BLUE-fluff-Y (carniviousduck)


I totally didn’t eat a ton of shrooms and come down watching all 3 seasons of bluey…


How are you finding that show, CD?

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Its a slice of life, makes me rethink having kids


Oh man my kids love this show! A pet BLUE-fluff-Y pattern fluffy would be cute.


I would make a sarcastic remark … but I fear that owl chap might glue my doors shut … again, if I did.

Making the manes/tail match the coat color is used commonly, but in this instance it’s very good! I never thought about continuing the stripes/spots onto the mane/tail! Looks great!

And i unironically love Bluey so much. Like…i never want kids and I actively dislike them but this show is so good! Good kids! Expect Muffin i hate her

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My kids are Bluey crazy. That’s why I can’t let them see this. They must not know this world.

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Never watched the show, and never plan to, but I have a blue heeler dog named Blue. And her red heeler sister named Red.

So I’m basically already living in this world I guess.


Easy for you to say … I couldn’t keave my house for 5 days … 5 DAYS. And to this day my doors feel sticky when I touch them … what kind of glue did you use!?

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Man, a fluffy Bluey show could derrange into happy tree friends.
Maybe they have spare fluffies for when one dies and swap them out of camera

I dunno, my grandpa worked as chemist in soviet laboratory (i am serious), i took some of his original stuff
He took the formula to his grave unfortunately (i am serious, unfortunately)

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You know what … I don’t doubt that. Sovjet science was wacky.

Cute family :heart::hugs: