Bonko’s Big Adventure (CH1: Kidnapped!) (maggot_clown)

Life in the circus wasn’t exactly lavish, but it was still exciting. Since the day he’d arrived, Bonko had felt nothing but joy for his life as the circus’ very own clown fluffy, trained to entertain the masses whether it be in the bigtop or in his petting box. Though, naturally, his existence as a fluffy came at the cost of those who may want to hurt him; it was common during shows for a particularly riled-up attendee to become frustrated with his whimsy and try and kill the thing. Yet, Bonko evaded death, because he was circus property, loved by the other clowns in the troupe. Also, it’s just difficult to find another fluffy as trainable as he is. One day, though, it seemed as if his luck may run out.

It was the standard summer evening, the sun just beginning to set, casting the sky with a slight orange tint. Though the day was coming to a close, Bonko’s enthusiasm wasn’t, as he eagerly greeted and interacted with attendees from the comfort of his hay-bedded box pen. The fluffy clown giggled as a little girl petted him on the head, before playfully poking at his large red nose, to which he yipped before honking it himself.

“Bonko wub honkies! Bestes’ noisie ebah!” The fluffy grinned, gaining a laugh from the girl stood at his pen. Suddenly, though, the girl was tugged away by the woman supervising her, presumably her mother, a worried look on her face; her daughter was confused, before also gaining the same look and following her away from the pen. Bonko was confused for the moment. Had he done something wrong? Were honkies a bad noise? No, it wasn’t him. He realised that when a man of indiscernible age but obvious lack of sunlight approached his pen, a hoodie almost completely blocking out his facial features. Understandably, Bonko was a tad bit concerned by this man, but a visitor was a visitor!

“Hewwo, nice mistah! Ou’ come to see Bonko?” The fluffy clown smiled, supporting himself against the edge of the pen. Nerves pricked at Bonko’s brain like a little mosquito, but as he was so compliant to, he forced himself to stay friendly, staring up at the man with his loopy green eyes. The man simply sneered, peering down at the clown fluff.

“Ugh. I can’t believe this place though using shitrats as their attractions was a good idea,” He groaned, contempt littering his speech pattern. Bonko simply giggled, tail brushing against the hay bedding.

“Wots of peopew caww Bonko shitwat!” The fluffy smiled, habitually giving himself a honk of the nose for emphasis, “it am Bonko’s othew namesie!”

Such a nonchalant and perhaps slightly oblivious comment must have struck a nerve with the man, as his sneer turned into a deep frown. Before he knew it, Bonko had been snatched from the pen by his bow-tie, yelping helplessly in the grasp of the offender.

“Don’t try that cutesy, smart-ass clown shit with me!” He barked, revelling as the green-fluffed miniature equine’s ears folded back in fear, “Know what? I bet ticket sales at this circus would be so much better if it didn’t have a shitrat like you as one of its big stars!”

Bonko cried out desperately for help, but it seemed as though the staff running the circus were busy elsewhere, as nobody stopped the scary man as he made a straight path for the street just outside the park, in which the circus was situated. None of the park-goers noticed that it was him specifically being kidnapped, either; perhaps watching a shady-looking man drag a fluffy out to his car was a normal sight by this point. Feeling as though he had no other choice, Bonko began to bite at the man in blind panic. Though, this didn’t really accomplish much, only managing to further his disgruntlement. “You keep biting me, you little piece of shit, and I’ll kill you right now!”

Obviously, the threat was empty. This man appeared to be the type who wanted to stretch out his torture to an almost iffy degree, perhaps because he had the body odour only a mother could love or the courting skills of a drugged-up dolphin. Those scrawny arms on him couldn’t accomplish much, anyway. But what the did accomplish was hauling Bonko over to his battered old car and piling him into a fluff-sized pet carrier, slamming the cage door on his face. Bonko looked up at his captor with terror, still hopelessly crying out for help as a look of worryingly genuine euphoria spread through the man’s sadistic grin.

“When we get back to my apartment, I’m gonna make sure you regret every second you’ve lived!” He barked, slamming the car door shut, “I don’t care what the downstairs neighbours have to say this time!”

The clown fluff went somewhat quiet as he heard the car start up, only subtly weeping to himself in the cramped pet carrier. He couldn’t even see as the circus tent grew further and further away, hopes of being returned to his troupe shrinking.

“Huuhuu… Bonko no wike scawy mistah… wan go back to clowny fwiends an’ mummah…” The green fluffy whimpered, pushing his big red nose against the carrier’s front cage. The only response to this plea was an abrupt break of the car, sending the unsecured pet carrier falling onto its side on the car’s floor. Fearful as he was, Bonko knew he was powerless, resorting to only his weak, timid sobs. He just hoped it would all be better soon.

As the car ride progressed, it appeared that Bonko’s captor had something of a few anger issues. At the littlest inconvenience, he’d fly into a shouting rage, quite often trying to throw some irreverent language into his curses to try and make himself sound intimidating, despite his acne-ridden face and twiggy stature. It wasn’t nice to have to listen to his indignant shouts, especially when coupled with harsh, sharp horn blaring. Bonko whimpered quietly at the sounds of anger, yet he didn’t speak up, worried for what his captor would threaten upon him. Though it got to a point where perhaps the fluffy’s interference wouldn’t have caused as much anger as he’d imagined. Because the man was getting to a point of frustration where his car was beginning to swerve across the road.

“Out of my way you @%#$ fucker!” The man barked like he’d just gone through puberty, ignorant to how his car was progressively losing control. Bonko could feel as the pet carrier slid across the ground, hitting against the seats and doors with every sharp turn. It wasn’t hurting him directly, but the thuds were beginning to make him ache a bit. Then, with all the suddenness as this all began, the car smashed against a lamppost before skidding and slamming against a wall, the back door of the car flinging open. The last thing Bonko heard from the man was a scream before the pet carrier was flung out of the car from the force of the crash, skidding across the ground as the front and top popped off, leaving the fluffy clown to tumble into a puddle.

“Huu… Bonko hab wowstest huwties,” The fluffy whined, shakily pushing himself up from the puddle, peering down at his reflection, “…Bonko’s facey still okay, though.”

Huffing a bit from the aches patterning his body, he glanced around at the alley he’d been flung into, ignorant of the crash car just outside of it. The walls were decorated with vague stains and spray paint murals, bins and rubbish bags lining the sides.

“Bonko’s ciwcus housie am su faww… how am Bonko gonna get back?” The fluffy clown whimpered, peering around with his ears pinned back. Then, a sight caught his eyes; on one of the alley walls, there was a poster pasted over a faded mural. On it, there was one of few words that Bonko could read: Circus. Accompanying it, was the familiar face of the ringmaster, which filled the fluffy with fuzzy feelings to see. An idea sprung to his head, restoring at least a good percentage of his optimism.

“Bonko fowwow pictuwe ciwcus pictuwes back to ciwcus housie!” He grinned, honking himself on the nose.

With all the confidence a fluffy could possibly hold onto (which honestly is quite a lot), Bonko headed off down the alley, sure that his poster-following plan would definitely save him from this terrifying new situation.

(literally uploaded this right before school I’ll probably look at this afterward and be like “it’s shit do it again”)


Shut up, you’re ridiculous, you’ll do no such thing! This is cute! The only thing you should do is post more. <3


I second that.
This is great!


A fine specimen of what us Abusers can aspire to be!

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maggot clown… who hurt you, you were ruthlessly roasting that guy, I need to ask, you ok XD

also it seems Bonko has more intelligence then a regular fluffy so i hope it goes well for him

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