will go up against the house fluffies, so everybody can have a go at drawing a battle.

Artists and match ups will stil be randomly drawn though.
It’s not until Round 3 that battle fluffies wil meet each other in battle proper.

Everybody cool with this idea ?


Seems ok to me

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I just bring it up because some people might be dissapointed they fight house fluffies.
But if i dont do it this way not every artist can draw a match.
And i rather that everybody participating, get a fair shake at drawing a fight.


I’m down for whatever.
The premise is fun.

I’m cool with it! :3