Before The Storm - Part 5: Same Shit, Different Herd Ch. 5 [END] [By BFM101]

Chapter 30: Coup d’état

As Ramsay stepped forward to save Joffrey he felt a sudden, sharp pain in his hind legs, turning to see what had happened, he saw Travis, the green unicorn’s horn had stabbed into Ramsay’s back leg, his aim of Ramsay’s belly missed by the Smarty’s sudden movement.

With his horn still embedded in the grey Smarty, Travis quickly and roughly yanked himself free, slicing several tendons in Ramsay’s back leg.


Travis, whilst still a little dazed from the impact, was self-aware enough to realise he couldn’t take Ramsey on in a one-on-one fight. But then again, he didn’t have to fight him directly.

“Dummeh Wam-see need catch Twavis fiwst.”

Travis turned and ran, kicking dust into Ramsey’s face to infuriate him even further. Forgetting everything else, Ramsey screamed out and charged after Travis, his hoofs thundering across the wooden board of the hut.

Hearing the battle cry behind him, Breaker looked back from his attack on Carrot, seeing Ramsey chasing after Travis.

“Speciaw-fwiend, Twavis am in twoubew, Bweaka gun hewp him.”

“Gu.” Crusher smiled at his mate. “Cwusha take cawe of dis wittew babbeh.”

The two stallions shared a nod and a smile before Breaker chased off after his friend, only to trip over something soft and pudgy, landing roughly on his face. Breaker turned back and saw Joffrey crawling towards him, the fat fucking lard could barely stand, partly from his back legs still crossed over where his lumps had been beaten by Soot’s attack, mostly from being unable to lift his own bulk.



Breaker punched Joffrey in the face, not as hard as he could but he put a fair amount of effort into the attack. Several of Joffrey’s rotten teeth broke off from the impact, most falling out of his blood stained mouth, some instinctively being swallowed.

“Y…y… yu gib Joffwey wowstesh mouthie huwties? Take Joffwey teethies?”

Breaker shrugged. “Yu nu yoose dem aneeway.”

And he punched Joffrey again, his rolls of lard reverberated from the hit, and even more teeth were dropped out. Then Breaker hit him again, and again, and again.

Soon, the tubby piece of shit was a mess of blood and tears, his mouth reduced to bleeding gums and spittle and he begged Breaker to stop.


Breaker seethed at Joffrey’s decree and kicked him in the face, knocking him onto his back. As the ball of Fluff struggled to right himself back up, Breaker pressed a hoof onto Joffrey’s chest and leaned in to growl into his ear.

“Yu… am PAH-FEH-TIC. Yu am wittew cwy-babbeh an fattee peece of shit. Yu am nuffin.”

And with a firm stomp, Breaker lodge his hoof into Joffrey’s gullet, the fat Fluffy felt his jaw break but with no way of moving his pudgy limbs and no teeth left to bite down, all his could do was flail around and gum Breaker’s leg as all oxygen was cut off from his airway.

Breaker smirked as he watched Joffrey panic, each non-existent breath wasting his precious time as he shook and cried and wriggled about, trying to find any inch of resistance that he could use to free himself. Beneath his sickening yellow Fluff, Joffrey’s skin turned red, then purple, then blue as his flailing got weaker, his fat limbs slowly dropping to his side and all fight leaving his body.

Breaker left his hoof inside Joffrey’s mouth a little bit longer just to make sure, but he was certain the job was done.

Joffrey was dead.

Across the hut, Lilypad tried to console Raisin as the weeping mare gathered her aborted foals in an attempt to hug them back to life. All the while, a shocked and anxious Shitbrick stood frozen by the sidelines, his eyes wide and unmoving from the deformed corpses of the neverborn young, still soaked with blood and fluids.

“Babbehs.” Raisin wailed, drenching herself in the fluids, completely uncaring to the mess she was covering herself in. “Wose babbehs gain, Waisin neba be mummah.”

“Dis… dis nu mean tu happen.” Shitbrick said to himself, his eyes still unblinking towards the foals. “Shitbwick neba fink Wam-see du sumfing DIS meanie.”

Lilypad turned round, an impressive feat given her own pregnancy, and bopped Shitbrick on the nose.

“Owies, wai gib huwties?”

“Cos Shitbwick am scawdie dummeh, Wam-see am biggesh meanie eba, am dat nu wai Shitbwick betway fwiends?”

Shitbrick’s ears dropped, he knew she was right but hearing it from a friend, and Lilypad of all of them, made it cut all the deeper.

“Shitbwick nu wan fwiends hab huwties, Shitbwick nu wan aneewun hab huwties. Wan hewd hab heawt-happies an huggies.”

Lilypad sighed, she couldn’t find it within herself to hate Shitbrick for his actions, he was too pitiful, too scared to have made these choices maliciously.

“Hewd nu can hab happies wiv Wam-see as Smawty.” She explained. “He neba wet hewd hab nummies ow babbehs ow huggies. Need him gu foweba sweepies.”

Shitbrick tooted out a fart as the fear of the unknown direction they herd would take without Ramsey took over his bowels. “Bu… bu wha hewd du wivout Smawty.”

“Nu knyo. Bu it hab be betta dan dis.”

Shitbrick looked out to the rest of the hut, and for almost the first time he realised how wrong he was, Carrot and Crusher were duking it out, landing heavy blows across one another, Breaker was choking Joffrey to death and he could just catch Ramsey chasing Travis outside before the grey Smarty’s fat body disappeared.

Of course the herd would be better without Ramsey. Anything was better than this hell.

“Huuuhuuu, Shitbwick am biggesh dummeh.” The brown stallion howled as he collapsed to the ground, covering his face in shame. “Tuu scawdie of Wam-see, wet fwiends git biggesh huwties.”


Hearing the soft voice calling his name, Shitbrick looked up, seeing Soot standing in front of him.

“It nu tuu wate tu be bwave.”

The words washed over Shitbrick, and he realised she was right, even if his friends never forgave him, at least he could forgive himself. He turned to Carrot and Crusher, the orange Pegasus was missing one of his wings but had managed to knock Crusher down and was battering into his side, preventing the sturdier earthie from being able to stand up and fight back.

Shitbrick stared at Carrot, and he felt something burning inside of him, something he’d never felt before. It was hatred, hatred for the toughie that bullied him, hatred for the toughie that had made him eat poopies, hatred for the toughie that had taken Lilypad and raped her in front of him.

Burning hot with fury, Shitbrick charged at Carrot.


Carrot didn’t even know what hit him until a sudden blur of brown knocked into his side, the Pegasus felt a couple ribs break from the impact as he landed painfully onto his back.

“Agh, wowstehs huwties, wai poopie dummeh gib…”

Carrot froze as he saw Shitbrick standing above him, bucking himself upwards and aiming his hoofs between Carrot’s legs.

“Dis am fow gibben Wiwypad wowstesh bad huggies. TAKE SOWWY HOOFIES!”

There was nothing Carrot could do, he was helpless as Shitbrick brought his hoofs down and demolished Carrot’s testicles with an horrifying squelch and a high-pitched whine coming from his broken voice.

Shitbrick wiped the blood from his hoofs and made to finish the job, only to be stopped by Crusher, battered, bruised and sporting a black eye, but still breathing all the same.

“Weave him, he nu can huwt aneewun nyo.”

“Bu he am meanie Fwuffy, need foweba sweepie.”

Crusher nodded as he walked over to the crying stalion’s head. “He am.”

“Wowstesh wump huwties, Cawwot gun gib yu aww foweb…”

Crusher kicked Carrot in the head, knocking him unconscious.

“Bu he nu git dat jus yet.”

Outside, unaware of what had transpired inside the hut, Ramsey cahsed Travis to the edge of the reserviour, the larger Smarty was fast but the stab wound in his leg kept him from properly catching up with Travis, always just out of reach, which only infuriated him further.


“Nu, Wam-see am biggesh meanie, Twavis gib YU huwties.”

Ramsey lunged, barely missing Travis as he jumped backwards, both stallion crashing into the edge of the lake, just touching the water as two splashes rang out, followed by a still silence.

A silence broken by Ramsey impotently stomping his hoofs in the water.


“Wha Wam-see mean?”


Travis stood and stared at Ramsey, utterly confused and offended by the accusation being thrown at him.

“Twavis onwy hewe cos Wam-see keep Twavis hewe.”


“Yu ask Twavis wai am on Smawty wand, Twavis say nu mean be hewe, bu Wam-see keep Twavis an fwiends hewe aneeway.”

“Nu… nu dat nu am twue… dat am…”

Ramsey felt his brain cracking, was this really his own fault? Did he bring about his own doom by trying to have the biggest herd? No, no that would be a dummeh mistake, and he wasn’t a dummeh, he was a Smarty.

Wasn’t he?


Ramsey spun his head back at the sudden boom of his name, behind him he saw Breaker, a scowl on his face as he kicked a disgusting roll of yellow towards him. Then the roll turned over to reveal the purple face of a dead Joffrey.

“It am oba Wam-see, yu hab nuffin.”

Too shocked by his brother’s corpse to react, Ramsey was defenceless against Travis charging at him again. This time, his horn embedded itself into Ramsey’s neck.

“Nargh.” Ramsey cried as he used his bulk to toss Travis away. “Yu nu gib Smawty huwties, Smawty gib… gib yu… huw…”

Ramsey trailed off, he stumbled on his own feet, woozy and lightheaded. Travis’ puncture wound wasn’t immediately fatal but the fast blood-loss was doing a number on the large Smarty.

With no sense of who he was or where he was, Ramsey could only focus on the splashing beneath his feet, he looked down at the lake, wondering who was this grey stallion staring back at him.

“Wawa bad fow Fwuff…”

He crashed. With his hefty bulk creating a large splash, Ramsay collapsed into the water, his body too weak to lift itself up now, his head just barely able to keep himself breathing fresh air.

At least until Travis came along and pressed his hoofs onto the back of Ramsey’s head, pushing him back down into the lake.

It wasn’t a hard fight, the blood-loss would’ve killed Ramsey sooner or later but Travis wasn’t taking any chances. He kept his front hoofs pushed down on Ramsey’s head as the former Smarty instinctively fought back, but was too weak and too limp-wristed to do anything.

The rest of the herd arrived in time to see the end, Lilypad and Raisin helping each other along, Shitbrick and Soot behind them, and Crusher keeping Carrot under-hoof at the back. All of them watched as Travis put an end to their tyrannical leader.

Soot couldn’t help but smile, knowing Ramsey was now facing the exact same terror her mummah felt so many forevers ago.

Eventually even the final bit of fight left Ramsey’s body, his limbs dropped down and the bubbles stopped. Travis held on a little longer to make sure before lifting himself off and stepping back, waiting to see if the body moved.

Nothing happened, Ramsey was dead.

Travis turned back to the herd, this was a victory but he didn’t feel like he’d won. Sure the meanie brothers were dead, but Raisin had lost her foals, again, and Crusher looked like Hell. Everyone had suffered because he’d been too scared to do something about Ramsey sooner.

He turned to Breaker, tears welling in his eyes. “Bweaka, Twa…”

“Twavis am Smawty nyo, gu be Smawty, it bwight-time soon, hewd need finish dis an hab west.”

Travis nodded, knowing Breaker was right. Slowly, with a sudden weight on his shoulders, Travis made to return to the herd, he took one look back just in time to see Breaker kicking Ramsey’s corpse into the lake where it drifted off into the darkness.

Travis turned back, his first priority being Carrot and putting an end to the fighting. He stopped in front of the orange stallion, noting the blood around his mouth and between his legs.

“Wha happen to him?” Travis asked Crusher.

Crusher smiled and nodded towards Shitbrick. “He happen. Gib dummeh wump huwties, be bwave Fwuffy.”

Travis said nothing as he looked over at Shitbrick, the brown stallion not returning his gaze out of shame.Travis turned back to Carrot and kicked him in the ribs, the sudden pain from his broken bones brought him back to consciousness.

“Huu, wai gib huwties, Cawwot onwy wan…”

Carrot stopped when he realised where he was, and who was in front of him.

“Wam-see am foweba sweepies.” Travis stated plainly. “Cawwot hab nu-wun weft tu fight fow.”

Carrot let the impact of the words hit him, he didn’t need to see Ramsey’s body to know Travis was telling the truth.

“Wai am Cawwot nu foweba sweepies yet?”

“Twavis fnk bout it, knyo yu desewve it. Bu Twavis am tiwed, tiwed of sowwy-hoofies, tiwed of boo-boo juice, an tiwed of foweba sweepies. So Twavis gib yu choosie, Cawwot can stay wiv hewd, bu yu am poopie Fwuffy, yu find nummies, yu num onwy wha hewd nu num, yu neba hab speciaw-huggies unwess Twavis say so. Yu am wowesh of aww Fwuffies. Ow… yu weave, neba wetuwn, neba see babbehs, neba hab fwiends hewe gain. Cos if yu come bak, Twavis gib yu foweba sweepies.”

It didn’t take Carrot long to consider his option, almost instantly he shakily stood up and growled at Travis.

“Cawwot nu wan be in dummeh hewd aneeway.”

With a final scoff, Carrot turned away and ventured off into the woods, limping from the squished sack where his balls used to be.

Shitbrick watched the orange Fluff disappear into the night before turning to Travis. “Wai yu gib Cawwot choosie?”

“Cawwot am daddeh, maybe fwom bad speciaw-huggies bu he stiww daddeh. Twavis hope he cawe bout dem enuff tu be gud Fwuffy. Twavis nu fink he du, bu stiww wight tu gib him choosie. Twavis daddeh nu git choosie, Twavis nu wan be wike meanies who gib him foweba sweepies.”

Taking a moment to remember his late father, Travis composed himself quickly and turned back to his herd, though it still felt weird to call them that.

“Fwiends, it hab been wong dawk-time, an it nu oba yet. Twavis knyp yu aww need Smawty bu nu nyo, untiw da bwite-time come, dewe am nu Smawty, dey am onwy Fwuffies, aww of us fwiends. We make choosie on wha happen tu hewd den, bu fiwst we git sweepies, an we wecova.”

There was a murmur of agreement in the herd as they all felt the lack of sleep permeating around them. One by one they turned back into the hut and found a place to sleep, making a small Fluffpile in one of the corners.

Before settling down, Travis took a moment to talk to Raisin.

“Twavis am sowwy Wam-see gib tummeh-babbehs foweba sweepies, nu wan dat tu happen.”

“Waisin knyo, an nu bwame Twavis, Wam-see am bigga meanie dan aneewun fink.”

Travis only nodded, still too hefty with guilt to say anything, he turned to leave only for Raisin to stop him, a shy look on her face.

“Du… du Twavis wan sweepies wiv Waisin?”

His exhausted mind took a second to process what she was saying, but as he came to understand it, a smile grew on Travis’ face and he nodded.

“Dat sound gud.”

The two Fluffies giggled and lay down for the night, cuddling up close to each other to share their warmth. For Travis, sleep came surprisingly easy, even after everything that had just happened he felt a relief wash over him and he feel into the deepest sleep he had done since before losing Angel. Finally at peace for his failures, and thankful for his redemption with his new friends.

He was out just moments before a faint howl was heard on the wind, alerted by the whisper of blood in the air and the scent of fresh meat.

Part 6: Fear Leads To Anger




Given how dark some of the foreshadowing was, I’m relieved that Raisin’s foetuses were the only innocent casualties.

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Well we’re not done with the herd yet.

Anything could happen.

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Travis was right, Ramsey was too stupid that time rather have Travis left with his toughies that time he drag them into his herd by force.

Basically he ruined his own sick utopia.

Man Geoffrey death is as hilarious as any shitty brat was expecting to have his legs break first before ending that fucker but choked to death will do.

Looks like restin isnt yet ready for Travis new herd :scream:

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I surely have no idea what you mean.

(Sneakily hides Big Book Of Foreshadowing under the bed)

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Hmhmhmhmhm :thinking::smirk: will see what will happen in the future installment.

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