Bread Fluffy : Cooling a Freshly Baked Raspberry BreadFluffy by Mikahorsie

Bread Fluffy Facts!

Cooling down your freshly baked, BreadFluffy is a Must. Not only does cooling it down allows the Bread Fluffy to easily be eaten, but a Freshly Baked Fluffy does have a tendency to easily deform when moving while hot and lose their Fillings.

To Cool Down a Newly baked Bread Fluffy, all you need to do is simply set the newly baked batch as quiet and as gentle down on a Cooling rack.

After Cooling, some Bread Fluffies required to be added fillings rather than be baked with the filling in…

Like this little guy! His name is Croquembouche

Remember to not overstuffed your BreadFluffy


Why bread look cute?


bread fluffy doesn’t get risen properly so its just a flat pancake fluffy


or it sinks in the middle.


I think you’re referring to a souffle.

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Looks delicious and I’m really fond of raspberries.