Big Bad Munsta Dad Ch.4 [By Biorb_McBiorb]

Your Name is Oingo, and a Smarty had just gotten into the Safe-Room.

No one answered the Smarty’s Demand, you just stared at him with a confused look. “D-Dummeh! Dewe am nu woom fo’ Smawty hewe! G-Gu way!”

“Oh? Who am goin’ to stahp Smarty? 'Ou? Dummeh Fwuffy, 'ou may be big, buh 'ou nu can stahp Smawty Napoweon! Ahem… Nao Speshuw Fwend!” WIth that you saw the Light Blue mare run at the nearest foal she could find.

She was running right at Trotter and Gravy! They were playing Blockies when those two came in and demanded you follow them. You saw the Mare rush and knock over the blockies, then… then she started to hit Gravy! Trotter began to scream “NUUUUU STAHP, STAHP PWEASE!” Only to be met with a resounding sorry hoof right to his muzzle.

You wanted to rush the Mare, but Before you had the chance Cooler had began running and yelling at the mare. “STOOPI’ BUN, NU HUWT BABBEH!” His demand was met by Napoleon getting in his way. You stared in disbelief as Napoleon began to fight with Cooler! And Cooler was loosing! Napoleon moved like you never seen! maybe because he was a Wingie FLuffy, or maybe he was just experienced. You didn’t know!

Napoleon held the upper-hand even as Crush came and joined Coolerl! Napoleon had been running circles around them! your focus was all over Napoleon, he was fast, and he was tiring out Cooler and Crush. They got a hit or two on them, but that wasn’t enough to stop him from darting and outmaneuvering them. You didnt like this Smarty, he was hurting your friend and brother!


You turned and yelled as you saw that the Mare was now hurting Trotter! Gravy was huched over on his side and you saw boo-boo juice!

Your gaze again moved over to Trotter, just as Bun was raising her front weggies up in the air, she was going to crush him! You moved as fast as you could, hoping some other fluffy would get to your brother first! And your hopes were answered! It was Mummah! She had rammed into Bun stopping her attempt at giving forever sleepies to your brudda! “Dummeh Bun! nu one gib owwies tu Gwen’s babbehs!” You Noticed She was alone though.

Nu-Mummah Kahlua was with her babbehs, they were too small to try and help. Hera and Jolene were with Mambo and His Bruddas and Sissys. But Volt was running to you! “Oingo! Wets hewp Coowah an’ Cwush! we can stahp dat Dummeh Smawty!”

“Bowt suwe? That Smawty suwe am gibin’ Toughies hawd time! Wha can Bowt an’ Oingo do?” You asked your eager blue friend. “Suwe we can! Bowt been watchin’ twust Bowt! an’ du what Bowt du!” And with that Volt had rushed Napoleon, you followed close behind and saw him lower his head down, was he going to use his head to hurt the Smarty?! Well… if that is what his plan was, you were going to follow it.

You did the same, lowering your head and blindly trusting your friend Volt.

You hoped he was right.

Volt raised his head, turned and saw Oingo doing what he had done, perfect!

Your name was Volt, and you had a great plan! That Smart was a Pegasus! bu the only had one Wingie! Whenever you hurt your wingies, it always felt so much worse! And since he only had one, that must mean it hurts a whole lot on the nu-wingie place!

You told Oingo to follow your lead and sure enough he was, now was the tricky part.

Napoleon had noticed you first, in between dodging Cooler and Crush, who were now too tired to do much. He wasn’t going to dodge you, at least you hoped so. If he did the whole plan went up in poopies! Before getting too close to Napoleon, You came to a full stop. plopping down right down in front of the Smarty, to his surprise. “Wha? What dummeh bwue fwuffie doing?”

“Nothin’ stoopi’ Smawty! buh Oingo am doin’ something, teehee!” and with a duck and rollie, you moved out of the way just as Oingo slammed into the Smarty’s SIde, right on his nubbed Wingie spot!

Napoleon shot up in pain and screeched with such force that some of the foals began to cry! “Nice wowk Oingo! nao wets go hewp nu-mummah Gwen!”

“O-Otay!” But as you saw Oingo turn to face Bun, she was already mid charge at Him! “DUMMEH FWUFFY, WEABE SPECIAW FWEND AWONE!” She cried out, slamming into yor friend, making full contact with his head first. She was more sturdy than the Smarty. Oingo fell back on his rump in a daze. “Nu! Fwend Oingo! Dummeh Mawe! Nu huwt fwend Oingo!” you cry out. You didn’t get a response, but you did see Bun look to you, and with a savage hit to your front weggie, she broke it, leaving you speechless…

And in su much pain.

Your name is Oingo, and your head felt funny!

When your sight returned you Saw Bun smashing Volt’s Legs. You saw Volt was just staring at his weggies, but his mix of Pain and Shock kept him from saying anything! “NOW GU FOWEBAH SWEE-” was all Bun could muster before you launched into her in a rage induced second wind. You brought down the full weight of your still growing body into her, which she matched quite well, you had gotten her away from Volt.

You wanted this Dummeh Bun to get the fluff away from your friend. You didn’t care about anything else right now. It felt like many forevers, as you just kept slamming into the Mare, with each hoof you landed, one was given back, you were still young, you were resilient! But still, each hoof hurt a lot. This made you think back to last time you felt like this.

Lucky was a meanie, but she went down really easily, you got madder that Bun wasn’t going down as quickly, You just wanted her to go forever sleepies so you could get Volt away!

But you didn’t need to! As you traded hooves with Bun you caught a orange shape moving over to where Volt was. Maybe it was Crush! Or maybe it was Cooler! Your train of thought was cut off by a strong left hoof meeting your muzzle. the hit dazed you and Bun got a chance to throw you off of her.

You were dazed again, but you heard another Fluffy try and talk to Bun!

"Mummah! Peep! Pwease Stohp! Chwp! Ou’ huwtin Chiwi’s Fwends!

You rush through the doors of the Veterinarians Office and get seen right away. Chuck is taken back and your assured he’ll be fine.

Your name is Clint. And your were just told everything was going to be fine. you were told to sit down and wait, that you’d get Chuck’s results very soon.

You remember Mambo screaming, man a Adolescent Fluffy like that seeing something like that would probably scar em. You began to think that Oingo and Mambo were probably playing with a Ball or Blocks… You felt bad… this whole scenario… Maybe checking in on them would be good to calm down.

you pulled out your phone and opened the My Fluffy and Me Security app, it was way too cutesy but it let you connect your phone to the camera in the safe-room.

When you clicked on to the “Watch Nao!” Option, you nearly dropped your phone. you felt your mind go hazy. You felt like you were juggling fire, almost every part of your skin that was visible had changed hues to a bright reddish pink. you probably thought you looked like a angry cartoon.

You got up from your seat, walked up to the receptionist, told her that you would be right back and to, not tell Chuck i left. “Just tell him i went to the bathroom or something.” Were your exact words.

you stormed out of the Vet’s office, trying to be calm, you would need to. You needed to be calm driving home. The picture of Volt’s legs bend and crushed in different ways, Oingo thrown oh his ass. Cooler trying to get Volt away From Bun. Napoleon being trampled by Cooler.

Daddehs on his way Fluffies…


Fuck man-

Why couldn’t Fluffies just be nice and sweet, and not fucking monsters.


Damn to think for two assholes to cause such a problem :tired_face: I hope Clint can get there in time

There’s a lot of collateral damage in the safe room and those two assholes just sign their death warrant!


I say they use Jackie as a weapon! But in all seriousness, Clint better rip those bastards limb for limb.

Volt is going to have a hard time getting around for a while, sounds like he needs a litter pal.

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On a side note, time to rip some fluffy legs off.
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