Born Different... Loved Equally. [By Biorb_McBiorb, inspired by Spoosh]

[Original comic you can find Here, it never had an end other than the final panel of a Dog baring it’s fangs at the deaf foal, this story is inspired by said comic and leaves off right at that last pannel.]

“Sasha! Git! Leave that little Fluff alone! Get back here so I can put you damn collar back on!”

As the command was given the Pooch compiled, whimpering as it’s Owner, a tall elderly man named Tobias, came running down the Alley, with an unoccupied collar. As Tobias reached the dog, he noticed to poor foal, who was missing a leg. As he clipped the Collar back onto the Dog, he picked up the foal, who was crying and peeping, it’s tone of voice was sharp and raspy, as if he had been yelling for weeks…

“N-nice Mistah?”

As Tobias went to swaddle the Colt. a Lime Green mare limped out into view from behind a Wooden fence. Her Pink mane, was dirty and covered in dust and small flecks of blood. “P-pwease nice m-mistah, n-nu gib babbeh fowebah sewwpies… Nu wet B-bawkie-munsta num widdwe babbeh…” The mare begged. Sasha began to snarl, having to be puled back by Tobias to stop her from lunging.

“I… I won’t… I want to get it some help… Do you need help too? That arm looks swollen…” Tobias said letting Sasha go as she had calmed down a fair bit. “Weggie hab wowest huwties fwom meanie Fwuffy, b-buh Bawkie-M-Munsta gibe meanie fowebah sweepies…” The Mare answered, waddling closer and closer to Tobias and Sasha.

“Alright, well I can make sure you both get some care for both of your legs… Sasha, take.” With a command given, Sasha walked over to the now scared Fluffy mare and licked her face. “Tehe! B-Bawkie-Munsta nu am munsta! Hehehe! Wub wickies!” With the mare now content, Sasha grabbed the Fluffy by the scruff of her neck like a puppy.

With that, Tobias, the Mute, three-legged foal, The Feral Mare, and Sasha made their way to Tobias’s home.

Tobias led Sasha and the two Fluffies into his home. It wasn’t much but that didn’t much matter to the two Fluffies, The foal was in too much pain to care, while the Mare was ecstatic.

Setting the foal down on the kitchen counter, and the Mare in the sink, Tobias began to clean the missing limb, the foal screeching loudly, and peeping like no tomorrow. The Mare was getting scared as she sat in the tub like bottom of the sink, unable to help the filly, only able to watch.

“Nu! Pwease mistah! Nu huwt widdwe babbeh! Am onwy widdwe babbeh!” The mare begged as she tried to climb up the deep metal walls of the sink, which to her horror, were making her slip back into the sink.

“Listen, I’m not trying to hurt him, he has uh… A boo-boo and I need to clean it or it will get sick.”

“N-nu mean tu gib huwties? P-pwomise?”

“I promise.” With an answer given, the mare quieted down and simply sat sadly in the sink, unable to help.

The good news was the legs was pulled from the socket, or torn from it, the bad news was that the little foal wasn’t responding to any of Tobias’s questions, which was getting the tired man a bit angry.

“Why aren’t you listening to me? Hey, Mom, why is your baby not answering?”

“Nu… Nu am weaw Babbeh… Fwuffy foun’ Babbeh behind fencie, whewe big whewie-munsta num Babbeh’s weggie… When Fwuffy twy tu take cawe ob Babbeh, Meanie-Fwuffie gib huwties an’ twy an gib fowebah-sweepies tu widdwe Babbeh… Fwuffy nu tink Babbeh’s heaw-pwacies wowk…” The Mare explained. Tobias, now finally putting two and two together realized why the foal wasn’t answering him…

He was deaf.

Tobias sighed as he cleaned the foal, stroking it’s head as it peeped out pained cries. After a few moments, the foal began to calm down, it’s peeps and cries becoming sad and somber. Finally he set the foal next to the sink and ran the tap, the Mare beginning to freak out as the water splashed over her.


Tobias simply set the water to a even temp as the mare complained. Once ready, Tobias ran the water over the foal first, letting the mare watch as she panicked. The foal at first began to peep and chirp confusedly, soon enjoying the water’s feeling along it’s body, loudly cooing as Tobias cleaned off the foal. The Mare now watching in confusion as the foal was beginning to smell good.

“W-wawa nu am bad?” The mare said hesitantly, letting some of the warm water run onto her back.

“Nope, well, it could be, but when I use it it isn’t bad.” Tobias explained, washing the dish soap off of the foal.

Now clean, Tobias set the foal onto a towel and wrapped him up, who peeped happily. Tobias quickly applied a cover to the wound, a cotton-ball and some gauze…

The mare, who was already getting water on her back was easier to clean, following Tobias’s words as he said them. The Mare’s leg was already losing mass as the swelling had began to heal quickly.

With the two clean, Tobias poured a bowl of Dog kibble into a bowl for the mare to eat.

"Dis am Bawkie-Munsta Nummies? Nu smeww pwetty… C-can Fwuffy hab wawa fow dwinkies? The Mare asked, Her coat and Mane were much prettier when cleaned, Same with the foal. While it didn’t have pretty colors, it was a happy little three-legged, deaf, fuzz ball. Without a second thought Tobias filled a bowl with water and set it in front of the mare. “You or the Foal got names?”

The mare chewed up the kibble and lapped up some water before answering Tobias. “*guwp-*N-nu. W-weww, Babbeh may habe namesies… But nu can teww, 'cos babbeh nebah heaw babbeh’s name befowe. N-nice Mistah wan gibe namesies?”

Tobias thought for a second… While Sasha was a loyal pet, she he getting older, so maybe some spryer playmates would be good for her…

“Eh… Sure, why not.” Tobias said, getting the Mare a bit excited, the foal just peeped happily as he was now being picked up by the mare, the familiar scent of love and kindness was overwhelming the foal as the pain felt like it was just… melting away…

“You’ll be… Molly.” Molly nearly jumped for joy, the name clearly pleasing to her. “Yay! Nyu namesie fow fwuffy! Mowwy wub nyu namesie! Wub!”

“And you little guy… Hmm…” Tobias paused a second as he pulled out his phone and looked up famous deaf people. “Huh, that’s right he was deaf wasn’t he.”

Tobias got close to the foal, being help up by Molly. The foal peeped as it’s eyes opened happily, the warm and safety had made his outlook a bit happier, having lost his leg only an hour ago. As Tobias scratched under the foal’s chin it peeped and smiled.

“Beethoven, my little buddy…”

Molly hugged Beethoven happily, the foal popping it’s front legs free to hug her back. “Wub Bee-thoben! Wub! Be nyu mummah fow widdwe Bee-thoben… Mummah wub 'ou Babbeh… Eben ib 'ou nebah heaw dat… Mummah Mowwy wubs 'ou…”.

Tobias tossed a treat over to Sasha, who happily ate the snack up. The Fluffies having caught the interest of Sasha, who happily scooted over to the edge of the counter, where Sasha stood up to greet them.

“Ou nu am munsta, am gud fwend… fanky 'ou fow sabben Mowwy fwom meanine… Dis am widdwe Bee-thoben… Be gud Bawkie-Fwend and gib kissies?” Molly asked, holding Beethoven closer to Sasha, who chirped in distress at the dog.

Sasha sniffed the foal, and licked his face. Beethoven looked at the dog for a moment, confused by the lick. Another lick came, causing the foal to peep happily, hugging Sasha’s nose. While Molly giggled, the foal began to peep and chirp again. “Oh! Babbeh nee’ nummies tu! W-weww… Nu am weaw Mummah-Miwkies… Buh Babbeh can hab miwkies…”

Molly placed Beethoven onto her teats and coo’d as the foal kneaded and suckled milk from his surrogate mother.

Tobias watched happily and realized…

He needed Fluffy shit now…

Beethoven made his way over to a set of buttons on the floor, Tobias watching tv on his couch with Sasha and Molly sitting on his lap.

As Beethoven pushed the button an Fluffy Voice came out.


Tobias looked over to the foal, happily wagging it’s tail looking at his Daddeh. With Tobias looking, Beethoven moved over to another button, then to another.



Tobias set Molly down to snuggle with Sasha as he got up from the couch and poured him a bowl of heart healthy dog kibble, and soaked it with Molly’s excess milk. Setting it down in front of Beethoven, he started to dig in, only stopping inches away from the food.

Beethoven ran back to his buttons and pressed a few more buttons in succession.



“Fank 'ou!”

Tobias nodded, picking up Beethoven and bringing him close to his face. Beethoven hugged up to the Man’s cheek and chirped happily.

“Love you too Buddy… Love you too…”


Ah! My heart! Thank you for putting a proper ending on that story.


Into the Clintverse haha


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damn simulations.

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Nice to see a happy ending that still works with the original comic; I mean Beethoven and Molly had everything work out but Beethoven’s mother is still probably still distraught thinking her baby is dead. Maybe we could get a part too where Tobias brings Beethoven to the pet store to get Fluffy supplies and Beethoven’s mother learns he alive and in a good home.

Also, I always thought the at least some of a fluffy’s vocabulary and ability to talk was programmed into them, so being deaf wouldn’t actually prevent the fluffy from talking. I do think it’s vocabulary would kept from developing so it would only know a few words and certainly would not be able to have any meaningful conversations. That being said, the pet speak buttons are a good idea and would give the foal a much wider rang to communicate with.


he has talking buttons aaaaAAAAAAAAA :heart::heart::two_hearts::heart_eyes::heart::two_hearts::heart_eyes::heart:


Nice ending for this story :+1: yeah read this before as well glad it had a good end.

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