Burnie Hurties vs Headcanon (Battlefluffs) (By: PeppermintParchment)

House Fluffy Burnie Hurties by @Eded_ted vs. Robot Puppy Headcanon by @Reddit-Word_H83r face off in this round of Battle Fluffs!

Who will win? Can the power of electric lasers overcome a robot puppy with nothing but hopping and gumption on his side?!
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  • Burnie Hurties
  • Headcanon

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@AMDk7 Battle Fluffy entry.


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Somehow the toy puppy won this.

Must have drained the batteries.

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With this community,I’m not surprised the toy puppy won,hahaha. I had fun drawing Headcanon,he was a nice break from all the tubes on Burnie Hurties.


PeppermintParchment, now there is a name I haven’t heard in years. I wonder if you remember me haha

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I actually do remember you! I don’t remember the joke behind your name though. It’s been a loooooong time.

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Back on booru, I always would wait so I could comment as Anonymous-8 lmao, it’s been forever, no didn’t know this place was still functioning!

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I just found fluffies again in June of this year,so I’m relatively new here as well! Welcome back to the fluffy community!

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Welcome to you as well, I suppose it’s time I got cranking back on my stories lol, gonna have to read a few and touch up on fluffyspeak again lmao

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