Before the Storm - Different Forecasts: The Last Monster Ch 4 [By BFM101]

Grape was getting annoyed.

She had been with Mustard’s herd for over two months now and still wasn’t a soon mummah. As much as she tried to cuddle up to Mustard, the Smarty friend actually cared about his herd and would go out every day with Bernie to try and find a safer home for them all in preparations for the cold times. None of the Fluffies wanted to admit it, but they had all started feeling the days getting that little bit colder and darker.

Once Mustard saw the first leaves starting to turn brown, he and Bernie went out for longer and longer trying to find a new place to call their own. Grape knew she didn’t have much time before the cold-times arrived and would put any babbeh she had at risk, she was a good mummah, she would make sure any foal she had was safe, protected and fed.

Well, providing they weren’t monsters of course.

She took her chance one day once Mustard returned, once again unlucky in his search, and saddled up next to him, softly nuzzling into his side.

“Mustawd, yu am bestes Smawty, an Gwape am bestesh mummah. Wan hab speciaw-huggies su can hab bestesh Smawty babbehs.”

Mustard paused, this wasn’t the first time Grape had asked, he’d refused her in the past because the memory of losing his last mate to the red monster, but in the many days since meeting Grape he was finding himself slowly getting enamoured with her.

There was just the problem of the weather.

“Nu can hab babbehs nyo, awmosh cowd-times.”

“Cowd-times nu be hewe fow many fowebas, hab time fow babbehs tu be big an stwong befowe sky-wawa tuwn cowd. Pwease Mustawd, Gwape am onwy wun in hewd wiv nu babbehs, wan be mummah, wan show speciaw-fwiend am bestesh mummah.”

To punctuate her point, Grape presented herself to Mustard, a combination of tiredness, loneliness, instinct and a tickling feeling in his balls directed him to mount Grape and push into her.

“Enf, enf, enf, enf.”

Grape beamed, she was finally going to be a mummah again, no forever sleepy foals, no monster babbehs. She briefly thought of her ex-mate, she would miss his sleek wings and bright blue Fluff but she hoped he would understand.

Or was he a green unicorn? Or a red earthie? She couldn’t remember anymore.

Across the room, hidden in darkness but wide awake, Munstah could hear his mother being made into a soon-mummah. She was moving on from him, she didn’t want to be a Monster Mother anymore.

Pretty soon, she wouldn’t even acknowledge his existence.

It turned out that it wasn’t just Grape who had her mind on enfies. Amber’s two brothers; Leafy - A green earthie with an orange mane – and Sunny – a yellow Pegasus with a red mane – were both at the age where they officially young stallions, and as such they’re minds were focussed on one thing.

How to rid themselves of the pain in their lumps.

Unfortunately, the only females in the herd were three mares with special-friends, their own sister, and Bree’s foals who were all far too young. The two of them were getting frustrated.

“Hmmph, wai nu udda mawes in hewd, Weaf-ee wan enfies.”

“Sun-ee tuu, need git wid of wump huwties. Bu nu can enf anee-wun.”

“Maybe Fwuffies can.”

Leafy pointed to the corner where Munstah was laying, the Alicorn was slowly nibbling on a reed from the riverside, trying to make it last as long as he could. Leafy and Sunny smirked at each other.

“Nu-wun cawe bout dummeh munstah, bwuddas make him enfie-munstah, nu hab wump huwties nu mowe.”

Sunny nodded, they’d spent most of their lives wondering why the monster was allowed to stay with them. Now they understood it was because he was an enfie-monster to help their sore lumps.

Together the two brothers approached Munstah, walking slowly so as not to spook him. Munstah was so lost in his own little world that he didn’t even realise the two were approaching him until he saw their shadows cast over him. He turned to look at them, feeling a little frightened by the sadistic grins on their faces.

“Wha Fwuffies wan? Be nyu fwien…”

Munstah was sharply cut off by Leafy smacking him in the face, the brothers used this distraction to have Sunny hold down Munstah’s front legs while Leafy tried to mount him from the back.

It took Munstah a second to figure out what was going on. “Wha am… nu, NU! Nu an bad huggies, nu am mawe.”

“SHUDDUP! Yu am enfie-munstah nyo, yu hewp Weaf-ee wiv wum-huwties nyo.”

The only saving grace Munstah had over the brothers was him being slightly older meant that Leafy had some difficulties trying to mount him properly. Munstah was able to fight the brother off long enough for…


The booming voice of Murray, the old grey Toughie, sent all three stallions into a fit of scardie-poopies and light wailing. Leafy and Sunny jumped off of Munstah and turned to face the old Toughie, both of them shivering with fear at the imposing sight of him.

“So…sowwy Muwway. Weaf-ee an… an bwudda jus hab wum… wump huwties. Wan yoose dum…dummeh munstah as en…enfie-munstah. Nu fink an…anywun cawe.”

Sunny nodded, still unable to look Murray in the eye. Murray eyed the three of them and snorted.

“Dummeh munstah nu fow enfies, fow hewpin Hamm find nummies. Nu can du dat if hab poopie-pwace huwties. Dummeh bwuddas weave Munstah awone.”

Dejected but not wanting to risk the wrath of Murray, Leafy and Sunny left with their tails between their legs. Munstah sniffed back some tears and turned to face his saviour.

“Fank yu Muwway, Munstah nu wan…”

Once again, the poor Alicorn was cut off by a smack to the face, only now the much older and stronger Murray left him tasting blood in his mouth.

“Dummeh Munstah, need be stwonga, dey stiww am babbeh and yu nu can gib dem sowwy-hoofies. Munstah am mawe, neks time Muwway wet dem tweat yu wike mawe.”

With a final dismissive snort, Murray left Munstah to his pain and despair. Feeling the overwhelming hurt washing over him, Munstah sprinted outside, running alongside the riverbank, just trying to get away from everyone before he burst into tears.

They didn’t want him, if they did they would send someone to look for him, and he knew nobody would come.

“Munstah! Munstah swow down.”

Well, neary nobody.

Slowing down to a stop, Munstah turned and saw Amber chasing after him, her pretty Fluff a bright orange beacon of hope in the otherwise grey land they found themselves in. Not wanting her to get into trouble, Munstah walked to meet her halfway, already dreading telling her to go.

“Amba nu come hewe, gu bak tu hewd.”

“Nu, Amba see wha meanie bwuddas du, nu wike hewd, dey aww fink Munstah am wowstesh Fwuffy, wen dey am wowstesh Fwuffies. Nu wike fwiend Munstah coz dey fink he am wingie-pointy.”

“Amba… Munstah AM wingie-pointy, twy tu git wid of pointy-fing coz mummah nu wub Munstah. Just hab wowstesh huwties an Mummah stiww nu wub Munstah. Amba need gu bak, hewd nu wan Amba an Munstah be fwiends.”

Amber took a moment to look over Munstah, now that she could see it, the thing on his head did look like a broken horn, he WAS a wingie-pointy. Part of her knew she should be scared of him.

But… she wasn’t.

“Nu cawe, Amba wub fwiend Munstah, choose him oba dummeh hewd. Neba wet fwiend Munstah gu awone.”

Amber jumped forward and wrapped her hoofs around him. With no one to stop them, the two Fluffies spent a moment just enjoying each others company.

REALLY enjoying each other’s company.

Amber was a mare now, just like her brothers were now stallions, and her mare scent was tickling Munstah’s nose. At the same time, Amber could feel his nu-nu stick pressing against her, both of them knew what was happening, but both were paralysed with fear.

Munstah took a deep breath and looked Amber in the eyes. “Mummah am soon-mummah gain, she nu wan be Munstah mummah nu mowe. Wen babbeh come, she teww Munstah tu weave… ow gib foweba sweepies. Munstah weave nyo, nu wan stay wiv meanie hewd nu mowe, du Amba wan come, be Munstah speciaw-fwiend?”

The pause that went between them lasted far too long for Munstah’s liking and he felt his heart starting to break, until Amber softly licked him on the cheek.

“Amba wan be Munstah speciaw-fwiend, nu wan be in meanie hewd nu mowe.”

Elated but still cautious, Munstah gave Amber a quick cuddle before leading her away from the warehouse and into the vast unknown of the wide world.

It was rough going for the pair, especially after Amber found herself pregnant roughly six hours after they ran away, but Munstah’s time alone with Grape had taught him where to look for even the smallest amount of food so while the pair were never full, they never starved either.

Munstah couldn’t wait to be a father, he promised he would love each and every one of his foals, no matter what they looked like, he was so proud to be having this family with Amber, he loved her so much. Together the two of them thought they’d finally found a way to be happy together.

They made it a week before life crashed down around them.

The pair were sleeping peacefully in the grass underneath a sheet of corrugated metal, a construction site had long been abandoned after the city ran out of money fighting the feral menace. Munstah lay down as the first rays of sunshine peeked across his eyelids and he felt something shake him, then shake him some more, then even harder, before finally a hard kick to his face woke him up.

Munstah jumped awake, ready to fight anything that threatened his family, only to see Mustard, Bernie, Murray and Grape staring down at him. Munstah let out a weak fart of fear at the angry sight in front of him.

“Munstah nu wet…”

Bernie kicked him again, getting some rough hits into the side of Munstah’s face and knocking the Alicorn to the ground. Amber tried to get in to help her mate.

“Daddeh NU! Dat am Amba speciaw-fwiend, he am daddeh tu tummeh-babbehs.”

Bernie turned and snarled at his daughter. “YU WUN WAY FWOM HOMESIE TU HAB MUNSTAH BABBEHS!? Yuw mummah am su scawed, fink Munstah num yu.”

“Mummah wong bout Munstah, yu AWW wong bout Munstah, he am GUD Fwuffy, Amba wub him, wan hab his babbehs.”

Bernie made to leap across at his daughter, only to be stopped by Mustard who approached the bruised and bleeding Munstah.

“Wai yu steaw Amba fwom hewd? Did Mustawd nu tweat yu wight? Yu neba num poopies, awways hab woof oba yu, Mustawd tweat yu gud coz yu am speciaw-fwiend babbeh, an yu tweat Mustawd wike he dummeh.”

“Huu, Mustawd nu tweat Munstah gud, Munstah nu awwowed tu hab fwiends, nu awwowed tu hab finkie-pwace pwans tu hewp hewd, jus cawwed dummeh an enfie-munstah. Amba wan be Munstah speciaw-fwiend.”

“Amba nu knyo wha she wan, she onwy jus mawe nyo. Need stay wiv hewd tiww she weady tu be mummah, yu takw hew fwom us an nyp she hab munstah babbehs. Dey nu be munstah babbehs in dis hewd.”


Munstah was interrupted by Murray sitting down on him, a hoof pressed sharply against the back of his neck. Munstah struggled but he was helpless to watch as Mustard pinned down Amber and Bailey pressed down on her stomach.

“NUU! Daddeh pwease nu gib tummeh-babbehs foweba-sweepies, Amba wan be mummah, WAN GIB BABBEHS WUB AN…”

A violent pulse of blood shot out of Amber’s special-place, followed by four tiny pink blobs, barely bigger than cherries. Between his wailing at the violent death of his children, Munstah looked over at Grape, his mother watched as the foals, her own grandchildren, were squished into the dirt until there was nothing left but stains.

And she was smiling.

“MUMMAH! Wai yu wet meanies gib Munstah wowstesh heawt-huwties, Munstah onwy eba wan wub.”

Grape sneered at him and spat. “Munstah nu desewve wub, nu am muummah nu mowe.”

Even expecting that answer, Munstah felt the pain in his chest at hearing his own mother reject him. He felt numbness wash over him, he couldn’t even hear Amber’s crying, still trying to fight her way from beneath her father and Mustard. Mustard looked over at Munstah then back at Bernie.

“Take his wumps, nu mowe Munstah babbehs.”

Bernie nodded and stomped over to where Murray still had Munstah held down, ready to punish the Alicorn for ‘stealing’ his daughter.

Bernie raised a hood over Munstah’s lumps, putting all of his strength behind it, Murray shifted slightly to give Bernie more room, and inadvertently giving Munstah just enough wiggle room to move.

Bernie’s hoof stomped down, at the same time Munstah was able to push himself forward and out from under Murray. There was the briefest of moments where Bernie’s hoof nicked against Munstah’s lumps, sending a bolt of agony coursing through him, but if anything it just spurred him on faster to run away.

He ran for his life, he couldn’t stop to save Amber, he couldn’t stop to hurt his mother they way she hurt him, he just wanted to leave, to find a place where he could lay down and not worry about anyone hating him for something outside of his control.

He ran until he couldn’t hear anyone following him, then he ran some more, into the cool fog of the approaching Autumn, unsure of what he’d find on the other side.


It had been sometime since Munstah left the herd, and life had gone on without him, only Amber seemed to even mention him anymore and whenever she did, one of her parents would hit her and tell her to forget about him.

The sounds of Grape giving birth filled the warehouse as the herd readied itself for their new arrivals, Mustard stood by his special-friend while Holly helped deliver the foals.

“It ok speciaw-fwiend, Smawty am hewe, gun hab bestesh babbehs wiv bestesh mummah Gwape.”

Grape smiled betweens the grunts, the thought of having good foals, better foals to show how much of a great mummah she was pushed her onwards as she delivered her new litter onto a soft bedding behind her.

By the time the afterbirth came out, she had delivered five new foals, but when she went to look them over and clean them of the birth gunk, she was horrified to see that amongst her pretty foals of yellows, whites and purples.

There were two wingie-pointy babbehs.

No, it wasn’t fair. Grape was a good mummah, she’d done everything right and now she had even MORE munstahs than before. The flustered mare was about to flip her shit when she felt Mustard saddle up beside her.

“It ok Speciaw-fwiend, Mustawd deaw wiv munstah. Nu mowe munstah babbehs, wike we say.”

Smiling at her mate, Grape took her three good foals and cuddled them into her Fluff, whilst Mustard stomped on the two Alicorns, killing them quickly, then taking them outside and throwing them into the river, letting their bodies sink to the bottom to be forgotten about.

Only the bodies didn’t sink, the lack of thick Fluff on their newborn bodies, combined with a growing build-up of gas meant that the two newborns stayed afloat as they drifted downriver and past the human populated part of the city.

A part where a small group of humans looked upstream, trying to work out where these dead foals could’ve come from.

Next chapter should be the last one, but it won’t be the last time we see Munstah.

Chapter 5 [END]


That herd might’ve gotten off easy the first time they went where they shouldn’t. It would seem most fitting for them to have a session with dr. Mongola to make sure they’re properly taken care of. :smiling_imp:


Grape is a money machine if she pops out alicorns this often. Kill the rest of the herd and make her a breeder without eyes and legs. Amber will probably be collateral damage when the herd is destroyed.


Poor munstah :sob: he lost his mate and he lost his will be children, to think the herd manage to catch up to them and his damn bitch mother smiled on his agony! :angry:

She even let her new mate killed two alicorn,what a bitch!

And now humans has arrived dun-dundunnn!


You need to turn her into an Enfie mare then cause her having legs would just risk having her kill any merchandise.

Tbh she really isn’t worth it with her feral condition and bitch mare attitude.

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Well at least if Crimson does his thing to this herd they’ll have the cold comfort of knowing it wasn’t an alicorn who raped them to death.

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Not surprised they caught up with them.and Bitch enjoyed her suffering of her own child. and not caring of the death of her descendents or her own. She’ll be a foal factory soon.


This is actually a plot point I’ve noodled with for my ferals. Why reject alicorns? They attract humans. Humans being the definition of unwanted attention.

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Murry did warn him if he couldn’t man up and defend himself he’d let others make him a mare.

Potato Pa-castrated~

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Grape is just a little sociopath who wants to see the world burn. All that “miss pechow fwen an babbehs hoo hoo” is just a power card for her to feel good about herself. Really wished she just got eaten alive by crows or something, but being caught by humans is just as good.

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