Bitch's mare faith (InfraredTurbine)

If you ever seen This piece by Mcgonagall, It’s an ending for it ^^.

Since we don’t have mcgonagall around to ask permission to modify his stuff anymore, we can consider this ending non-canon;

Commissioned by @Milly654

  • Made into a milk bag for poopie foals in a sweet warming home, along with her brand-new litterpal juniors (her foals), This mare had also her tongue cut, so it doesn’t bother much those poor foals. While this, “poopie babbeh” was given a warm home, toys and all the love he could ever want ^^

For commissions, illustrations and so on, feel free to contact me!




Lol classic

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Believe it or not, there’s actually a market for brown-colored foals and Fluffies.They are popular among breeders and mills because they are natural carriers of the genes for rarer-colors and traits (alicorns, exotic colors, patterns etc.) plus it has been proven that brown Fluffies are generally more healthy and durable (when not given the “poopie” treatment common among BMS Fillies). They are also generally more good-natured, trusting, with less haughty/“smawtie” traits then vibrant Fluffies, which makes them great pets and daycare “mummuhs”, that help make other foals more agreeable by learned behavior. Their increased durability and trusting nature also make them popular among the “abuser” market, for obvious reasons, and a great utility Fluffie for large-scale breeding operations.

Remember, if you’re not going to throw you Fluffy away anyway, keep the “poopies”! You won’t regret it (anymore than you would normally).


Someone’s hitting the head-canon pipe a little too hard. Or maybe spent too much time on Reddit.


I just don’t like to change the ending of someone’s work, not without permission.
So I’d prefer to say this is a “non-canon” continuation to that story


Oh I was talking to the guy above me, sorry


Good to see that McGonagall isn’t forgotten.
And nice to see one of you young ones paying tribute to the old guard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice to see the lil dude getting the good end of the stick.

Btw, what happened to McGonagall? The last thing I heard several years ago is that his family found the fluffy folder and sent him to become a priest or something, but that sounds too much of a shitpost to be true. Anyone with the latest gossip to share?


I heard someone outside the community found out who he was through his art style, but I only heard it through someone on here so I don’t know how true that is.

EDIT: Here’s the comment.


“Litter Pal Jr” LOL


Awwwww this warms my heart so much.