Brainstorming for Inverted Bowl fluffy story ; post ideas in comments.

Trying to think of methods/techniques that one carrier fluffy could use to pick up and put an adult pillow fluffy on their back without human intervention. The most help they’d have would be the pillow fluffy themselves and maybe pre set up locations/objects or apparel (vest/clothing) by the owner.

However i’d like to figure out something that doesn’t rely on pre established location set ups (a series of pillows/blocks) as well for when I write different scenarios/scenary.

Also taking suggestions for names for the inverted bowl fluffy product line.

In my brain they will always be known as ‘Palaquin pals’ but I agree with the first vote that it’s too hard for fluffies to say and wont understand.

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Pillow sleeps and stays on a bed that is kept at fluffy back height with an edge that is almost like a slide.
The fluffy carrier wears a padded saddle, fitted to keep even the wiggliest fluff in place.
When it’s time for the pillow to leave the bed, it worms it’s way to the edge and falls into place on the saddle.


Pillow wears special harness that hooks onto small crane that can be programmed to lift the pillow from bed to lifterpal and back again.

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I laughed picturing owners playing ‘crane game’ via a cell phone ap. xD

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The best I can think of besides rolling the pillowfluff to a higher location (like a large rock) and simply dropping it down on another fluffy’s back, would be a pully system. This could also be done without human intervention using vines or perhaps some old rope. Tie the vine around the belly and torso of the pillowfluff (I know fluffies don’t have hands, maybe a slip knot using their mouths?). Throw the other end of the vine/rope over a tree branch or another taller, sturdy object. The fluffy puts the end of the vine/rope in its mouth and walks away, lifting the pillowfluff up. It can then be lowered onto the back of another fluffy, or perhaps the fluffy that is doing the pulling, if the fluffy can find a way to keep the tension right.
I imagine this could also apply to indoor settings, by making an actual pully system, with the part that would be performed by the tree branch, being made into a special bar or eyelet built into the wall of the room.

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Random shower thought I thought I needed to draw out to verify…