Big Bad Munsta Dad Ch.3 [By Biorb_McBiorb]

Your name is Mambo.

You don’t talk much. But when you do its either to talk to Oingo and Gravy, or to ask Daddeh somthing. Today you and everyone were going to be given a surprise! You only had one of those before, and they were always nice!

Your Daddeh Clint led you all out of the Safe-room and took you around the Big Housie! You stuck near Oingo and Gravy because they were your friends! Everyone was so excited to see what the surprise was!

Finally, Daddeh took you all into a big room that had the biggest nesties you ever saw! But he stopped in the living room staring at you all, he was making a silly face that made you laugh! " Teehee! Peep! Peep! D-Daddeh! w-why Fwuffies s-stoped?"

“Well I’m glad you asked Mambo!” Daddeh said, bending down and giving you nice scratchies on your head. You coo’d your little heart out whenever Daddeh gave you love. “You see, I realized something. You all have only ever been inside the safe-room! So! Because you have all been such great Fluffies, I’m going to let you play around the rest of the House!”

Even MORE room to play and run?! That… That was the best thing ever!

You Peeped and Cheered! Everyone else joined in and began to hug and play! But Daddeh told everyone to wait! “Guys, i know it’s exciting to be able to do something like this. But the rules of the Safe-room apply out here!”

Daddeh explained that he put Litter boxes around the housie so you could make good poopies easier, but when you used the litter box you had to tell Daddeh so he could clean it and make it smell pretty again!

He also told you to not num any of the “Not-Sketti.” It wasn’t good Sketti! it was bad Sketti that would give you forever sleepies! You didn’t want to go forever sleepies! So Daddeh told you to only num the sketti HE gives you. Never any other kind.

You were so excited! You got a whole new place to play and have fun in! You ran to Oingo and Gravy who were running back to the Safe-room! They said they wanted to bring your favorite ball that you all shared out to play with! You ran and joined after them, but you stopped about half way to your friends, because you heard something weird, it was loud, but it wasn’t scary.

You followed the noise till you got the the “Kit-chen.” There you saw Oingo’s Daddeh Chuck. He was making such a loud noise! You wanted to see if he was okay, but when you approached him he spit up Boo-Boo Juice! You were so scared! You didn’t know what to do! You ended up making bad poopies, and cried out “D-DADDEH! M-MISTAH CHUCK MADE BOO-BOO-JUICE!”

You saw Daddeh run into the Kit-chen, and pick up Chuck! “Chuck?! Buddy are you okay? What’s wrong?” He kept asking all those questions but Chuck didn’t answer! He kept making those weird noises! You didn’t know what was going on!

What was happening?!

Clint looked down at the Fluffy in his arms, Chuck tried to say something, but was having a horrible coughing fit. You didn’t know what was happening, and you weren’t about to let that stop you.

You made a mad dash to the Garage, grabbing a pet carrier and placing Chuck inside, leaving you ran out and closed the door, you didn’t hear it close all the way, but that wasn’t what was important right now. You ran over to the Safe-Room grabbing one of the spare blankets you had that the fluffies never used, and tossed it in the carrier. Upon leaving the same thing happened with door as the one to the Garage, so maybe you did close it all the way and you just never realized it sounded like that.

You told all the Fluffies to go back into the Safe-Room and to stay there until you got back. It was about a hour away from the nearest Veterinarian’s office and you felt like you were running out of time. You didn’t know what was wrong with Chuck, but God as your witness, you were going to find out.

You left the house locked up as best as you could, hoping into the car and driving like there was no tomorrow.

You just wanted your Fluffies to be happy, and for the most part they were. But that seemed like a far cry from what they were feeling.

Your name is Napoleon

Your Munsta Daddeh just gave you a perfect chance, to escape or take revenge you didn’t know yet, but for now escape was the better option.

You only went over the plan once with Bun. Because she was a Earthie Friend, she was a lot stronger than you. The first part of the plan was that she would jump down, and let you jump onto her, You were a Pegasus, you were much lighter than her, so this would probably be the only way.

You gave Bun the signal, a Nod, and she jumped down, landing on her stomach. she was on the floor for a few seconds, but she got up and smiled back at you. You were very happy she didn’t have Tummeh Babbehs. Next she readied herself to where you would jump down too, And with one jump down, you had landed on her back, but as your were a Fluffy and accident prone, you didn’t land the jump, falling off of Bun onto one of your Wings. You almost screamed!

But you remembered the plan, and told your special friend to num it off. “Wha? Why Bun nee’ tu Num wingie?”

“Cos dose Fwuffies may weawize that Napoweon has bad wingie! dey couwd use that an’ gib owwies tu smawty dewe! Su… Su pwease num wingie.”

Despite her aversion to the idea, you knew it had to be done. In a fight, any weakness was bad, You had been in quite a few fights, and you knew this well, the only reason Daddeh called you “Fat-Fuck” because you got too comfy, too lazy. You hadn’t fought with another fluffy in a while. that needed to change.

As Bun bit thru the Useless wing, you felt every second, trying not to make any noise. Bun had done it, she swallowed it too which made you tense up a bit, but remembered that she was YOUR Special Friend, and she was going to be a big help with the next part.

Although Munsta Daddeh had left the door open, it was too heavy. You AND Bun had to force it open and use almost all of your energy to get thru. You had gotten the door open, and were greeted by the nicest home you had ever seen… “One thin’ at a time Napoweon, wemembah dah pwan” You told yourself, trying to keep your eyes on the prize. The Safe-Room.

Bun had found it first, she had caught the scent of other fluffies and showed you the way. When you got close to the door you saw that the door was also cracked open! This was the perfect chance! All the waiting, the pain, it was finally going to be worth it. As you got Closer, you told Bun to keep close behind you and to stay behind you, to your surprise you began to hear the Herd talk about how they were missing another fluffy! It just kept getting better and better!

With another nod to Bun you both used your weight on the Safe-Room door, slowly pushing it open. You were familiar with this part, you had said it quite a lot! So you started with the Same line you told every other Feral that joined your herd. Opening the Safe-Room door, you announced to all the Dummeh Fluffies!

“Dis am Smawty’s Safe-Woom nao! If ‘ou nu wan’ gu Fowebah Sweepies, den ‘ou stawt wistenin’ to Napoweon!”


Ooh, cliffhanger

Will Napoleon hurt our friendly Fluffies? Will Oingo find it in himself to protect his family at the risk of killing again? Will Bun do something fucking stupid?

I’m intrigued


You really had to ruin the dramatic tension and make me laugh, didn’t you?

Curse youuuuuu!


Napoleon you and that bitch Bun just sign up for one way ticket to hell!!! :grimacing::triumph:

No door is safe if not properly closed and with Chuck’s condition, Clint emotion gonna be very, very bad on what we might see on the next chapter.

Being a fluffy of genius is not always a blessing.

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well, whatever happens, Napoleon and Bun are gonna get to know the true meaning of “whoever wins, we lose” I suspect

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