Birthday Girl P4 (AlicornEisenhorn)

You are Angela. And today is your Birthday!

Your daddy arranged for you to have a tea party at a high end fluffy breeder with some of their best and prettiest premium fluffies.

You are having so much fun. You did makeovers, you had snacks, and now you were about to make some coco for your fluffy friends.

You looked at your guests and soaked in their adorable, tear stained faces.

The once pristine sea-breeze was a shaved and doodled mess, her previous vanity shattered.

Chanel, once oh so proud of the attention she commanded from stallions, and the wonderful babies she produced through this carousel of special friends, now sat almost comatose from the shock of losing not only her tummy babies, but her precious “bestest” tiffany, whose corpse was slumped over in the highchair next to her.

Duchess, the almost noble mare sitting like a queen in her seat next to her dear sweet prince Joffrey, the little gold and white unicorn colt sittin to her immediate left, were as yet untouched, along with Godiva, the chocolate brown and gold filly of the once beautiful sea-breeze.

The three of them were miserable and sniffling. They had witnessed so much sadness today and they couldn’t understand why. They thought they were all good fluffies, but according to the various forms of “magic” Angela had introduced them too, that didn’t seem to be the case.

“You know, I was really looking forward to my special day with a bunch of good fluffies, but all that magic keeps telling me you all are a bunch of bad fluffies. That makes me soooo sad! I think I need a tasty hot chocolate to make me feel better, maybe it will help you all too. Does that sound good?”

“Huuuu huuuu am su sowwy miss angewa, nu mean be bad fwuffy, wan be gud fwuffy, be bestest fwuffy fowe nice wittwe wady huuuuu nu mean woowin bewfday.”

“Duchess nu knu wha happen miss angewa, duchess wuv fwuffy fwends and fwuffy babies, day aways gud fwuffies wif duchess. Nu unastand magic.”

“Well, that’s just how magic works I guess, it’s hard for humans, much less fluffies. Oh well, the water is boiling, so we can at least have our happy time drink. gasp Oh no! They forgot to give us the chocolate! Oh no no no, now how am I supposed to make the saddies go away? Huuuu huuuuuuu” You cover your face and cry in fluffy fashion, trying to hide the grin forming at the thought of what was to come next.

“Wait a minute, I know where we can find some chocolate. Sea-breeze, we can use your choco nummies.”

sniff “B-buh see-bweez nu haf choco nummies angewa.”

“Of course you do silly, don’t you remember saying Godiva was the best choco nummies ever? You told me that right at the start, I remember.”

“S-siwwy angewa, gowdiva am bestest choco nummies, bu-”

“Perfect! Let’s get started, I’m so thirsty.”

You reach over and pluck the little brown filly from her seat by her shiny golden mane.”

“Screeeeeee ba upsies ba upsies, pwetty head fwuff haf wowstest owies! Mummuh heeeeewp!”

“Nuuuuu nu gif bestest babbeh ba upsies! Nu am choco nummies, am babbeh!”

“I don’t understand sea-breeze, you said Godiva was the best choco nummies right?”

“Guwdiva am choco nummies, bu guwdiva am babbeh!”

“That doesn’t make any sense silly, you can’t be a baby and chocolate.”

“Screeeeee nu am choco nummies, nu am nummies! Am babbeh! Pweeeaaaaase nu mowe owies huuu huuuuuuuu”

“Gif back babbeh!”

You opened the lid and dangled the frightened filly over the roiling boil below.

“Answer my question sea-breeze. Is Godiva the best choco nummies? Tell me the truth, only bad fluffies lie, and you don’t want to be a bad fluffy anymore do you? You remember what that did to your pretty fluff.”

The confused and panicking fluffy looked down at the crude marker drawings and plastic jewels hot glued to her jagedly shaved body.

“Huuuuu yus, guwdiva am choco nummies, bu angewa, babbeh namsie is-”

“Excellent!” You let go of the wriggling foal and savor the sight of her free-falling down down down into the scalding water below.

She hardly get’s out the first notes of a loud “screeee’ before you slam the lid shut, and watch her flailing like mad in the dual fluffy hell of wawa (which is known to be bad for fluffies) and burning temperatures.

Clumps of fluff and bits of flesh begin to slough off of her. She opens so wide to scream that burning water floods her throat and lungs, flash cooking them from the inside. She is dead mercifully quick, but not before experiencing a nightmare few would wish on their worst enemies.

Staring at the rapidly reddening see through kettle, sea-breeze gazes in horror at the ruins of her favorite offspring.


“Sea-breeze, you told me Godiva was chocolate, didn’t you? I asked you if Godiva was choco nummies, and you said yus So I don’t want to hear any more of this. You are being a big meanie.”


The shout came, unexpectedly, not from the grieving mother, but from Duchess.

“Excuse me Duchess? What was that?”

“Duchess say nu! See-bweez nu am meanie, Duchess fink angewa am meanie. Fink yu be meanie dis whowe timesie. Nu magic, nu am bad fwuffies. Duchess fink angewa am da meanie. Yu taek see-bweez pwetty fwuff and maek meanie ugwy pictews. Yu gif tummeh babbehs an tiffny foweba sweepies. Nu knu howe, bu yu du it. Yu gif guwdiva meanie buwnie wawas on pewpose. Duchess fink yu am munstuh

Duchess looked you right in the eye as she laid out her shockingly well reasoned case by fluffy standards. That’s what high breeding get’s you you suppose.

“You know, you kind of sound like my mommy. She also thinks I am a monster. She never loved me, just like she never loved my daddy. That’s why she had so many special friends. That’s why she only cared when I was pretty. That’s why she decided she would have a different baby and that one would make her happy. All she cares about is looking pretty, spending daddies money, and her precious new baby boy. He will probably grow up to be just like her. He will think he is the pwettiest and have sooo many speciew fwiends and ruint their lives too.”

You weren’t talking to the fluffies anymore, not really. All the anger of the last few years was bubbling up to the surface, much like the skeleton of little Godiva in the tea-pot.

“Well, I can’t do anything about that…for now. But you know what I can do?”

“Nu cawe! Wet Duchess an Joffwey gu dummeh munstuh. Duchess am mose spensive fwuffy in hoooowe stowe. Hoomins nu wet yu huwt mummuh an bestest stud joffwey.” So confident was she, that she hazarded a raspberry directly at you.

“You think so? And what makes you so expensive miss Duchess?”

“Hmph. Duchess am pwettiest pointy wingeh mawe. Am wun of du mane cast. Duchess babbehs aways pwetty and spensive, an duchess am wowff thwee fousand dowwas.”

“I’m sure that sounds very expensive to you. I wonder if you would be as expensive if I gave you a little makeover.”

“Wu yu mean widdwe munstuh?”

You picked up the little key-hole saw in your “party pack” and walked slowly over towards the arrogant little aristocrat.

“Wu yu doin? Nuuu, gu wayyyy, nu huwt duchess! Duchess tew stowe hoomins!”

“You do that sweety, see what they care for an ugly no wingy, no pointy mare.”


You saw through the delicate flesh of the brittle littel wings as she shook about, trying to escape her prison while only making it worse. The first one came away with a snap and a riiip and a beautiful “screeeeeeeee huuuuu huuuu wai munstuh taek pwetty wingiiieeeee huuu huuuu mistuh managew sabe ducheeeeesssss”

“Sorry dear, but we aren’t done yet.” You do the same to the other wing, and the tears are really flowing now. Piss leaks down from her high chair, and shit was dribbling from baby Joffrey’s seat as he watched his mothers mutilation.

“Now, what else was it that made you so special? Oh yeah, this!” You use the finest teeth on the saw to begin slowly sawing into the little fingernail-like material of the beautifully spiraled horn.

“Nuuuu pwease pweeeaaaase nu taek pwetty hown!!! Need fowe be speciew!!! Need fowe be spensiiivvveee hu huuuu”

“Oh, did I forget to tell you, my daddy bought all of you before I came here. Mister manager knows all about it. You are my fluffies. I can do whatever I want with you.


“I know they told you it made you valuable, but it’s your tears that make you worth it to me. Now, about that hot chocolate.”

You grab the kettle, still steaming hot, little bubbles still bursting on top as the remains of Godiva slosh around inside.

“Don’t worry Joffrey, I didn’t forget about you, but you can forget all about that life of pump and dumping those mares you were probably itching for here in this place. Those golden little balls are about to be very red.”

“Jo-Joffwey nu unastand”



“HUUUUUUUUU HUUUUU WAAAIIIII WAI WAI WAI TAEK SPECIEW BABBEHS WUMPS!!! Huuuuu Huuuuu Now neba haf speciew fwiend owe pwetty spensive babbeeehhhs huuu huuuuu”

“Huh, I guess you’re right. Oh well, where you all are going, that won’t be a huge problem. You know what duchess, I think you still look very pretty, even without the wings and horn.”

This took her off guard. The moment of kindness in a vortex of misery was confusing, and instinct kicked in.

“Weawy? sniff fank yu.”

“Can’t have that, you might get adopted.” You pour the rest of the blood red liquid over her head and back. Fluff burned off in wet clumps, and skin tissues bubbled and scared until she was a hideous mess.

“It’s been fun fluffies, thank you all for such a wonderful birthday. I am getting hungry though, and dady got us a reservation at Casa Bonita! Enjoy whatever life brings you next, and always remember me dearies!”

You walk away, leaving the broken, burned, deformed fluffies behind, and skip out to the waiting area, where you were greeted by the staff member from earlier.

“Was today meet all of your expectations madame? We strive for excellence in all things, both sweet and sadistic.”

“I had a wonderful time. I hope I my requests weren’t any trouble.”

“Oh no no, your father’s checkbook more than compensated our losses with the fluffies you chose, and we have plenty of excellent stock to keep us floating going forward. To be honest, this was an amusing change of pace, and you have opened our eyes to exciting new possibilities in the future.”

“There’s my baby girl!”

Daddy showed up looking a little disheveled, like he had gotten dressed in the dark, with a messy haired woman behind him.

“Did you have fun sweetheart?”

“It was the best birthday ever daddy.”

“I’m glad to hear it hun. Are you ready to go? Those quesadillas are calling my name.”

“Just a second daddy. Sir, what is going to happen to the fluffies now?”

“It will be exactly as you specified in your request. We have identified a rather disreputable shelter in the more…humble, part of town, where I can assure you, their quality of life, however brief it might be, will not be so much as a shadow of what they enjoyed here. I expect it will be euthanasia and abusers for them before the end of the month.”

This really was a magical day.

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I like it! Tiffany reminds me too much of people I knew growing up, but then she turned out to be a based fluffy abuser. The fluffies were also nice and innocent in the beginning, I like how they were revealed to actually be bad by Tiffany’s standards.

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thank you, I figured a little human drama was a nice change of pace

Woah intense but I loved it

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Thank you very much

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Tiffany is a great girl and her dad gave her a good gift, he is a good father.

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