blind love part 1( by bruhtortillacrisp)

Blind love

(preface: Hi and welcome to my first fluffy story, this is a psychological abuse story, as it’s my favourite genre of horror and writing it is fun, this story may not have a happy ending, as I plan for it to be an instalment series that tackles a series of unique questions regarding the fluffy psychology and how to break it.

If you have any ideas you would like to explore please comment I would love to ponder more interesting ways for our character to break a fluffy)

(please forgive my word salad nature I wrote this on a caffeine high will sleep-deprived and unfortunately writing is not my strong suit (Adhd) but please enjoy :wink: )

her name is Dianne fletcher.

a 23-year-old university drop out, she’s not much of a people person and prefers to sit all-nighter working her market research job, it pays well continually even amid a global pandemic, one benefit to her boring work.

Dianne sits at the laptop looking at graphs, statistics and other market-related information, her sleepless eyes glance over at the clock on her bedside '5:37’, it reads, another night of insomnia she thinks to herself sighing. she had about 3 more days to finish this report, but in her all-nighter, she completed about 1% more of it

defeated she gets up from her desk and flops down on her bed, checking her phone to see a lonesome email from a job-hunting sight she forgot to unsubscribe from, a sad feeling looking at the lack of human interaction she gets up and puts on her large coat, realising she isn’t falling asleep anytime soon she decides an early morning walk might be nice.

en route out of her house she glances at herself in the mirror, her tangled brown hair remains a mess even after attempts to straighten and neaten itas her baggy eyes don’t aid her to look as well but moves on out of her small flat, down the stairs and out her block.

the morning rise is a pretty sight today, the partially grey clouds of the sky and slight damp air makes the beautiful orange sun gleam out brighter, this was one of the few things Dianne enjoyed was seeing these mornings, pulling a cigarette out of her coat pocket she lights it and begins her walk around the city.

The city was asleep, much like it had been in the previous year, but was starting to wake up: builders were walking around their sandwich shops picking up food for the days work. The delivery drivers and postmen were making an appearance slowly, a few stragglers walked the street. Dianne walked the red brick streets glancing as the metal and glass skyscrapers loomed over these older streets, it was interesting for Dianne the architectural clash of her home.

Her morning walk was interrupted by her growing hunger, she realised that she probably forgot to eat luckily in a city there’s always some shop open for everyone’s convenience, turning a few corners she walked into a Tesco, mask on as usual, not, giving much thought she walked in and grab some random breakfast bars, she’ll eat them on her walk she thought, as she paid and walked out with them in her coat pocket.

Her walk was mostly uneventful, apart from eating her breakfast bars, deciding to head back home she walked down a familiar street that leads to a park nearby her flat block until the slumbering silence of the city was broken by a far of voice Dianne heard, it wasn’t normal for this hour and sounded childish, with a slight impediment to it. Dianne had stopped and heard it come down one of the back alleys of a street, looking down she saw no child but could still hear some high pitched nattering.

It clicked, fluffies.

Dianne had forgotten about those things, surely after a global epidemic these things would have been starved off but not, she hadn’t seen some for a while (or had she just not left her flat in a bit), she saw what appeared to be a deep teal blue fluffy walk out of a cardboard box and speak back into it, it turned away before trotting off down another part of the back alley. Dianne hadn’t been around fluffies much the little interaction she had was when her sisters wanted one when she was younger, Dianne thought she was lucky as their mum was quite against the idea of getting one and shed probably boot her sister’s biological disaster in anger at one point) or when her cousin Derek showed his “nu-nu stick” to one, she chuckled the fluffies reaction was fucking funny when he did that. A sound of cooing and more babbling broke Dianne out of her memory, compelled to see it she walked down the street, as she got closer the babbling became clearer as it seemed to be singing if nails on a chalkboard could be described as singing. Dianne had walked forward a bit before she heard the singing abruptly stop.


Glancing to her left she saw a pink fluffy with a bright yellow mane and a horn must be a unicorn if Dianne had remembered her my little pony knowledge, although covered in dirt its bright colours still were present., pushed up against the back of a cardboard box anxiously, with an assaulting stench emitting from it, the fucking thing shat itself in fear. Before Dianne could even open her mouth the thing screeched “NUUUUU HURT FWOWAH NUUUUUUU” Dianne was a bit taken back weren’t these things meant to be super friendly? She thought to herself.

“Jeez calm down” she replied to the things screams “I’m not gonna hurt you” she finished up looking at the terrifying creature. “Nu nu nu hurt Fwowah?” it asked anxiously as it stopped pushing its self away in fear. “No why would I do that?” Dianne asked annoyed.

“hewd get fowebah sweepies fwom meanie hoomans” it replied sniffling in fear “huu huu” it began to cry softly remembering what had happened. Dianne was a bit taken back by its sudden breakdown, emotions weren’t her thing and for them to be coming from a biological construct was even weirder for her the comprehend “uhhhhh who was the other fluffy?” Dianne asked trying to make the thing stop crying, “dat speshuw fwend, Bwue get bestes’ nummies fo’ Fwowah” she says instantly chirping up thinking about her pretty special friend.

“Oh, I have some food if you’d like?” Dianne asked up pulling out the last breakfast bar from her pocket showing it to the fluffy. The small pink creatures eyes lit up as it sort of tapped around happily “yes pwease nice wady fwowah nee’ nummies fo’ babbehs” she happily replied, Dianne opened it up grabbing half and crunching it up in her hand and holding it in front of the small pink fluffy, it cautiously walked forward and tapped Dianne’s hand before carefully taking some and crunching it, before it proceeded to chew the rest of it, it felt out the fluffy its tongue and teeth on Dianne’s hand as it tapped and chewed on the breakfast bar. After a moment she finished up “fank ‘ou nice wady fo’ bestes’ nummies” it said kindly with manners tapping at the thought of telling her special friend a nice lady gave her amazing food today “hey no worries” Dianne said awkwardly, talking to these things were weird and Dianne wasn’t sure if anything in that bar would kill the thing. “So uh what your name?” Dianne asked clunkily not picking up on it shouting it before,

“fwowahs name am fwowah,” Flower said happily, it took Dianne a bit but maybe her bright colours got her that name in her herd “that’s a uh nice name” Dianne replied,

“fank ‘ou fwowah hab bestes’ namsies ebah” she said happily “wat am nice wady namsies?” it asked “oh me I’m Dianne” Dianne replied,

“Dat nice namsies” Flower replied happily. Dianne felt odd and well tired for once yawing half way through the fluffies replies “heh, thanks” she said a bit half-heartedly “well I’m going to go now, have a nice day” she said walking away from the fluffy

“bye nice wady,” she said down the street at the now departing Dianne before resuming her singing and chirping.

‘11.37 pm’ the clock read, Dianne had awoken late, as usual, getting up she rubbed her eyes.


That fluffy has left her mind, it been the only thing that she thought about since she got back, it spoke to her and talked to her, walking over to the fridge there wasn’t much, some bags of vegetables and about 3 boxes of the food she’d cooked the week before, Dianne had a habit of only shopping for one thing to batch cook and eating that until she ran out, meant she didn’t have to keep cooking more would she binge eat food. Even while looking in her fridge that pink fluffy came into her mind again, Dianne couldn’t figure out what was with it, was it the fact it spoke to her and thanked her? Or something else? Dianne couldn’t figure out what got her so obsessed over this animal but decided to grab a box of rice and whatever else was in it Dianne had forgotten and begun eating away at it at her desk, glancing at graphs and stuff trying to focus on her report.

Yet her computer was away looking up stuff about fluffies, as much as Dianne had little interaction with them she knew a lot about them from her times on the internet, reading blogs about them, although she had spent a lot of time with the abuse she never really liked it, however reading upon psychological conditioning of smarties fascinated her, especially the psychological abuse of smarties ‘narcissistic fucks’ she thought ‘glad you get what you deserve’ continuing to scroll away, her mind was infatuated by these bio-organisms, how they acted, their nature, and how easy they are to manipulate.

‘4;47pm’ the clock read again. Dianne glanced at her screen, an entire night and day of nothing but fluffies had filled it in ‘i must keep track of her mind it can tune out a bit’ she thought, 2 days now before that report needed to be filled, Dianne knew she left her reports last minute but it didn’t matter caffeine and a full 24-hour work will get it done. Dianne immediately got up and went to her door grabbing her coat and running out the door, her mind infatuated upon Flower, rushing out the block she quickly ran to the shop and picked up the breakfast bears she gave to Flower and walked to the street, she waited a moment standing by the entrance, Dianne marched down the street and turned to her right staring at the fluffy as it gasped shocked “NUUU-” she screamed briefly scared by Dianne’s sudden appearance but calmed down after recognising her “hewwo nice wady Dianne” she asked happy to see her, Dianne smiled back “hello Flower, how are you today” she asked infatuated with this creature. “Fwowah am su happy tummy-babies comin’ soon” she said cooing softly as she wiggled about, dianne looked at her she didnt look to pregant probably just started through ,she could still move but it would be soon before she became immobile, dianne chuckled “well would you like some more food” dianne asked kindly before reaching in for a breakfast bar, Flower immediately stood up her tail hitting the back of her box “fwowah wub dah bestes’ sweet nummies” she said walking forward as dianne broke up the bar in her hand Flower took no hesitation to start eating it down, it was surprising how fast this creature took a trusting bond to dianne, something that would curse the rest of its life, dianne smiled as the creature nommed away it the food in her hand, she decided to give her the full bar instead of a half considering the fact she was still alive and not dead which was good, dianne stood their smilling until something over came her “would you like to live with me?” she asked impulsive, the fluffy stopped and stared at her happy and excited “nice wady dianne be new mummah?gib housies an’ wub?” she asked with enuthusaim her tail hitting the box at breakneck speed. Dianne was shocked by her statement but decided she wouldn’t be against it “yeah ill be your new mum” she said affirming, she stepped forward and much like she expected Flower had entered the upsies mode, something that was programmed into them. Dianne picked the pink fluffy up and although holding her, kept her rather filthy body away from her nice coat, before Dianne could walk away Flower protested “wait what about fwowah speshuw fwend fwowah nee speshuw fwend to wook aftah babbehs!” she called out, Dianne forgot about the stallion sighing,

“I’ll collect him later, I need to get you back home so you’re safe, trust me okay” Dianne responded sternly “otay” Flower responded a bit scared of losing her special friend.

Luckily Dianne’s flat was close by the Flowers former home as they quickly ran back into the flat, her landlord didn’t approve of pets but a fluffy wouldn’t be too noticeable, she was glad the old fart never checked security cameras as she ran up the stairs into her flat, Flower humming and cooing with happiness as her new mummah transported her to her new home, the nice lady had given her the best nummies and she felt like her and her special friend would live here so happy with the bestests babehs who would get the bestest milkies because of her new bestest mummah who loved you so much. Dianne opened her door to her flat, the fluffy looked around, it was rather small but was very nice, Dianne walked around a bit realising her impulse had once again taken over, she stood there with Flower tucked under her arm umming

“Nice mummah? am ‘ou otay’?” she asked curious as to why her mummah was standing still for so long. “Yeah I am Flower sorry just had to think for a moment, Dianne had walked over to the bath and plonked Flower down inside of it “Flower I need to get something out I will be right back” she proclaimed realising she had not prepared anything for her new toy needed. “fwowah wiww wait mummah,” she said nicely, Dianne smiled softly and walked out.

Dianne knew she would have to head the pets at home ((for you American readers this is a British pet store, in my headcanon fluff art never really took off in the UK as its main practice of mass breeding wasn’t allowed in the UK so pets at home remained in charge, it’s funny because pets at home always have like guinea pigs so id imagines they do the same with fluffies)) and pick up fluffy supplies, but for now she needed something so Flower wouldn’t fuck up her flat, she could just keep Flower in the bathtub, I mean they kept her dog in a cardboard box for the first night when they got him due to the lack of bed. But Dianne thought that might not be nice for her new guest.

After a bit of thinking, Dianne had scrapped together a temporary system, a cardboard box with an old towel in it for her bed, a small cardboard box lined with toiler paper for her litter box, and a bowl of water, food would be an issue but she rammed together some vegetables in a bowl for Flower. After prepping everything for the creature she took her out of the bath, and put her in the box she would bath her when she got back but needed to get the supplies soon.

“Now Flower I need to go out and get something for you if you need to take a sh- I mean poopies go there,” she said pointing to her box, she recalled that fluffies react badly to swear words and tried not to use them around her. “Otay’ fwowah will make good poopies,” she said smiling

“That’s a good fluffy” Dianne replied getting up and walking away “ill be back Flower don’t worry,” she said before closing the doors, she should have thought this sooner, the things separation anxiety will be acting up by now. But she marched on walking out of the flat and to the pet store, Dianne didn’t have a car but luckily the shopping zone isn’t too far from her flat as she lights up another cigarette and walked over to it.

Dianne had reached the pets at home, its iconic green sign had lit up, she walked inside to be met with the familiar sight, she hadn’t been to one in ages, she used to take her dog to get his seizure medication and he loved it, she felt a bit sad remembering the old goofy dog but marched on.

Dianne had realised she’d fallen into the tropes of the blogs she used to read adopting a random feral of the street, she looked off into the distance and thought ‘if someone was writing my life they sure picked a trope done to death as she browsed the wares, settling on a bed, litterbox, litter kibble and a dual bowl, for her basic needs, she also knew that Flower would need multiple stimulus forms and so picked up a few toys to engage her mind, as well as a tin of “sketches” one of the only hasbio products that pets at home stocked, she remembers finding it interesting about hasbio and the UK political discourse.

Coming to the till she was met with a rather bored worker, scanning up everything as she glanced at Dianne now and again “first-time fluffy owner?” she asked Dianne knowing the sort of haphazard shopping Dianne had done “no-no, just uh getting some stuff for a friend” Dianne lied fearful that the clerk would look down on her, Dianne paid up for her things and left walking back to her flat.

Trudging home with a heavy bag and up 3 stories of stairs where annoying but before she could open her door she heard a crying sound behind it “huuuuuuuuuu huuuuuuuu” Flower moaned out, Dianne knew about the separation anxiety fluffies had and knew the main way to counter it was to distract them for long enough time before it set in, however Flowers lack of this distraction had caused her to near-instantly enter this state.

Dianne opened up the door and saw Flower bound out of her shitty bed towards dianne hugging her leg “fwowah missed 'ou mummah huuuu” she said crying softly, dianne stroked the crying fluffs main reassuring her of her presence “hey I came back to see, I won’t always be gone” she said sort of caring but remaining blank mostly “I got you some more stuff” she said kneeling and picking up Flower, she placed her in the bath again “why put fwowah in nu get out pwace again?” she asked still sniffling “I need to set up your new thing and do something else” dianne answered, not telling Flower she was about to have a bath, these stupid fucks would drown at the thought of water ‘i wonder if their fear of water was coded into them so humans would buy another if thei fluffy died during bath time, sure seems odd to implement it’ dianne thought as she walked away, setting up Flowers bed and litter box before laying down her dual bowl and filling them up with water and kibble. Dianne returned to Flower who sat aimlessly in the bath. “Flower I am going to have to give you a bath,” she said which was met with a usual reaction

“nuuuuuu wawa am bad fo’ fwowah an’ babbehs!!!” she screamed out, Dianne knew this would happen “not this water, as I’m here you won’t get hurt and your babies will be safe” you reaffirmed to Flower, she continued to sniffle but begrudgingly complied, Dianne began to let warm water run as it covered Flowers hoofs Dianne could see her anxiously react to it tapping away from it as it washed passed her hoofs, Dianne then pulled out the fluffy shampoo and began to coat it her with it, "dosen’t that smell nice?” Dianne said forcing some cuddly voice out,

“Fwowah smell so pwetty” she said shakly, dianne continued to wash away with little reaction of fear from the fluffy cleaning out the feral of muck, shit and dirt ‘Flower seems quite submissive and scared of everything’ dianne thought ‘although anxious she seems to fall into a very trusting nature with anyone who is nice to her’ she pondered as she cleaned the fluffy finishing up by gently rising its now beautiful yet damp fur, “see that wasnt so bad you didnt get hurt” dianne said stroking Flower “youre all clean and smell nice” she said finding it enjoyable to stroke her main” dianne pulled her out of the bath and began to dry her, after a moment she looked like some ball of fuzz with her fluff spiked out “fwowah smeww su nice an’ feew su pwetty” Flower said cooing softly, dianne walked away tapping on her hip for Flower to follow, she followed along , dianne walked over to the corner near her desk, a new cos bed lied their with a bowl and litter box, “this is where you will stay” dianne said pointing, Flower had bounced over and began sniffing everything “theres toys over there aswell” she said pointing to the ball blocks and a small stuffed ball of fluf with eyes “fwowah fwowah wub new toysies an’ nesties an wub ‘ou mummah” she said her constant bombardment of love made dianne feel something unique, dianne crouched down and looked at Flower in the eyes “now Flower if you are to live here you must be a good fluffy okay?” dianne said as Flower nodded a bit scared by her cold gaze “good now i have some rules for being a good fluffy: 1.) make good poopies in the litter box 2.) you will be nice to me and 3.) the most important rule is if i say something you do it, do not question me, got it?” dianne said sternly to the mare “fwowah wiww be gud fwowah undewstand” she said a bit of a whimpering going on in her breath “good, aslong as you are a good fluffy you will live nicely here” dianne said standing up, well she stood up and didnt know what to do, she got all the stuff she needed but now felt a bit lost, sure she had work to do but Flower would probably find it sad if she just sat down and ignored her. “Mummah wan’ pway?” Flower asked interrupting her thoughts she looked down and smiled

“Sure what do you want to play?” Dianne asked, Flower walked around and looked at her toys before rolling the ball to Dianne, “fwowah wan pway wiff baww” she squeaked out, before tapping it with her hoof, towards Dianne, Dianne slowly rolled the ball back each time Flower would squeal with happiness as she pushed it back with her hoof, this ensued for a while before Dianne wanted to test something, she let the ball go off in a random direction fast, Flower immediately bounded after it ‘although shes pregnant it is evident her foals aren’t occupying her mind too much’ Dianne thought ‘for now distractions keep her from remembering shes pregnant’ she finished her thoughts as Flower brung the ball back, Dianne smiled back as Flower wagged her tail with happiness, she stood up ‘Flower has forgotten about her special friend, for now, I wonder how long she will take to realise he’s not here’ Dianne pondered, the mind of a fluffy was fascinating as it was an animal who could talk. “I need to do some work Flower, I will sit just at this desk if you need me,” she said pointing at a desk that was mere moments away.

“Otay’ fwowah wub ‘ou mummah” she replied happily before continuing to pounce on her ball. Dianne softly smiled as she sat down, surprisingly she managed to fill in a bit more of her report, as Flower entertain herself, in the time however Dianne had noticed a few things; firstly Flower understood the rules and did “good poopies” which was nice, but a few minutes later on she stopped playing and settled down in her nice big bed, Dianne had noticed the fact she began to sing the iconic fluffy song “mummah wub babehs, babbehs wub mummah” Dianne had written down it had only taken Flower 15 minutes after lack of stimulation for Flower to remember he pregnancy, Dianne glanced away however she wad suddenly met with silence as Flower asked “mummah? where am speshuw fwend ?” she asked, Dianne thought that maybe the remembering of her unborn foals made her recall her mate. “Ah yes ill go and find him now” Dianne stated standing up “his name is blue right?” Dianne checked,

“Speshuw friend namsies is bwue,” she said happy that she will be reunited with her lover, Dianne smiled and got up putting on her coat “well ill go and get him, 'll be back,” she said smiling at Flower and closing the door.

Dianne walked out of the flat, it was starting for the sun to set, walking down into the park and the back alley she heard something else, not what she was used to hearing but a much deeper yet still squeaky annoying voice crying “huuuuuuuuuuu huuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” it cried out, Dianne slowly walked forward glancing in the box to see what appeared to be blue the teal fluffy, getting a better look he was a rather nice deep blue teal pegasus sucking on its hoof and wriggling in the box where Flower stood ‘interesting perhaps there’s a chance for alicorns’ Dianne thought ‘I’ve always wondered how they react to them’ Dianne finished up before inspecting the crying stallion more “why speshuw fwend go am bwue bad daddeh? Huuuuuuuuu” it cried out, Dianne stood there fascinated by the breakdown of the fat blue blob “bwue just wan’ be bestes’ daddeh buh bwue nu be daddeh nao speshuw fwend gone” it moaned again Dianne thought to herself ‘i wonder how long it been in this state.

Dianne stepped forward and spoke up “hello there blue,” she said, the stallion darting around and glaring at her looming presence “Whewe am bwue speshuw fwend!!” it shouted at her aggressively ‘ i wonder if Flowers submissiveness comes from blues anger’ Dianne thought to herself.

“Now now blue I know where Flower is,” she said, blue’s face lit up as he stood up higher sniffling

“nice wady know whewe fwowah am?” it asked kindly, staring with hopeful eyes at Dianne.

Dianne stood there blank for a moment, she felt unhappy with how the fluffy got hopeful, without a thought she opened her mouth “yeah and Flower wanted me to tell you, you’re the dumbest daddeh ever” she said sneering, blue took a step back, no Flower was a lovely special friend who loved him and said he was ‘da bestest speshuw fwend eber’ he stamped his foot down,

“Nu dat not twue, fwowah wub bwue!” it protested out stamping his foot on the concrete

“Oh really, well Flower, said you were the dumbest poopie fluffy ever and she hates you, your stupid fur, your stupid wings and your stupid babbehs” Dianne snarled back at blue, she could tell his footing started to weaken as she said those words to him “NUU BWUE AM BESTES’ DADDEH!!” it cried out trying to affirm itself

“Oh yeah well Flower used her horn to magic away all your stupid babbies, she gave them all foweba sweepies” dianne said emphasis on the fluffy word for kill, blue started to cry and wobble a bit, dianne smiled he was starting to break, “nu nu nu” he stammered blues mind was racing it was thinking to hard and gave him too big head hurties and heart hurties “bwue am” it couldnt think anymore his special friend hated him, he spent every day getting her the bestest nummies, he even killed another mummah for it and she hated him, he was crying much harder now and dianne loved it, his mind was breaking to pieces, she sneered “you know what else blue, she found a new special friend, a lovely brown daddeh who gave her all the sketties ever, and now shes having the bestest daddeh’s babies” she was hammering it in on him, he broke out in an outburst “HUUUUUUUUU HUUUUU HUUUUUU NU FWOWAH NU WUB BWUE HUUUUUU, FWOWAH WUB DUMMEH POOPIE FWUFFY” he called out kneeling over, his face was covered in snot and tears as he bit down on his hoof, his mind couldnt think anymore and his heart was literally going to explode with sadness ‘Great just as i expeted, hes a fucking racist fluffy, ill need to make sure that Flower dosent follow the same style with a runt’ dianne thought her probe had proven a hunch

“Well dumb blue, I think you’ll never find a new special friend, no one wants you, you’re just a dummeh stupid fluffy your new name is dumb now, so why don’t you just go foweba sweepies” Dianne coldly claimed, she wanted to test out the name thing with this fluffy, blue looked back and tried to call out “nu am dumb namsies is dumb” it was at this moment that dumb had broken, he was worthless, below a poopie fluffy and was stupid, he began screaming and crying “ DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU” it cried and cried trying to remember his pretty name but his name was dumb “DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB NUU PWEASE NAMSIES” it pleaded and pleaded it looked at Dianne her twisted grin on her face scared him to shit himself all over the box it stared at he before slumping down its mind began to blackout, parts of it going away as his heart was on fire


Dianne looked ecstatic those words made her genuinely smile in joy, she had broken this fluffy, not by hitting it or abusing it, but by speaking to it, Dianne had realised what she enjoyed, breaking the fluffy without much harm.

“Wan die” dumb had finished up before trashing about chaotically

“wan’ die wan’ die wan’ die wan’ die wan’ die wan’ diewan’ diewan’ diewan’ diewan’ diewan’ diewan’ diewan’ diewan’ diewan’ diewan’ diewan’diewan’diewan’diewan’diewan’ diewan’diewan’diewan’diewan’ die” it screamed and cried its body uncontrollably convulsing, Dianne had done it she had broken the stallion, she got up and walked away leaving the husk of a fluffy thrash and scream itself to its death

Dianne walked back to her flat and wondered how she would break the news to Flower, she lit a cigarette to give her a moment to come up with an alibi.

(congratulations on making it to the end, I hope you found it enjoyable, forgive me for my word salad I’m trying to get better at writing, all criticism and such is strongly needed to make this series much better, I remember my English teacher would tell me I wrote like Tolkien cause I could blabber on about anything, I am trying to fix that but it has been a while since I’ve written, felt good to write about fluffies, however, the next part will be a bit more flower focuses, and ill probably do one regarding flowers perspective on it.
However if you have an idea that you’d like to see testing do comment

Thank you :wink: )


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