Bestesh Daddeh Ch. 1 [By BFM101]

Inspired by the News Story of a Guinea Pig breaking into a female enclosure and becoming a father to 400 young, here’s a little something about a Fluffy going through a similar problem.

“Heh heh, Wothawio am smawtesh Fwuffy of aww.”

Lothario pushed aside the detached chicken-wire that made up the fence surrounding his destination; The Mare Place. For reasons Lothario didn’t know or care about, there was a patch of farmland that housed a group of Fluffies, more Fluffies than Lothario could count – around 20 or so – and every single one of them was female.

Lothario thought he had died and gone to Sketti-land when he stumbled across The Mare Place a few bright-times ago, but after talking with one of the mares, a pretty young peach unicorn called Sandy, he realised it was the home for the females while they awaited their future special-friends to arrive after the upcoming winter.

Whether it was the scent of several heated females, a blindness to all but the growing pain in his balls or just his own ridiculous overconfidence, but Lothario got it in his head that these pretty mares shouldn’t have to wait all of winter for special-friends, not when there was a willing stallion already there waiting for them. So he pushed the wire that little further back until he could squeeze his body through the gap and into the enclosure.

As he strutted into the middle of the pen, he felt every pair of eye slowly start to notice him, his shining royal purple Fluff with jet black mane, his wings preened to perfection so that every feather was in place, and his trademark sly smile, filled with promises of passion and heartbreak.

“Hewwo wadies.”

There was a stunned silence brought over the female at this strange but handsome intruder, a silence broken by Sandy rushing over to him.

“Wothawio? Wha yu du hewe?”

“Wothawio am hewe fow da pwetty mawes. Wan gib gud-feews an pwetty babbehs. Du San-dee nu wan pwetty babbehs?”

Sandy blushed at Lothario’s coy smile. “San-dee du wan babbehs, an Wothawio am vewy… vewy…”

Sandy’s thoughts trailed off as her eyes were drawn to the growing erection between Lothario’s legs. Suddenly her wan-babbehs programming took her over completely and she could focus on nothing but the No-No Stick.

Lothario grinned, having seen this reaction before. “Nu wowwy, wet Wothawio du da hawd wowk.”

Slowly rubbing his body alongside Sandy’s, Lothario positioned himself behind her, pushing down on her neck gently until she was in position. He took a deep whiff of her special-place and teased her by pressing the tip of his stick against her sex.

Sandy mewled at the tension. “Pwease Wothawio, San-dee wan be mummah, wan Wothawio tu gib…”


In one strong stroke, Lothario pushed himself inside of her, Sandy’s shock melted away into a comfortable pleasure as she felt this Adonis pleasuring her in ways she’d never felt before.

“Enf, enf, enf, enf. Du pwetty mawe wike. Enf, enf, enf, enf. Wothawio gib da bestesh enfies.”

“Mmmm, yeh. San-dee wike. San-dee wike A WOT!”

Lothario looked around the pen, seeing the faces of all the other mares as they watched him enf Sandy. Some of them were shocked, some of them were ashamed, all of them were interested. He locked eyes with a red Alicorn mare with a white mane as he pulled Sandy closer to him.

“GUD FEEWS!” He cried out, still staring right at the Alicorn mare. Sandy collapsed to the ground, exhausted by smiling, she closed her eyes and fell into a slumber, dreaming about how her life would be so much better now with her handsome special-friend.

She didn’t see Lothario stepping over her as he approached the Red mare, his No-No stick still erect.

When Sandy opened her eyes again, the first thing she noted was that she was alone, if not for the slight pain in her special-place she might have thought it was all a wonderful dream. The second thing she noted was Lothario was currently mounting her friend Amber, an orange earthie with a red mane.

“Speciaw-fwiend?” Sandy cried as she ran over to him. “Wai yu gibbenn fwiend Amba speciaw-huggies, fot yu wewe San-dee speciaw-fwiend.”

Lothario didn’t stop humping as he talked. “Enf, enf. Oh nu pwetty-mawe. Enf, enf. Wothawio am nu fow jus wun mawe. Enf, enf. Hab tu gib aww mawes pwetty babbehs. Enf, enf. Yu wan fwiends tu hab pwetty babbehs tuu wight?”

Sandy looked at the ground, slightly ashamed. “Weww, yeh bu…”

“Den Wothawio… Enf, enf. Wiww gib aww mawes da pwettiesh babbehs. Enf, enf, enf, GUD-FEEWS.”

As Lothario finished inside of Amber, Sandy looked around the pen, in the time she had been asleep Lothario had cut a swash through the mares. Scarlett the Red Alicorn, Pippen the green Unicorn, Lisa the yellow Pegasus, Betty the white unicorn. Almost half the mares had a pleased look on their face and were hugging their torsos, singing to their tummeh babbehs.

Sandy felt a stirring in her tummy too, telling her that her babbehs had started to form, she felt happy but not as happy as she wanted to. She cradled her stomach and hummed to her unborn foals, trying to drown out the sounds of ‘enf, enf, enf’ as Lothario moved on to his next conquest.


The Fluffies were awoken by a loud coughing the next morning, Lothario lazily rolled over and looked up at the intruder, finding two cross looking human males staring over him.

Johnny and his partner Gheorghe had gathered a number of mares, both domesticated and feral, and had spent the last few weeks training them in preparation for the start of their breeding operation in the spring. They had promised the mares their own forever special-friends based on the breeding standards set up by Lewis Carter to ensure consistently happy Fluffies, so their surprise when they found their All-Female pen singing a choir of ‘Mummah wubs babbehs’ was second only to their anger when they found the rowdy stallion who had spent the last few hours impregnating every SINGLE mare in the pen like it was his own personal harem.

What’s worse was he had the gall to smile at their angry faces. “Hewwo hoomins, wai wakies Wothawio?”

“So you’re the one who’s fucked all of our mares?” Johnny didn’t bother to hide his animosity towards the intruder.

“Dat’s wight, Wothawio see da pwetty mawes wiv nu babbehs, Wothawio gib mawes pwetty babbehs an had many, many gud-feews awong da way. Ebewywun hab happies.”

“We don’t.” Gheorghe spat. “You ruin stock, it too early for mares to have foals.”

“Yu am funny hoomin, it neba tuu eawwy fow mawes tu hab babbehs, babbehs am bestesh fing eba.”

Johnny tensed his fist to keep from kicking this cocky little shit in the face. “Did they tell you that they were going to have babies later, when it was warmer, from their own special-friends.”

Lothario nodded. “Wothawio knyo, bu Wothawio am betta wookin Fwuffy and wan gud-feews fiwst. Mawes nu hab pwobwem wiv Wothawio.”

Johnny sneered. “Lothario? How’d you get a name like that.”

“Wothawio owd daddeh gib it. Weww… he nu gud-daddeh, he wook afta pwettish mawes eba, pwettia dan dese mawes, dey sissies fow com-pee-teh-shun. Wothawio sneak into homesies, gib bov of dem bestesh enfies. Owd daddeh find Fwuffies, caww Fwuffy a ‘Wothawio’, fink hab nyu daddeh bu meanie jus thwow Wothawio way, say he gib speciaw-wumps wowstesh huwties. Wothawio nu wan dat, jus weave pwetty sissies awone, find mowe mawes dat wan pwetty babbehs.”

Johnny and Gheorghe looked at each other, Gheorghe could see the cogs spinning in Johnny’s head and stepped back, allowing his partner to take the reighns.

“And what will you do now, given that you have so many mouths to feed.”

Lothario laughed. “Heh heh. Wothawio gib mawes gud nummies, hab many enfies and wook afta aww babbehs. Wothawio am bestesh Fwuffy, dis be ee-see.”

“I’m so glad you said that. HEY EVERYONE!”

All the mares stopped singing and looked over at Johnny.

“I want to thank you all for being such good Fluffies over the last few days, but as of right now, neither Gheorghe or myself are your daddies anymore. Lothario has said he will look after you all and all of your babbehs, so you are free to go, follow your new leader to wherever you like and put all of your faith in him.”

“Fwuffies am fwee?”

“Nu hab daddehs nu mowe?”

“Wothawio am weada nyo?”

A murmur of confusion spread across the mares, not helped by Johnny opening the gate to their pen and motioning for them all to leave.

“Come on now, time to go.”

“Bu Mistah Joh-nee?” Scarlett asked. “It awmosh cowd times, wha Fwuffies tu du bout babbehs?”

“Why don’t you ask your new leader Scarlett? He seems to have a good understanding of what he’s doing?”

All eyes diverted to Lothario, the purple stallion felt an uncommon brush of unease wash over him, before he found his courage again and marched onwards. “Fowwow Wothawio, he keep hewd safe fwom da cowd times.”

With Lothario leading the way, one by one the mares followed in suit, stepping out of the safety of their pen and into the wide unknown. Some of them were happily singing to their tummeh babbehs, some of them looked uneasy as they left the only safety they had ever known. Sandy stayed behind as the last mare to leave, she stood at the open gate and looked up at Johnny.

“Mistah Joh-nee, San-dee am wun who teww Wothawio bout mawes waitin fow speciaw-fwiends, am San-dee fauwt he hewe. If San-dee gu wiv Wothawio, can fwiends stay hewe?”

“I’m afraid not Sandy, Lothario has said he wants to look after all of you, I can’t have him here because he’s not my Fluffy but I can’t tear children away from their father now can I?”

“San-dee fink dat make sense.”

“You just go along now, keep yourself safe out there.”

Reluctantly, Sandy joined her friends in their new herd as Johnny closed the gate on them, her head was hung in shame as she followed her friends into the unknown wilderness.

Gheoghe stood alongside Johnny as they watched the Fluffies leave. “You sure that good idea? That our whole stock, every Fluffy gone now.”

“Relax Gheorghe, first off all the mares are chipped so we can track them down with no issue. Secondly, even if they weren’t we still have about 200 acres of land for them to cross before they’re outside of our territory so chances are they’re gonna curl up in the first set of trees they find and hope they can find enough food. Will some of them die? Probably but we can afford a few losses, right now the focus is on the mares punishing themselves. It’s all well and good to sorry-stick them and tell them not to hump ferals again, but this way they can see just how safe they were in here and just how untrustworthy ferals can be. I promise you this, by the time the snow thaws out and we find them again, whoever’s remaining will be so happy to see us that they won’t even breath unless we give them permission.”

“Seems harsh for lesson.”

“They’re Fluffies Gheorghe, harsh is the only lesson they understand. Now come on, let’s enjoy our first afternoon that doesn’t involved shovelling shit in months.”

Johnny playfully smacked his partner on the butt and made towards the house, Gheorghe went to follow him until he saw a tiny speck of white drift past his eyes, the first snowflake had fallen. He looked over towards where the Fluffies had left but they were too deep into the trees to see anymore.

Gheorghe knew Johnny had a point about the harsh punishment, but still he prayed that the Fluffies would make it through the winter unscathed.

Chapter 2


Well, this will go poorly.

Currently remembering a guy who had six kids with six moms.


Always remember: in times of hunger the stupid asshole fluffy who got you into this mess is a source of emergency nummies.


Hewwo wadies!


I just love that there is a pony that is named Betty and she is white. Betty White! Lovely touch there!


Be proud fuckin lothario ! Enjoy your worstless idiocy sending mares to their doom! All in the name of your horny dick!

Sandy and the rest will realized they shoulf have listen to their owner than that asshole


Appreciate the stallion was named after the sims’ iconic heartthrob (probably, most likely-) hope the mares will be ok through the winter, and learn their lesson once spring has sprung.


Hey, if that fluffy was a human he’d be teaching seminars on being a pick up artist.


L – Look at the pretty mare

O – Over to her you go

T – Tell her how lucky she is to have caught your attention

H – Have bestesh enfies with her

A – Abscond with the truth

R – Really lay on the guilt-trip

I – Irate her into leaving

O – Oh look, another pretty mare.


All of the mares went with it, really? None of them said no, I want own special friend, no want share. I know fluffy are stupid, have a strong desire for babies and not all monotonous, but really?


In some different reality? Yeah the mares would probably be too selfish to share. For the purposes of this story, Lothario really is that good.

But it’s a fair point, we’ll say canonically all the mares (aside from Sandy) think THEY are the special friend with Lothario just giving the others tummeh babbehs to be nice and I’ll address it fully in the next chapter


Lol, okay. Yeah, she seem like the silver tongued type.


“There was a pause as the situation hit. It wasn’t Lothario with a harem of twenty mares. It was twenty mares that had him. All needing food, water, to be kept warm and hugged. He cursed, not realizing he a time share.”


I approve of such a harsh lesson. Bets half of em don’t make it to term.


Oh please do a part 2! I wanna see how the harem turns out


This was super good, I’m looking forward to more! Scarlet seems to have an idea of how much this is gonna suck, I hope she can help keep some of the mares safe when Lothario fails. Also, I loved the reason behind his name. It’s perfect.


Cruel but in the best way possible, self-inflicted punishment and all they have to do is wait.


Im sure lothario would fail miserably bout his braggin he can take care of the mares as the ONLY stallion to look for food…good luck with that.


This is a fucking great hook, I really want to see what shit happens for those dummies.


Scary thing is I know a guy with way more children than that… and all with different women. Makes one wonder if sometimes humans are as dumb as fluffies when it comes down to good feels. No regards considering potential aftermath. :hmm:


Those 20 mares would kill him if he didnt provide them with food and shelter before they get really bloated to move,but I expect that jackass would play favorites.

As we see how Sandy was devastated he just hump her suppose “best friend” and the rest of the mares.

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