Bestest and Runt (Artist: Carpdime) (Fb id: 22132 & 22170)

22132 - artist_carpdime chirp chirpeh_babbeh comforting fluff foal mummah safe
22170 - abuse artist_carpdime bad_foal buried_alive chirpeh_babbeh fluffy_on_fluffy_abuse foal litter litterbox poopie_babbeh rejected rejection safe shit


Two images of newboard foals in different situations, placed together due to proximity within in archive, as well as simialrity in theme as well as juxtapositon. The first image depicts a newborn foal in its mothers fluff, the location based on the tags. Likewise, the second image shows a runt buried in litter, most likely a reject. Out of the two images, only 22170 was archived.

This post is pending further information, whether it is from a retrievable archive or from the artist himself. Also, the post may seperated in two per the artist’s preference/intentions.


Lmfao the disrespect of burying a foal like a shit is unmatched.


That bestest deserves to be shoved up its mom’s ass.

The burying of the runt is interesting. No stomping it, but burying doesn’t silence it. There’s a number of story possibilities that could come from this.

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It is possible it may have been an unexpected birth (see: biggest poopies trope) Alternatively, it could also be a mother rejecting his foal by just burying it. Carp did intend some of his pieces to be interpretive.

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