Brave Mummah by ShititsMe

Hello!! Shit has drawn a shit factory defending her babbehs, im eager to see what youll do to this brave mummah!!



Live free or die hard, Fluffy. You can’t beat them, but you can make them work for it.


those are beautiful words


What I will do?
I’ll give it a cozy home :house_with_garden:
A warm blanket :sleeping_bed:
So many tasty delights :spaghetti: :shaved_ice:

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Wonder where is her stallion is. He’s not going to be left alone while I take the family to my gardens

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I’m suspicious. Maybe she’s actually a fluffy-abuser? All fluffies who abuse prefer brown foals. Or maybe she’s colorblind and thinks they’re green, maybe yellow?

Either way, walk up, put your foot on her side and tip her over. Then take the foals, maybe as stressballs, idk. Whatever mood strikes you when you get home.

Force her to watch as thet are used for serios scientific experiments to determine how long you can urinate up the ass of each one before they explode. Maybe tape one in her mouth before inserting penis in rectum of baby and urinating in it. Just to see if it blows the jaw off the mare.


Well give it food, but with poison, so the streets getting clean.