Borrowed Some Pirates from Analhiliation (Federalchemical1728)

@analhiliation made the wonderful mistake of letting some of their fluffies join Captain’s herd so I made little info-graphics for them like I did with the rest of the crew skdjfhjskdhfk

Feel free to add or correct me on anything!! i’m having an absolute blast working these 3 (4? 3.5?) into my Extensive Fluffyverse Lore and i absolutely hate that i just called it that so im going to pretend i didn’t and move on now

im curious about where Sage and Eden are from? Sage has rejected a whole lot of designer breeding studs in the past, so she must’ve had a human owner once. Where are they now? Did she run away and drag her Big Dumb Baby Brother with her? Did she get kicked out for refusing to mate with any stallion that couldn’t beat her in a fight? Or maybe it was immediately trying to 1v1 all potential baby daddies that got her kicked out lol

These are the kinds of questions I ask myself every day

((btw Sage & Eden were adopted from @Moesius who’s name i totally spelled 100% correctly on the first try shut up, and Sim-sam was/were adopted from somebody who purposely had their entire account cleaned out so uhh yea))


Seeing these two I may just submit my own to try and get a trend of all the fluffies from that giveaway comic going. xD


Oh my, your art is just so cool!


thank yooouu!!! >w<