Blocks (Fluffsplosion)

Be Anon, typical fluffy pony owner living in a typical American city.
One day while browsing the aisle of the local candy store you discover candy building blocks.
You used to love playing with legos, and the heady combination of nostalgia and an overactive sweet tooth make this an instant impulse buy.
You have another motive. Fluffy pony has been leaving her building blocks lying about.
This will not continue.
That evening you’re playing with your candy while watching SETI…
Procedural dramas have long since run out of ideas.
Fluffy pony is on the floor playing with her duplo blocks while watching you.
You eat one of the candy blocks. The green ones are lime flavored.
Fluffy pony gasps as you chew.

“Daddeh eat bwockie?”

You pop a red candy block into your mouth.

Nuu! bwockies nuu id nummies! Pwease, Nuu eat bwockies!

Fluffy pony is panicking. She scoops up her blocks and tries to hide them from you.
Time for the other shoe to drop.
You stand and walk over to fluffy. You kneel and place one hand under her muzzle, forcing her to look up at you.

“I’ve told you repeatedly to put your blocks away when you’re done playing with them. If you don’t, there will be consequences.”

You eat one of the yellow candy blocks.
Fluffy pony bursts into tears. She quickly scoops up her blocks and shovels them into the bucket.
Fluffy pony never leaves her toys out again.







Modern problems require modern solutions. Just gotta hope she doesn’t try to follow the example when she’s hungry.