Broken monster part 1 by (that1hugboxer)

You are Queequeg

You wake up and

Cuddled up next to you is Galatea

You gently wake her up and start your day

Daddy fills your bowl with a special treat

Wet dog food

Unlike most fluffies you prefer wet dog food to even spaghetti

Not that you don’t enjoy spaghetti

You just like wet dog food more

Galatea get a tiny saucer of sketti

Her special meal

Jam and jelly Also got a plate of sketti

You don’t know what the other fluffies got but it was probably the same thing

After breakfast daddy takes Odis and atlas with him to work

You spend the morning playing with Galatea, jelly and jam

Suddenly a strange man walks up to the gate and releases something into the yard through the one way hole in the fence

You don’t know what it is but something deep in your very being tells you it’s going to hurt Galatea and the others

You tell jelly and jam to take Galatea into your doghouse and stay there until it is safe

Whatever this thing is

It looks hungry

It’s about fluffy sized but

It’s definitely not a fluffy

You don’t want to hurt it

but it definitely wants to hurt you

It’s black orb like eyes stare at you with emptiness behind them

Stare each other down for a very long time

Neither one flinching

Neither one blinking

You have a feeling that if you weren’t the size of a Doberman

This thing would attacked you immediately without hesitation

Finally it makes the first move

And if you had anything to say about it

Also it’s last