Brownie says “Hello!” (Chebanx)

Heyyyyyy, long time no see, lawl. I’ve been gone for literally months so if anyone wants to fill me in on new categories, rules, or drama (…joking) please do.

Ok now for boring life stuff you can skip. Its my birthday! Well not really, it’s 2am now so my birthday was two hours ago. I’m 17 now incase anyone was wondering :]
I ditched for like 5 months cuz all that really good art I was making was on a school loner iPad, and I just got my own personal one for my bday lawl. So ig this is my awesome comeback, hope someone missed me ;]

Im moving my Brownie and Doorknob story (the new one) to the LGBT fluffy category because Brownie and Door are supposed to be lesbians, plus their owners are two trans gay guys sooo. If you wanna keep seeing them be tooth rottingly wholesome be aware of that change. K bye


Happy birthday and all that.
Hope you got some good swag ( or at least a dramu free birthday)

And I really wanna pet this fluffy for some reason.


I got a fancy pancy new ipad and my favorite sour candy!

Do it. Pet her. Look deeply into her eyes and she commands you to pet her. My goal is to make the cutest fucking fluffys on the platform, down with the Bald Muzzles!


Happy birthday!! :smiley:


I’ll pet her if you pet my kitsune fluffy Rambo ;p

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I love weird fluffys! Id be honored

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Rambo just has multiple tails
He isn’t that weird

…as far as fluffies go i suppose
He likes apples though.

Not compared to a demon turned in to a candy infused fluffy amalgamation that has a gumdrop third eye and gets way too invested in watching his soap opera’s