>Be Dog (Flufftastic)

You are Rudyard, a 12 week old puppy
Everything is new.
you love dad,
You love walks.
you get to go to the store, you get to go to the pub, you get to go in the truck
life is good.
You get to walk through the park!
sometimes you find strange things
they squeak and talk!
that means they want to play
they sure do squeak and god are you teething
god they feel so good to crunch
they make the same noises as your squeaky toys
if you’re lucky you can find six under a bush
it’s a shame they break so easily but there’s always more
Good boy Rudyard.


Don’t forget your name in the title, before the owl gets you

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Be Baxter, likewise a puppy.
The squeaky creatures are in a field! They are running and making fun noises.
You will catch them!
A little moment later and some silly squeals, and one is wriggling in your jaws.
You’re just about to do your Fun Shake that makes it squeak super good, when…


Another puppy has pushed you over! She would like your prize! She is taking it!
But it is your prize! She cannot have it!
Now you are both pulling on the silly thing, and it is very fun! The noises it makes are even better!



You are holding the silly thing and your friend is too… but there is less of it than you remember?

It’s okay! We can both enjoy the tasty stuff together! My name is Baxter and life is very fun!


Good doggy!