BowlFluff VS RHMB (EzPete)


While hunting in the woods near the town reservoir late one autumn, a man found bowl fluff separated from it’s herd. The juvenile mare was incredibly skittish, her belly fluff had yet to come in, but was freezing and approached hoping for the trail mix she smelled in his bag. Pwease mistah hab nummies?

The woods hadn’t recovered from the devastation that wild fluffy herds had caused several years back, making wild game incredibly rare. He had no love for the things but figured he should take care of it to prevent it from laying eggs or whatever these things did.

He gave it some peanuts and told it to wait to go home with him while he thought of a way to euthanize it. He didn’t want to waste a bullet on it. Too expensive.

She babbled something about munstahs attacking her herd in the big wawa and running away as soon as she was on land. She must have meant the reservoir. Also, didn’t these things sink like bricks? How were they swimming? Also, the biggest thing in the reservoir were Trout, they couldn’t eat a fluffy.

He hadn’t shot a good buck in years and wanted some revenge on the fuckers. He was a machinist and had a better idea. He noticed the bowl on her belly after she rolled over to lay up against him. “Have you ever played with a ball before?”

After driving home without a single catch, angrier because of that. Not even a rabbit. he took the fluffy to his garage. He brought out the blow torch and propped it up to heat a large steel ball bearing. He carried the fluffy over to his work bench and secured her back two legs with a strip of metal and some nails. The noise and the fire scared her.

Buwnies am nuu gud fow fwuffie

“Don’t worry, I’m just using it to make the ball warm.”

Wawm Baww?

“Yep. I bet it’s been cold out. So I figured you would like a warm ball instead of a cold ball.”

Junipew nuu wike cowd… Oh great it had a name!

"Ok! Put your hooves up. I’m going to set the ball on your belly. "

otay nyu daddeh!

Wuv Baww! Am make wite wike skwy baww!

Nebah hab baww befowe!

Am tuu wawm…
“I thought you just said you didn’t like cold”




First go with a multipanel story drawn on PC. Not completely satisfied with the drawings but didn’t want to spend six hours making all the fixes I wanted.

RHMB stands for Red Hot Metal Ball, there are plenty of youtube videos of people putting them on top of shit like how random things are put in hydraulic presses.




I admit it took me way too long to figure that one out. Anyway hell of a good first attempt at a new drawing medium


Most glaring issues, first 4 were compressed as Jpegs.

Fire has no smoke, hooves in last panels smaller than first panels. Was also dissatisfied with fire detail.

Looks like things are…heating up


Great stuff, my only complaint is that it wasn’t longer lol. Bowl fluffies must suffer.

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Your work is very ambitious and you’ve been improving in massive leaps! Your ideas are brilliantly imaginative, too. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile: