Blooming: Part Two (Tino)

“Huuhuu! Nu wike sowwy Bawks! Am gud fwuffy!!” the fluffy in the carrier crate sounded VERY distressed, clunking and clacking around as it shook about. “Scawy!!”
“For the last time, it’s not a sorry box, baby.” The fluffy’s owner was a tired looking woman, somewhere in her 40’s, he estimated.
“Any particular reason you’re bringing her here?” he asked, carefully opening the door to check the fluffy inside.
“I can’t get her to breed,” The fluffy that greeted him was a pastel, almost white, pink, with a slightly darker mane and an off-color grey horn. She immediately tried to scurry out of the box, into his arms, still crying away.
“nu wike! meanie bawks scawy!” she didn’t seem to care that she was in a complete stranger’s arms, shuddering and shivering.
“It’s not that she won’t have foals, she loves them, she just won’t let any stallion get near her.” That was…peculiar, he thought to himself, most if not all fluffies were ok with this sort of thing, unless there was trauma involved, and the way she was behaving indicated that SOMETHING had to have been off. He cringed to himself as he realized he had to ask the uncomfortable question of the day.
“Has she had any bad history before?” He looked her over in his hands, gently tipping and turning her about to check for any marks, none, from what he could tell, if she suffered trauma, it wasn’t recent.
“Huuhh Upsies? Nu bad upsies pwease!” her pleas were gentle, undemanding, but not specifically desperate, more like a polite request as opposed to a terrified plea typically seen in abused fluffies, maybe she was just an odd one.
“Heavens no, I’ve had her since she was a foal and never let her anywhere near another stallion til recently.” The woman sounded sincere enough, but he made a note to ask the mare himself once he was done. “I’m wondering if that’s why she’s so scared, but I can’t get anything out of her about it. She really is a sweet little girl, I just can’t keep her if she can’t breed, hopefully she can find someone who just wants a cute fluffy to just…have.” that was a little suspect, but better in the shelter’s hands than hers, if that were the case, at least the fluffy seemed unharmed.

“I see, well if you sign this form right here,” He slid a paper forward, setting the mare down into a waiting pen gently, “we’ll get her situated”
“Daddeh! Daddeh! Toon’yuh weady fow Speciaw Nummies!! Gon’ shawe wif nyu frewn!” Well ain’t that just good timing, maybe he could get something out of this new mare with his own. She was notoriously good with other fluffies.
“Just a second, cutie, I gotta finish this paper, why don’t you talk to ANOTHER new friend real quick while I do that?” He motioned to the mare now tucked away in the corner of the pen, weeping softly. “It looks like she needs one.”
“Otay!! upsies?” Petunia plopped on her haunches and waved her hooves around. He took note of the little filly she’d brought with her as he put her in the pen, he was familiar with this one.
“Hey Saffron, you feeling better today?” The little foal tucked her ear back, though gave him a nod. Progress, at least. “That’s good. I’ve got a special treat when I’m done with this nice lady ok?”
Finishing up the paper was easy enough, and soon the woman was gone, and he was dealing with the filly while he filed the papers away.

“Hewwo.!” Petunia spoke well before she was even in the pen her daddeh set her in, before she’d even seen the fluffy she was talking to, eager to make a new friend as always. “Am Toon-” something stopped as she got a look of the unicorn in front of her. Well everything stopped, as best as her simple little mind could parse. The unicorn had the softest looking fluff she’d ever seen, well groomed and shiny and clean, not a ruffle in sight, mane so long and flowing it draped onto the ground. Pretty much the prettiest mare she’d ever really seen, especially for a shelter fluffy.
“Toon?” her voice was softer than expected, shy and timid and low" “Dat am funny namsie…”
“Toon’yuh! Am Toon’yuh!” she caught herself, finally. “like Fwower!” The mare seemed to open up slowly, gently, lifting her head as she spoke.
“Ooooh dat pwetty namsie… Am Wiwwy, Wike fwower too!”


New special friend found?


Yeah and love at first sight to boot no doubt, xD


It’s a lil short today but eh, at least I’m continuing something!


I thought that when the owner said Lilly had never been near a stallion it would be a case of fearing the unknown.

But this is much better


and thus the gay shit we all love begins


HELL yeah

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More gay fluffies, please. I’m love them.