Brookshire Farms 9 [by Maple]

You didn’t sleep that first night. Neither did your herd, not for long at least. You laid out a tarp to protect your floors and piled blankets and pillows on top of it for the fluffies to lay on. With a colorful kids movie playing in the background, your fluffies were about as calm as they were going to get.

Clover and Lilac curled up together against the couch. Lilac slept somewhat soundly, but you could see Clover jolt awake periodically, startled by something in his dreams. Strawberry alternated between sobbing and wandering around the house, as if she could find her foals if she looked hard enough. Parsnip would follow her every time, gently guiding her back to the blanket pile when she would begin to cry again. Breezy and Sunshine needed to be held, the second you got one to sleep and laid on a pillow, the other would start to cry about a lost friend. It was frustrating, and you really wanted to be mad at them but you just… couldn’t. You felt the loss in your chest, a gaping, aching hole where the barn fluffies were supposed to be. It fucking hurt, and you were human. You were capable of brushing feelings aside, fluffies were ruled by their emotions. You could only imagine how awful they felt.

The next few days blurred together, your exhaustion only growing. You tried to nap during the day like most of the fluffies did, but managing the emotions of so many needy fluffies was exhausting. They needed to be fed, watered, played with, snuggled, and the litter box cleaned multiple times a day with this many using it. When they did use it, that is. There weren’t enough toys to go around, and you found yourself snapping at them after the second day, which you didn’t feel good about. They were just… so much. Especially when they refused to go outside. At any point in time there were at least three fluffies crying on your living room floor, needing comforted. It was hell.

You were trying to take a nap on the couch with Sunshine on your chest when Cash texted you. You shifted the restless pegasus to the side so your hand was free.

How’s everyone holding up?

Not good. You replied. I can’t get them to sleep, I haven’t slept, I’m really at the end of my rope.

Oh dear. Do you want some help? I’m free to come watch them, and I’m sure I could find some friends willing to help.

You hesitated before replying. You generally liked your solitude, even Dave coming over as infrequently as he did was a bit much for you. With all the stress going on, did you really want a bunch of stranger over?

In the other room you heard Strawberry start to call out to her babies, begging them to come out from hiding.

Yes please. My address is on my business card.

You were awoken by a soft knock on the door, and your fluffies whispering nervously about what was going on. You checked your phone to see Cash’s reply; We’ll be over in an hour then! You fell asleep soon after, Sunshine finally settling down enough to sleep himself. You shifted him as gently as you could, tucking his little wings in behind him.

Cash smiled warmly as you opened the door. “Howdy Sam! We’re here to help!” Behind him you could see many cars in your driveway, people unloading wood and tools.

“Hi, sorry, I just woke up.” You rubbed your eyes. “Who all did you bring?”

“Friends of mine, from the Hugboxer’s League. We won’t be able to rebuild your barn, but we should be able to make something for the fluffies to live in!” He smiled warmly.

“Mishta Cash!” Sunshine darted out the door between your legs before you could grab him.

“Hi Sunshine!” He knelt down to catch the excited fluffy, wrapping him up into a hug. “You shouldn’t run outside like that!”

“Sowwy, just 'cited!” He nuzzled his face into Cash’s arm.

“You go ahead and take a nap, Sam. You look like you need it.” He was right, you did. You weren’t sure about all the people here, but you were too tired to protest.

“Alright. Thank you.” You led him inside, where your fluffies chattered at him. “You remember Lilac, right?”

“Yes, of course!” He waved at her, and she waved back from behind a suspicious Clover.

“That’s her special friend in front of her, Clover. He’s a little distrustful, don’t be hurt if he doesn’t like you.”

“Hello fluffies! I’ll be playing with you today, so mister Sam here can get some sleep!” Cash carried Sunshine across the room and opened your back door. “Why don’t we go outside and get some fresh air?”

“Buh…” Parsnip whined, “But munstahs outside!”

“There’s no monsters, I promise. I have lots of friends here who want to meet you, and they’ll help me keep you safe!” At the mention of new friends most of the fluffies jumped up to follow Cash outside. He waved you away. “I got this, go get some sleep.”

“Thank you, Cash.” He just smiled and shooed you away, to your waiting bed.



clyde cash?