Beggars (ambitiousleather8309)


Ill name ya Icarus lol


Those are some mighty fine boots. Keep them away from fluffies because the shit & stuff would ruin them. You don’t want to mess up a nice pair of boots by kicking or stepping on a fluffy. :face_with_monocle:


For a moment i thought the lady was a dominatrix

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Don’t ruin your shoes, ma’am. Please, allow me.


Your cherubic fluffies continue to win my heart. Also, those boots rule. I need to practice drawing footwear again


Don’t me, just gonna scoop up the babbeh before anything bad happens.

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Spoken like a true gigachad


now that you said that
how much hot wax would one need to stop a fluffys movement?you know like a little wax pool with skety on the other side,the fluffy takes to much time and ends up stuck in the middle

You ever seen a “babbeh” that needed owwies? Now you have.

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1 yeah she dose at first look like a dominatrix , given the leather boots an fishnets, and it do take a second glance to see its a purse and not a strap on dangling.

2 depending on weather she kills or ignores an the gender of the fluffy she might have a some what lucrative business opportunity

I wanna pick it up and hug it, it looks so chubby and small

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Babbehs are for stompies.


aww I love the way you draw. The little foal is so chubby I want it.

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all babbehs need owwies if we look at it right :face_with_monocle:

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that babbeh is so round and stompable

There boots are made for stompin’
And that’s just what they’ll do🎶

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Could that heel penetrate its skull? Only one way to know

For he flew too close to the sun