Before The Storm - Part 2: The Hellish Herd Ch. 1 [By BFM101]

Chapter 6: Stranger In A Strange Land

“Wakies. Wakies. Dummeh babbeh, WAKIES!”

Travis was pulled from his slumber by Roarke kicking him in the side, his already bruised body ached at the sudden jolt and he cried out.

“Huu, wai gib huwties tu Twavis?”

“Twavis nu wakies wen towd, need kickies. Hewd mobin, need wakies ow be weft behind.”

At that point Maggie arrived. “Yu weave babbeh awone, am onwy wittew babbeh.”

“Babbeh am enfie-dummeh nyo, onwy gib wakies coz Cwow wan him wata. Uddawise Woawke weave babbeh hewe.”

Tom and Betsy immediately ran up and hugged their brother, Iris stayed cowering on her mother’s back. “Neba weave bwudda, bwudda am gud-Fwuffy, yu jus meanie.”

Roarke glared at Maggie. “Teech babbehs nu tu wun mouthie-pwace an git mobin.”

Roarke left the family to cry, they had barely stopped since the left the garden the other day. One long walk and a restless night in the open forest had drained them of what little energy they had left but they couldn’t stop, for fear Roarke might kill them as well.

Maggie cried again, thinking of her late special-friend. After everything they’d been through together, their first declaration of love, the tenderness of their first special-huggies, the pain of losing their first litter, the determination of surviving the cold-times, their salvation of finding Deidre and their joy of being able to raise their babbehs properly. Now it was all for nothing, and Glen was gone forever.

But she quickly wiped her tears away, she had to be strong, for her babbehs if not for herself, they were still too young for this much heartbreak, having been threatened with more pain and fear than they ever should face in their young lives. And in Travis’ case, actually hurt by it.

Poor Travis, she thought, his attempts to save his sister had destroyed him, even now he could barely use his hind-legs and she had heard his nightmares whenever he tried to sleep. She feared he would never heal properly, that a part of him would always be broken, in an ideal world she would give him forever sleepies, save him all the pain and torment that was to come.

But she couldn’t bear to lose anyone else, so Travis had to live with his trauma.

Giving all her children a quick feed of milk to keep them going, Maggie put them all onto her back and continues onwards, following Crowley and his herd back towards the herd’s home among the tree-place.

Up front, Crowley motioned for Zip to talk to him. “Wun head, git nummies weady fow awwivaw. Been wong twip, need gud-nummies fow hewd.”

“Yeh Smawty, wan nyo enfie-mawes fow Tuffies.”

Crowley shook his head. “Dewe be time fow dat wata, need hewd west up. Hot-times stawt nyo, need be pwepawed fow cowd-times. Wewax dese bwite-times, den soon fink bout pwans; git nummie piwe higha, den stawt habben babbehs, aww mawes need hab tummeh-babbehs, aww stawwions need be twaining ow finding nummies befowe da weaves tuwn bown.”

Zip nodded and ran off ahead to get the feast ready, they usually used the first few days of the hot-times to relax, to celebrate their survival before preparing themselves for the next cold-times. Sadly though, because of Glen’s defeat of Crowley and subsequent escape, some of herd members had started questioning Crowley’s leadership, leading to a violent coup led by Burke, one of his strongest Toughies.

Burke was dead now, but the damage done to the herd’s numbers and its food supply hurt them throughout the cold-times. Which is why Crowley started looking for new territory as soon as he could, he needed to replenish their lost stocks while they had the chance.

Even though that had been a bust, the moral boost from killing Glen would do wonders for his followers.

Crowley looked to his side, seeing his son Crow walking awkwardly beside him. “Wha wong babbeh?”

“Wumps hab huwties gain, need enf dummeh babbeh.”

Crowley shook his head. “Nu enf babbeh nu mowe, awmosh homesie, find yu gud-Fwuffy, wun dat gib yu babbehs.”

“Nu cawe bout babbehs, jus wan wump huwties tu gu way. It onwy enfie-babbeh, nu-wun cawe wha happen…”

“NU!” Crowley snapped at his son, frightening the rest of the herd. Maggie felt at least one of her foals piss on her back.

Crowley composed himself and continued. “Yu nu keep enfing babbeh, need gwow famiwy, gwow hewd. Wen yu be nes Smawty, yu need weawn dat da biggesh hewd am da stwongesh, gib foweba sweepeis tu anee dummeh dat dis-oh-bay yu, take mawes fwom udda hewds tu gib yu mowe babbehs an bigga hewd. Yu keep enfing cowts, yu neba gwow hewd, yu jus du it fow gud-feews, and dat am waste of enagee.”

Crow didn’t look happy but he accepted his father’s decree, Crowley didn’t say but he also wanted to give Travis a chance to heal properly, to stop his torn anus from leaking shit and risking predators finding them. He had considered killing Travis for safety but he something about the little unicorn interested him.

Plus he was sure it was killing Maggie to see her son in so much pain.

Back with Maggie, Betsy tried her best to clean up the bad pee-pees she had made on her mother. “Huu, sowwy mummah, Bet-see scawed of woud Cwowwey.”

“It ok babbeh, jus pee-pees, mummah cwean it wata.”

In front of her, Maggie heard a scoff, she looked and saw Coral sticking her nose up at her.

“Wha Cowaw hab yu say?”

“Cowaw say yu dummeh, nu pun-ess babbehs fow make bad pee-pees.”

“It nu babbehs’s fauwt, jus scawed.”

“Nu matta, babbehs need weawn hawd-way, make suwe dey nu du it gain.”

“Bu babbehs am fow huggies an wub, ne fow pun-ess.”

Coral scoffed again. “Maybe dat wai yu hab dummeh enfie-babbehs, yu nu gud-mummah.”

“Betta mummah dan yu.” Maggie whispered under her breath, her sadness slowly being replaced by rage towards the stuck up bitch-mare.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t quiet enough. “Wha dummeh say? Yu wan insuwt soon-mummah? Am Smawty speciaw-fwiend, gun hab aww yuw babbehs gu foweba sweepies, gun…”

“Wha dis?”

Maggie and Coral turned round to see Crowley glaring at them both, Coral puffed up her chest like the hot shit she thought she was.

“Speciaw-fwiend, dummeh Mag-ee say Cowaw nu be gud-mummah, caww Smawty babbehs dummehs.”


Crowley held up his hoof to silence Maggie, once both mares were quiet he stared down Maggie first.

“Yu du weww nu tu tawk, yu hab nu-wun tu wook afta yu nyo. Fink bout pwaying nice befowe yu caw udda Fwuffies dummehs.”

Coral started to snigger before Crowley’s gaze locked onto hers. “And yu, yu nu am mummah yet. Maybe yu be bad mummah, jus coz yu Smawty speciaw-fwiend nu mean yu impowtant.”

Crowley turned back before Coral could lay into him, truthfully he was getting annoyed with her bitchiness, if he wasn’t his foals she was carrying he would’ve done something about her long before now. Thankfully that would soon be over.

Up towards the front, Copper smirked at the sullen mood Maggie had been put into, he turned towards Crusher and Breaker.

“Fink Smawty wet Coppa hab enfies wiv nyu mawe? She need gud-enfies afta wosing speciaw-fwiend.”

Breaker shook his head. “Dat wun fow Smawty, he hab pwans fow hew.”

“Bu Smawty awweady hab speciaw-fwiend.”

Crusher nodded. “Yeh, bu Cwowwey stiww am Smawty, gib anee mawe he wan speciaw-huggies. Coppa jus need find udda mawe.”

“Dewe awe nu udda mawe, dat wai Coppa come hewp, fink dewe be mowe mawes fow enfies. Wose tuu many wen Buwke twy tu be nyu Smawty, need mowe befowe cowd-tims come bak.”

“Maybe wet Smawty knyo.” Breaker suggested. “Been wong time since hewd go on Enfie Waid.”

“Maybe, Coppa wait tiww we bak homsie befowe tawk tu Cwowwey.”

While Copper figured out how best to approach Crowley about his desire to mate, Crusher tapped Breaker with his hoof. “If Fwuffies gu on Enfie Waid, fink Smawty wet Cwusha an speciaw-fwiend take babbehs?”

Breaker smiled at the idea. “Be nice tu hab family wiv speciaw-fwiend, fink ask him wata.”

The group kept walking on through the morning, surrounding by nothing by browns and greens of the forest, until Travis looked up and started seeing small spots of colours, bright red and pinks and blues against the forest wall. As they got closer more colours started to appears, oranges and purples, even a few blacks and white, all of them moving, some slower, some quickly.

It didn’t take Travis to realise this was Crowley’s herd, and it was a fair sized herd indeed, more Fluffies than Travis had ever seen before, he noted there was mostly stallions with the majority of them wrestling each other for training whilst the others set about taking stock from the food pile in preparation for Crowley’s return. The few mares in the herd seemed to be relegated to looking after the foals, most of whom looked to be around Travis’ age if not a little bit older, some of the mares were already pregnant and singing to the tummeh-babbehs, but even from a distance Travis could see the look of sadness of their face.

He pulled his siblings in for a comforting hug and held on tight as Crowley led them further in. Whether he liked it or not, this was his new home.

Short chapter to reintroduce the characters and set up some storybeats I’ve got in mind for this next Part. Not sure how long it’s gonna be yet but I’m imaging 8-10 chapters with at least a couple Controversial ones later on.

Little peek behind the curtains, I’ve been playing Fallout: New Vegas lately and I think that’s bled into Crowley, but I’m gonna keep it going cause I like the idea of a Caesar type Fluffy and I wanna see where I can go with that.

Chapter 2


And jet again the Tyrant rules brutal but somewhat wisely and fucking yes Travis will learn that a dragon can be scary but also warm and comforting.


Dude, I named my story, Before the Storm, which acts as a origin for Storm, the Alicorn I created


Huh, sorry didn’t realise there was another story with this name. I was inspired by Life Is Strange.

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It’s fine my dude. I’m pretty chill. It’s actually a great story you’ve wrote. As long as you haven’t ripped off my story, it’s all good. You can keep the title


Nice refresh recap and setting up the plot. This chapter actually makes me like Crowley more. He is intelligent and has a fair grasp on more than most fluffies ever could. Glad to see him temper his cruel side in favor of responsibility.

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Oh, and as tough and cruel as Crusher and Breaker have to ve, for various reasons, I’m glad to see they see act like a normal couple and want what normal couples want. Makes them more relatable and not just part of the background.


“Pax Womana. Da Fwuffy hab nu vawue bee-yond deiw yoo-ti-wa-tee tu da state. Eeda as a meens of waw, ow pwoduct-shun.”

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Once I decided to make them both a couple, I realised I could do more with them, so I’m gonna take them a little further than I planned and figured I could give them some decent characterisation along the way.

Cause who doesn’t love a psychotic, gay Fluffy couple?


Nice to hear that Crowley has faced coups before, at least there were some other fluffies brave (or dumb) enough to challenge him in the past. Since it’s around summer, I assume that humans encountering the home of the herd is an increased possibility.

Seeing how Crowley treats Coral along with his thoughts gives a good hint as to what happens to her very soon. Another example for the herd about what happens to summer mummahs who think they mean something just because they have smarty’s babbehs. Would be funny if they were all ugly, alicorns, runts or deformed in some way since then the whole herd would really freak out.


I’m curious about Crowley’s interest in Travis. I half wonder if he has doubts about Crow, or thinks he can make Travis into something…


For once coral was been scolded that bitch put in her place that she isnt “special” just cause she is his mate. Thats a :fu::stuck_out_tongue::fu: for you bitch!

I hope Francis (which I doubt that fucker) or their old owner would realize what happen to her pet :fearful:


Great story so far, I hope that Crowley becomes more ruthless and damnable than The Great Caesar. It’s harder to enjoy the tragic suffering of Travis and company when it’s easy to justify Crowley’s actions as a cruel, but savvy leader. I want to hate him so badly.

Looking forward to the rest of the chapters!

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