Blame yourself by (that1hugboxer)

You are Zoey

Your SBS fluffy Dick Tracy has recently passed away in his sleep at 7 years old.

Your job on the farm is to act as a fluffy medical specialist and care for the fluffies that need special care

You truly miss Dick Tracy ,despite him only being a fluffy you cared for him like he was your own child

There was an incident with one of the farms mares Miriam

She gave birth to a solid mustard yellow alicorn and had refused to feed him or any other member of her litter except for her “bestist”

While the other foals could go to foster mothers

The alicorn had to be taken into your care

It was a lot of work

Diapers, formula management

Feeding schedules

Keeping him properly exercised

But you did it all

Dick Tracy was the name you gave him

You grew up raised by your adoptive grandfather along with the two other girls he fostered the media you consumed growing up was mostly the comics he had in his collection

They were all reprints, huge soft cover books

Little Nemo

Green hornet

Terry and the pirates

The phantom

And your grandfather’s favorite

Dick Tracy

The alicorns fluff perfectly matched the trench coat worn by his namesake

You had spent the last 7 years of your life caring for him and then one morning he was just gone

Miriam was still alive

Only now she she had spent the last 7 years caring for her bestist

You made absolutely sure that she kept that fluffy and no matter how big it grew she was going to take care of it

Miriam originally thought she had won

And for a while at least she pretty much had but this dream come true soon turned into a living nightmare

her bestist was now fully grown and because of all the milk he drank

He was easily twice her size

Ahlab as he was called. Was still nursing even though he also ate solid food

Due to Miriam’s constant coddling

The massive fluffy was unable to survive without her care

Ahlab had cost Miriam everything

She was nearing 10 years old and instead of enjoying her remaining time in peace and happiness

She was “wicky cweanie”

Her morbidly obese bestist

Every time he pooped

Which given how big he was

Happened near constantly

Miriam’s once beautiful pearl colored fluff was matted ,stained and balding
In large patches

Her eyes were bloodshot from countless nights of minimal sleep

Her teats were permanently enlarged from years feeding her bestist milk on top of his regular kibble

Her heart was shattered by the selfish Ahlab who constantly gaslit her into giving him whatever he wanted

All. Her other babies had been adopted by nice hugboxers

And because of her favoritism

She had never had another litter

You stroll up to her and ahlab’s pin

“Hey Miriam.”

The decrepit old fluffy looked up at you with tired and defeated eyes


“I brought Ahlab some sketties!”

Miriam’s face filled with terror

As she heard her bestist stomp over to her end of the pin a trail of sludgy diarrhea leaking from his ass as he farted with every excited step


You place a huge bowl of spaghetti with freshly grated Parmesan on top in front of Ahlab

“Eat all you want Ahlab!”

Ahlab devoured the spaghetti in record time


You hear Ahlab’s gut rumble almost immediately

In an instant a tidal wave of diarrhea spills forth from Ahlab’s ass

Literally sweeping his mother to the other side of the pin

“Don’t worry I’ll send someone to clean both of you and the pin
We wouldn’t want you dying early due to filth related diseases “

A farm hand cleans up the pin and bathes Ahlab with warm soap and water then dries him off with a fresh towel

Miriam is scrubbed down with cold soapy water and dried with a very old and noisy hairdryer

You watch as once again Ahlab starts leaking diarrhea as he walks

The pin got cleaned once a day to make sure they didn’t get sick

But any messes made between then and the next day were purely Miriam’s responsibility

“Nice wady pwease wet miwiam go back wid uda fwuffies!”

You fain shock

“Mirriam! you know you can’t leave until Ahlab can take care of himself!
You don’t want your bestist to die do you?”

Not a word was spoken but Miriam’s eyes said everything
She wanted Ahlab dead years ago

But she was too old to acutely kill her bestist now

As you turn to walk away

You hear Miriam sobbing under her breath

“Wan die! Wan die!”


Can’t Miriam just try to smother that fat fuck It’s sleep?

If Ahlab has smothered under his own weight by now what chance does a terminally sleep deprived nearly 10 year old fluffy have?


Ah the old kill 'em with kindness technique. Give a Fluffy exactly what they want and watch them realise they don’t actually want it at all.

An underutilised technique but mighty effective.


whats to sop Miriam from trying to kill herself?

You don’t really hear much on Fluffy suicide, I’m sure it happens - I’ve used it at least once - but it’s not something that comes up on a regular basis.

Just adds to the tragedy of their species, the most emotionally vulnerable creatures on earth and they don’t have it within them to end their own lives when those emotions go haywire. I like to believe it’s hardcoded into them

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Zoey is both the kindest and cruelest of her sisters

She’s also suffered the most abuse before she was adopted

Her sisters may have severe anger issues and outbursts

But Zoey is the one who knows from experience how inflict the most pain possible without leaving marks


Funny you should bring that up. That question is Actually going to be answered in part 2


I’m honestly surprised that the fat fucker doesn’t have severe breathing problems

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I’m imagining Ahlab with a little oxygen tank and tubes in his nose


The most expedient means of fluffy suicide would be water, of which they suffer an instinctual fear. The wan-die loop would come first.

Just about anything can kill the creatures, but they are largely ignorant of this, let alone how to organise their own end by such means. Causes of death of which they most likely have been made aware, Such as Abuse, would be dramatically Not Pretty.