Beware the Wizard... (Ch.1) [By Biorb_McBiorb]

Wizard was a Fluffy, a Violet Pegasus with a Orange mane, tail, and small goatee. He lived in a stone fortress, left to him by his owner, Tarron Chaequinal, a Elven Sorcerer, gifted in all forms of magic.

Wizard awoke one morning to the sounds of screams and explosions, fearing for his life, he had hidden away under one of his master’s beds fearful for his life, but more fearful for his beloved Daddeh…

Tarron had been slain by intruders, and his fortress torn to sunders, but Wizard remained, due to his strange, impish nature.

When the dust had cleared, Wizard emerged from his hiding spot to a horrible sight, hundreds of warriors dead, all burnt to ashes from roaring flames, or frozen stiff with the piercing cold of ice magics… But what scarred Wizard the most was that he saw his Daddeh clinging to life, an axe, lodged into his shoulder, broken thru bone, blood, and sinew…

As Wizard approached his dying Daddeh, Tarron looked on to see his scared, faithful companion… As a final gift to Wizard, Tarron placed his hand over Wizard’s face, and recited in an ancient tongue, a enchantment, one that would bestow Tarron’s powers to Wizard, everything, his powers, his knowledge, all that he had, was now Wizards…

“Be brave, little Wizard… Be strong… For me…”

“Daddeh! Pwease! Nu weabe Wizawd! p-pwease… Daddeh? P-p-pwease nu gu foweba sweepies… Daddeh?” Wizard cried as his question went unanswered… And what felt like days, weeks even, Wizard stood by his old master’s side, not even realizing he, a Pegasus Fluffy, was now the strongest Sorcerer in all the lands… One with the power that could shape the very lands to his will… Was now in the hooves of Wizard, a Fruit loving, cat hating, nervous wreck of a Fluffy…

Wizard spent most of his time cleaning the Fortress… His home, once in ruins, was now coming back into shape… Surprisingly easy with powerful summoning magics and the natural elements at his side. The work was also great for Wizard, learning how to control his magics and getting his mind of his Daddeh helped him quite a lot.

Thru the use of Summoning large Elementals, Wizard repaired the walls of the great Fortress of Angarath Keep, the towers, even the great hall which many bodies lie, along with Tarron, was cleaned up quite quickly.

While Wizard’s new found intelligence helped him greatly, he was still a Fluffy, when the first Elementals were made, he made scardie-poopies and ran away, only after a few… Hours, of calming down and watching the spell fade, dispersing the Elementals, did Wizard regard them as friends.

Wizard had placed his Master in a large stone coffin, one that would preserve him, and keep him safe from aging and rot, at least until Wizard could think of a way to bring him back.

“Nao that daddeh am safe, nee’ to keep cweanin’ big homesie… Maybe… Maybeh Wizawd couwd get nyu fwend tu wive in housie… Hmm… nee’ weaw fwiends tho…” Wizard said, overseeing the Earth Elementals moving his Daddeh down into the lower crypt. Upon hearing their Fluffy Master say that, the two Elementals turned, almost giving off a annoyed look, if they had faces…

“Nu! Wocky Fwends am gud fwends! Buh-… Wizawd nee’… Fwuffy Fwends is aww…” Wizard said, feeling very bad about hurting his Large Rocky friends, to appease them, Wizard offered hugs to the two golems, and they were graciously received.

After the Elementals had done their deed, Wizard dis-spelled them, now looking to the main gate of the Keep. realizing he now had a massive keep to protect, but no one to live in it made him sad, but now that he had magic, he could… He could go get friends!

Wizard stamped his hoof three times. “Shesh!” as the command was said, a sigil appeared from under Wizard, a Anchor, so he may freely leave and simply return home. But as Wizard began to leave he realized something… He had wings… He had… His eyes lit up as he realized what he could now do!

“Dwim!” With the command word said, Wizard felt his wings buzz, what were once small, ineffective wings, went from buzzing, to humming, now to roaring! As Wizard saw the ground grow farther and farther away, he finally felt the thing EVERY Pegasus wanted to feel… The open air…

Wizard almost cried as he preformed turns and maneuvers that would normally mean death for a Fluffy, but now he was Flying! Really flying!

The sudden realization hit Wizard as he now looked down from the sky, seeing the ground was… A lot farther than he was used to… A lot… Lot, lot, lot… Farther…

The fear of heights caused Wizard to began to sink from the air, not fall, but slowly descend…

It still terrified him… Even as he safely landed on his hooves.

“M-m-m-mabeh… Jus’ wawkies instead…” Wizard said, running off into the nearby Forrest, eager to meet new friends to invite back to his home. He would have to be careful who he invited, and they would have to follow Daddehs rules, not every Fluffy was deserving of living in Wizard’s Daddeh’s Home!

As Wizard sped by thousands of tree, he began to love his new gift! The gift of faster movement was a absolute blessing to a Fluffy, something every single one of the species lacked, Wizard finally had! All thanks to his Daddeh’s Magic!

Speeding by, Wizard’s ears twitched, hearing the sound of Fluffies crying! “Fwuffies hab Saddies?” Wizard said, changing his direction to where the sound was coming from.

As Wizard got closer, he began to hear not only Fluffies, but something else… Something mean… He heard the shrill cackles of… Goblins! While, normally, Wizard would have no idea what a Goblin was, his Master’s Gift gave him the insight to understand these were bad Munstas!

As Wizard peered thru the brush, he saw them, a large herd of Fluffies being kept in a caged off area, goblins picking up a fluffy every minute or so to shove them onto a sharp stick, resting them on an open fire! The ones already on the fire still had their Fluff, causing them to turn into bright balls of fire, their screams slowly fading away as they were turned into meals for the horrid Goblins.

There was four in total, and each of them had just heard Wizard’s Scardie-Poopies from the burning fluffies…

Wizard was shaking as the Goblins saw him, a Bright Purple contrast to the surrounding Green and Browns of the Forest. But as they goblins grew near, Wizard’s Fear became rage, something he never felt before!

“Jhawwen Dawsein!” Wizard cried, as the word uttered out finished, behind it came the crackling of lightening. From Wizard’s mouth, came a pulse of pure electricity, ripping thru the first Goblin, then arcing to the next, blasting thru the next one’s head, then arching over to the next, then the next!

Wizard watched as they holes that had formed into the Goblins singed and bled a awful smelling goop, dropping everything they had on them. Wizard heard what sounded like a jar breaking, but when he looked to the Goblin that had said jar, he saw nothing but a small slick trail and a shrill noise, something he felt he could worry about later.

With two words, four goblins lay dead, singed, and missing parts. Wizard felt his stomach turn as he waddled past the cadavers, and made his way over to the caged Fluffies. Immediately Wizard was bombarded by a mix of “Thank 'ou’s!”

“Weiff!” With a simple command, the ropes that bound the fence became undone, causing the makeshift prison to fall apart. After a few moments of talking amongst themselves, a Large Alicorn steeped forward, sporting a blood red Mane and Tail, and two matching crimson eyes, Wizard noted that he was heavily scarred and looked as if he had been in many battles.

“Smawty wan tank 'ou, 'ou sabe hewd, sabe widdwe babbehs an soon mummahs! wouwd be pwoud to caww 'ou Hewd Fwend.” the Smarty announced, followed by a chorus of cheers. While WIzard thought the offer was tempting, being a Herd Frend meant he would have to leave and follow, something he did not want to do.

“Am sowwy, buh nu can be Hewd Fwend, buh Wizawd wan ask 'ou sum tings if dat am otay.” Wizard asked, perplexing the Alicorn. “Weww… Otay. Hewd! Stay hewe fow now, nummie-fidahs gu get nummies neaw by, nu gu to faw!” Ordered the Smarty. Wizard watched as a few Fluffies rushed into the underbrush and vanished.

“Du Smawty hab namesies?” Wizard asked, sitting down a bit further away from the resting herd.

“Yus, am Bwoodshot, am 'ou namesies am Wizawd, wite?” The Alicorn replied, sitting across from Wizard, now out of earshot of the herd.

“Yes, Wizawd wan’ ask few tings befowe make offew… Du Hewd nu wha’ gud poopies am?” The question slightly confusing Bloodshot.

“Yus… Wha’ am Wizawds offew?” Bloodshot made sure to finish his answer with a quick look back to his herd, making sure the soon mummahs and babbehs were still in eyesight of him.

“Weww… Wizawd wan ask if Bwoodshot’s Hewd wan cum wive in Wizawds Homesie… Awong wiff 'ou ob couwse.” As the question was said, Bloodshot turned away from the mares to see Wizard slightly trembling, whether it be from fear of disapproval or the anticipation of an agreement, he couldn’t say.

“Wizawd hab wand? am Wizawd Smawty? Wike Bwoodshot?” Wizard got up when he had heard the question, getting closer to Bloodshot.

“Nu, buh am a Smawty-Fwend, wan tu hab mowe fwends tu fiww owd Daddeh’s Housie…” WIzard brought his voice down to a hush and told his tale to Bloodshot, all but the part of his powers being gifted to him. As Wizard finished, Bloodshot looked perplexed, and intrigued. “Since Wizawd shawe stowy wiff Bwoodshot, den Bwoodshot teww stowy as weww…”

Bloodshot explained to Wizard how he had became the Smarty-Friend of this herd not too long ago, that he was a survivor from a Fluffy Gladiatorial ring ran illegally in these lands. After some time, Bloodshot had encountered the Smarty of the Herd and had threatened Bloodshot’s life, which did not bode well for the former Smarty.

Wizard was surprised to hear all this information, but was glad he was being trusted like this.

Maybe Wizard had found a Friend to bring back home.

“Weww, can pwomise nummies, and safe pwace fow babbehs, nu nee’ tu wowwy abou’ uddah Smawties, and meanies.” wizard reassured Bloodshot. “If Bwoodshot wan’ we can gu backsies wite now! Can take howe hewd.” Wizard informed.

After a few moments of thinking, Bloodshot nodded, and called back his Fluffies, just in time as the nummie finders had returned a few moments ago and had passed out food for the mares and talkie-babbehs.

“Otay… Su wha’ hewd nee’ tu du?” Bloodshot said, smiling at his new Herd-Friend. “Oh! Dat am easy! Ebewyone! Gwoup Huggies!” Wizard cried out, with a quick nod by Bloodshot, Wizard was tackled and hugged so much he almost couldn’t breath!

As Wizard re-adjusted himself, still in contact of all the fluffies, he tapped his hoof onto the ground below three times, followed by the command “Winn!”

In a flash every fluffy was teleported back to the sigil marked at the courtyard of Angarath Keep. The Fluffies were utterly shocked that they had been moved so far away! but with some shaky reassurances from Wizard, they herd began to make their way into the Fortress that would one day strike fear into any adventurer that dared to try and take it.

As the herd made their way into the Fortress’s Main Chamber to find nesting, a lone mother, a Earthie-Friend with a Pink Coat and a Yellow Mane with two foals turns back. “One… Twu… W-…Whewe oddah Babbeh at?” cried the mare.

Back at the Goblin’s Camp, a single foal sits a bit away from the marking left from the teleportation. Now realizing it has been left, it cries out, and screams in anger!

“Peep! Dummeh Mummah! Why weabe Bestes’! Hach’ou Mummah!” The Light-Blue Pegasus Foal says, waddling away, it’s Yellow Mane bouncing as it tried to… Well tried to do anything a foal can do, which is nothing particularly well…

“Hmph! Why meanie Mummah weabe Bestes’ Behind… Jus’ nu wan’ huggies… Wan Miwkies!” Cried the Foal. The Foal only stops his crying as he begins to hear a strange slimy sound, turning to meet a small slug like creature. At first confused, the Foal begins to try and fight off the Creature.

“Dummeh Munsta! Bestes’ gon big ‘ou bigges’ huwties ebah!” the foal cries out, hardening itself for battle. As the foal raised it’s hoof u and down onto the Tadpole, it freaks out, sprouting out small tentacle like appendages, and begins to latch onto the foal, causing it to scream out as the Tadpole slowly begins to make it’s way closer and closer into the Foal’s mouth.

To the Foals horror, the Slug-like Tadpole begins to shove it’s way into the Foals Throat, but the foal, now panicking, decides now would be the best time to not be a picky eater. Taking a massive bite, the Foal bites thru the soft skin of the Tadpole, feeling the head go down his small gullet, the foal’s body is now set free, as the other half of the Tadpole has gone limp.

Urk… D-dummeh Munsta! Bestes’ big wowstes’ huwties! Bestes’ win!” he cries out, slowly hunching over in pain, feeling his first real meal begin to turn and sour in his gullet. "ugh… Bestes’ nu feew pwetty… Feww… Stwange… hurk!"

The Foal looks all around, a new sense of invigoration fills his mind, he is hungry. SO. HUNGRY, looking to plants he chews and chews to feel no joy of the meal, he looks at the small stick lying around, chomps his small underdeveloped teeth into them and cries out in rage!

“DUMMEH TWING TINGS BE BESTES’ NUMMIES WITE NAO!” The foal yells, and to his utter shock, his words become tangible, rushing into the mound of stick the foal had just bitten into. The Light-Blue Foal watched as the Sticks shook and writhed into something he had only ever dreamed of!

“SKETTI!” The Bestes’ began to chew thru the lovely heavenly ambrosia that was Sketti, and lopped up even the dirt it sat on.

He wanted more…

The Bestes’ looked over to the severed limp body of the Tadpole and got an idea. “SKETTI!”

The lower half began to writhe and spasm out of control as its body and everything turned into delicious strands of Sketti. As the foal ate and consumed the now ‘Sketti-fied’ meal, he had a great idea…

“Wha’ ewse can Bestes’ du?” The Bestes’ says, feeling his mind waver, like suffering thru a heat stroke that never really happened. His mind began to develope new ideas, things no foal could ever consider possible! All the other skills he now possesses and all the wondrous thing he could possibly do!

“Bestes’ wan Fwy!” Commanded the Foal. Within a few seconds the foal was soaring fast, flying to the closest thing that made him feel happy.

This foal felt he had endured so much…

This time… He was going to make others endure him…


A special Thanks to @swiftbitches and @FederalChemical1728 and @FallenAngel007
Swift for letting me Adopt Wizard from one of their adoption post
Federal for their Fluffy Generator, which i have used like… so fucking much for creating characters for stories, its really insane.
And Fallen cus I love abusing his Spoiled reincarnating Light Blue Bestes’ Foal

Just a Heads up this is Fluffies in DND so i dont know if it’s weird box or neutral so… ill just put both


This story is fucking metal.


Adventurers. I swear… a wizard of sufficient power can’t get squat done without adventurers barging in at all hours. They’re a plague.



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I love wizards, and fantasy! Love the probable antagonist in the making (I don’t know if the tadpole is related to any common fantasy creature, but they look either silently possessed, or have attained some sorcery+knowledge from eating the creature’s head). Looking forward to any new chapters that may come.

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God i almostiled the beans to you about what the tadpole really was, was worried i gave it away too much, glad you like it!

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Ohhh nice

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Did shitty blue bestesh gotten high with the slug or the slug controls him like a parasite?

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kinda both, its a DND thing thats changing him as we speak!

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Oh fuck! Welp his naggin didnt change hope so is his stupidity.