Bubble Foals 2 - A post test launch report - By lothmar

You know, a couple of people have asked me about the creation of Bubble foals. And I just wanted to say, im just the idea guy. I pitch a concept to a team of developers and geneticists, and they get back to me in a day or so with a budget and what they believe to be a general percentage chance of accomplishing what I requested. I’ve said “I don’t care if you have to resort to sorcery, but if you’re willing to put your name on the line when you submit those odds and are willing to get shit canned if it fails then i’ll pretty much allow anything so long as you dont tell me the details.” Is it a shitty non ethical way to manage? Yes. Do I live an exceptionally grandiose lifestyle because I privatize gains while socializing losses? Hell yes.

It seemed like the idea would never get beyond the pitch room with at best a 15% of successful creation and i don’t risk anyone’s job without a least a coin flips chance. Till one of the last developers to submit a bid told me. “I can probably get that up to seventy percent if I can get a blood sample from your friend there.”

As if it had been existing in a perception filter while on my shoulder and only now just apparent. There lay a Red spherical entity with a simple smiling face, its front legs and back legs hanging over opposite sides of my shoulder. Despite not remembering ‘Fred’ to this point, it was as if I remembered having a long-standing association with this strange being that seemed to possess a menacing presence despite the pleasant ‘Ditto’ like face it wore like a mask. The most vibrant memory being bringing the dude in from sunbathing after some time on the deck by the pool and them watching as I made a Cherry Vanilla icy for us to share and cool off with. ~See freezer foals 2 for reference if unfamiliar~

Its head tilted slightly towards me, the moment was utterly silent save for a low base frequency like tinnitus echoing through my head/ears while shadows crept around the corners of my vision. Suffice It to say, there a black box based on Jellen DNA that was built into the project.

Turns out we were mistaken about Bubble foals. Sure with their relative lack of usable teeth (since the ones they start with lose integrity when chewed and join the general mass of flesh) they couldn’t eat solids. But apparently, they could digest very soft foods or mostly liquids and convert excess into flavor and smell to make themselves more appealing to be chewed. Some of this substance would occasionally evacuate like a gusher gel if they haven’t been chewed enough recently. We’ve even observed them use it as bait to lure in fluffies and other creatures in the hopes of getting ‘bitten’/‘eaten’ themselves. We did not understand this behavior until later.

However it was determined that if a bubble foal could get 10 (more for adult bubble fluffs) or more grams of sugar a day along with some other general nutrition from things like Sauces, grease, fats, beverages with an acidic value below a certain threshold, saliva, mucus, blood ~ other bodily fluids… While maintaining or obtaining a store of moisture (yes apparently, they could bloat themselves out and store liquid in their body to use over time like a water balloon or camel) and occasional ‘flexing’ to maintain their elasticity they could live for an unknown amount of time. Doubtfully as long as a standard fluffy simply due to the heightened healing factor necessary for them to reshape themselves over time but certainly far longer then initially estimated… At least in ‘overall’ lifespan.

Theoretically scarier still was their ability to go ‘sleeper’ which we’ve discovered after recovering some ‘samples’ sent in to us on request to maintenance teams with the promise of compensation. Bubble foal corpses stuck in various places like under desks, park benches, sidewalks, the like. Every handful usually accompanied with a report of a dead and desiccated fluffy along with them that had been ensnared and drained of its fluids but the bubble foal/fluff found itself excessively entangled in and unable to escape from. There have been a similar rise in desiccated corpses discovered in parks and alleys, likely victims that the bubble fluffy was not too entangled with to free themselves from in the end. The ‘sleeper’ state being one where as long as their body remained relatively in-tact there was a chance they could regain life after a period of hibernation upon receiving fluids and glucose, though would remain relatively inanimate gum if they only possessed one but not the other. This made for a fluffy that might spend 2 days of its life alive, go sleeper for a week, spend another few days of activity, go sleeper and could potentially exist for decades if only for a few days hours or days at a time.

Though each ‘awakening’ would likely get harder with each subsequent hibernation, so it was unlikely that 1 in 10,000 would survive more than a handful of such events. Thank god they were sterile… Fred was using you and this project and would feed upon the emotional energies inspired by those it extended its powers through.

Fred: "Feed me fluffy community. Feed me… "
~open permission granted for fan art / Stories~