Buffalo Steve, parts 1 and 2 [NEW] by Gardel

There’s a house at the end of the street, old and clearly needs some paint.

Going inside it looks like a regular house, regular furniture, generic decor bought at some superstore, nothing fancy.

Its when you go down to the basement that things get…weird.

Down the stairs you start noticing odd stuff: old Sonic the Hedgehog posters, MLP cardboard figures like the ones they had at stores near the toys but here its all…nailed to the walls. Near that there’s a bunch of old crusty MLP dolls and all with a big cut in the back…

Then there’s a room, its full of framed fan-art, paid requests to artists from all over the internet.

…all fart porn, inflation, diaper-shit, body transformation, tentacle porn…

All furry.

In that room there’s a rack with a bunch of old fursuits, some faded, some missing parts of the sythetic fur, others with…“stains”.

Past the room there’s an area of the basement with a big hole, probably the remains of an old well.

From there desperate pleas for help can be heard.


A figure peaks over the edge?


A man in a blue-green fox fursuit with an inflated belly and big white ears with red tips looks at the fluffies below.

OwO! whats this?

Pwease! su twisty! nee’ wawa!

“It cleans the fluff or else it gets the hose!” UwU

Huuuuhuuu! otay…

The two fluffies proceed to groom themselves with their tongues.

Their captor is no other than the infamous Buffalo Steve, a 54yo furry banned from almost all furry conventions for his extreme disgusting behavior, even for furry community standards.

“Alexa play Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus”


“Playing Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus”

He starts doing a dance then looks at himself in a mirror.

“Would you enf me? I would enf me, I would enf me so hard!”

He walks into another room then opens a fluffmart box. Inside there’s a gray pegasus filly.

“Ms. Judy Hopps! its time for us to consummate our marriage!” ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

The filly, the last one in the box, freaks out.


It knows what’s next, it saw the others.

Steve superglues some tiny bunny ears on the foal, then drops his furry pants exposing his micropenis (still huge for fluffy standards)

He turns the foal around.


“No tears, only dreams now” ( ˘ ³˘):heart:

He shoves his dick into the tiny filly tearing its undeveloped vagina and anus together.


Then starts pumping the foal as if it were a fleshlight


“Can you feel it mr.Krabs?! can you feeeeeeeel!” (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)


Steve cums inside the filly, then slides it off his dick, the mixture of blood and cum dripping out from the cavernous hole in what used to be the foal’s hindquarters.

“That…was…great…thank you officer Hopps!” (=ↀωↀ=) - said Steve, almost out of breath after an incredible 50 seconds of trusting, a new record for his overweight 300lb body, a product of decades of quadruple BK stackers.

Nu…can…feww…weggies…wan…die - says the filly, aka: Judy Hopps

Buffalo steve then drops the dicked-to-death filly down the well


“Enjoy your meal!” 0w0

Huuhuu! su tiwed of enfie-babbeh nummies…


Later at the Lauren Faust asylum for criminally insane bronies…

“Dr. Hannibal Proctor, I’m Timmy Thomas”

“Agent Thomas I pressume?” -said the bald guy in his late forties with a stained rainbow dash t-shirt, the room decorated with MLP paraphernalia but also some Pokemon posters and an old Nintendo Switch with Animal Crossing stickers on it…and a crusty Isabelle pillow laying on the bed…

“Nah, I’m just an insurance guy, the feds don’t give a fuck about fluffy crimes”


“Like what, you thought they were going to send some FBI agent here?”

“Well maybe, I don’t know, this is about Buffalo Steve isn’t it?”

“Yep, my company is tired of paying for shitrats that go missing and show up all mangled, fluffy insurance is already a bad business without some nutjob stealing and skinning expensive designer fluffies”

“And what do I get if I help you?”

“Well I talked to the orderly and for a fee he will give you your limited edition Luna fleshlight back.”

“Glorious” Hannibal said as he rubbed his crotch while Timmy grimaced.

“Gross, so who’s this guy?”

“First principles, Timmy. Simplicity. Read Tails got trolled. Of each particular thing ask: what is it in itself? What is its nature? What does he do, this man you seek?”

“I don’t know, rape fluffies? but every brony does that now and its not illegal in this state nor Canada ever since Trudeau got caught getting a BJ by a stallion so he legalized it”

“No. That is incidental. What is the first and principal thing he does? What needs does he serve by killing the fluffies?”

“Boredom, um, edginess, and, huh, sexual frustrations for being a virgin”

“Yes! No! whatever, he covets. That is his nature. And how do we begin to covet, Timmy? Do we seek out things to covet? like Tara Strong’s soiled panties”

“So that’s why you here?”

“Yeah, that and supergluing tiny hats to foals”


“…launching them with a potato gun at a synagogue while dressed as Hitler”

“What are you a doctor of anyway?”

“I’m a podiatrist”

“Did you do all these shitty drawings?” -he said pointing at the amateurish porn hanging to the walls.

"Ah. That is a vore Pinkie Pie. Do you know Rule34?

“All that detail just from memory?”

“Memory, Timmy, is what I have instead of my 46TB collection of MLP futa porn”

“So how you know Steve?”

“I met him at FurCon in 2026, he made a few commissions for me”

As he says that Dr. Proctor opens a folder with drawings of Rarity with a giant horse dick skull fucking Hillary Clinton while taking a shit on Spike’s mouth.

“Does this arouse you Timmy?”

“Not really, did you pay for this shit?”

“Yes, about $2000”

“Jesus fuck!”

“I know, but I’m a patron of the arts you see”

“What else?”

“Look for severe childhood disturbances associated with Japanese videogames. Our Steve wasn’t born a brony, Timmy. He was made one through years of systematic hentai addiction. Steve hates his own identity, you see, and he thinks that makes him a gamer. But his pathology is a thousand times more savage and more fucked-up than liking Genshin Impact.”

“That’s a shitty game, and I’m not doing all that, just tell me more so I can go”

“Well shortly after that I heard he was going into the fursuit business, a fairly lucrative venture you know”

“Don’t care, and?”

“Well it seems he got tired of using artificial fur for…”

“So he’s using fluffies to make fursuits? is that it?”

“…yes, you weren’t supposed to find out this quickly, I was building suspense!”

“What else was he going to do dumbass? fluffy fur condoms? who would use that?”

“I would”

“Right, I’m outta here”

“Don’t forget about my fleshlight!”


First new story in forever, enjoy while I work in part 3, TBD someday


i… someone pls, i think i might have been killed.


oh god I… Saw this on the booru.


This story had me laughing, thanks man.

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Truly, a man of culture


GOOD SHIT snorts coke of a dead fluffy

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equal parts horrified and entertained, ya still got it.

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what the fuck did I just read

At least the Dr. does not seem to have a foot fetish.
Wonderful stuff!

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