Breeding Centre Blues: East Coast (by Newb_ronswek)


Ethan stiffly pushed the foal collection cart down the aisle between the pen breeders pens. Usually, foal collection was Martha’s job, but on that day she’d had to fill in for Hanako, who’d taken one of the saferoom mares to get a c-section. Despite this, some of the fluffies did recognize the young man.

“N-nu mowe nice mistah…” whimpered one mare who’s littermate had made the mistake of acting like a brat when they were under Ethan’s care as foals.

“Essnyen act w-wite… nu am wike sissy… PWEASE NU TAKE HEAW PWACES!!” a stallion cried.

“Emmeweben babbehs make gud poopies… nu huwt babbehs…” pleaded another mare.

Ethan grumbled that he was just here to get M-53’s foals. It was so weird, he’d heard that M-53 had been a saferoom breeder named Berwick until very recently. Apparently, she’d had a violent outburst apon catching sight of an alicorn that led to her being demoted to pen breeder. Ethan had also heard that she’d cost the centre quite a bit of money to obtain the first place, as not only did she have a rare coat pattern, but had also come from a breeder out on the east coast and had to be flown in.


The angry yelling was coming from the pen next to M-52’s pen. The alicorn was not at all pleased with her new neighbor. “’Ou nu can bweak da fencie, dummeh cwazy mawe…” she muttered, covering her ears. M-53 was undeterred.

bumf bumf thump

She was white earthie with rainbow polka dots in her coat, an electric blue mane, pale blue eyes, and a tan snout.

thump bump bumf

She was also desperately trying to break the fence that stood between her and M-52. So desperately in fact, that she didn’t notice when Ethan plucked her foals out of the pen. Just little chirpies, the foals where being taken early for their own safety.

Later on, Ethan would return to take M-53 to her new home in the caged breeder room.

He had to wonder; Where all east coast fluffies like this?




cant wait on chap 3

I know I didn’t number these, but there’s actually eleven of them.

Maybe M-53 had a past owner that was racist, with fluffys being so child-like maybe a owner acting that way would rub off on them?

Suspect regional stereotypes are involved :wink:

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