Call of the Jellenheimer - Chapter 4 - By BloodyBoots

Call of the Jellenheimer

Chapter 4

Ricky woke to the sound of his alarm and hopped out of bed excitedly. Today was his first day on the job at the veterinary hospital, and he knew that he needed to keep his positive confidence going strong in order to keep up his image. His evil plan was coming together nicely so far.

He had a grilled cheese and some water for breakfast. Damn it was going to feel good to get paid and have some money again so he could enjoy some real food.

He got dressed and headed out the door. Soon he was on the bus again heading towards the veterinarian office. He was several minutes early so he decided to pop into the shelter next door and see about volunteering.

He stepped through the old metal doors and looked around. He could hear barking, and the lights were on, but no one was at the front desk.

“Hello?” He called out.

“Coming!” A female voice called out from an open door on the left side of the desk. A young woman appeared holding a mug of coffee. “Sorry about that. I was just grabbing a cup of inspiration.” She said with a smile.

She was just Ricky’s type. She had dragon tattoos on both arms and gauges in both ears as well as a lip ring and an eyebrow ring. She had jet black hair tied into a messy ponytail, and black fingernail polish to match. She was a punk rock dream come true.

“Can I help you?” She asked with a raised eyebrow as she caught Ricky staring.

“Oh, uh…” Ricky stammered. “My name’s Ricky Horowitz. I’m the new hire next door at the vet’s office. I wanted to come in and see if you still needed any volunteers?”

“Always.” The girl replied with a sigh. “I’m Cindy, the only full time employee here. It’s all the city budget will allow.”

“Man that sucks.” Ricky replied, shaking his head. “Well I’m happy to help. My shift ends at four today. Maybe I can come in after that and give you a hand.”

“Ok, sounds good.” Cindy said, pulling out a form from under her desk. “Just fill this out before you come back and I’ll give you the tour later.”

“Ok, cool.” Ricky said with a smile as he backed out towards the door. “I’ll see you later then, Cindy.” He said cooly as he bumped the door open behind him. She smiled and waved at him through the glass as he left.

Little did Ricky realize how grueling his new job would be. He had to scrub and wash each and every cage in the veterinary building; there were nearly 100 cages in total. After that he was basically a janitor, mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms.

The worst part, however, was having to do it all with a cheery attitude and friendly demeanor. Sucking up to everyone and feigning interest in people’s boring lives was exhausting. But it was all worth it. He needed his alter ego’s persona to be completely flawless in order for his plans to succeed.

He was also able to scope several fluffies which helped fuel the fire of loathing in his black heart. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on another victim. He was always looking for rescues or strays to “give a happy home to.”

The cherry on top, however, was getting to see Cindy at the shelter at the end of the day. Despite being completely wiped after eight hours of cleaning shit and piss out of cages, grabbing a few extra hours at the shelter boosted his plans immensely. He got to work with a total babe, scope more fluffies, and boost his new image all at the same time. He even found himself a new victim.

“Whose this poor little guy?” He asked Cindy as he cleaned out the fluffy’s cage. It was a brown male that had lost its front right leg.

“That’s Stumpy.” Cindy sighed. “Abandoned by his previous owner, most likely after it broke it’s leg. Found it dropped off in a box out front. He’s shy and pretty quiet for the most part. Kinda needy, so I doubt he’ll get adopted, especially since he’s an unpopular color.”

“Can I have him?” Ricky asked sweetly as he placed the fluffy back into its clean cage. “I’d give him a good home.”

“Really?” Cindy said, surprised. “I’m mean, sure!”

“Excellent.” Ricky replied, trying to hold back his sinister smile.

“We just gotta fill out the paperwork, and normally there’s a small fee.” Cindy explained. “But since you’re a volunteer doing us a favor by taking this unlikely adoption home, I think we can let the fee slide this time.” She said with a wink and a smile. “Are you set up for fluffy care at home?”

“Yep. Got a litter box, food, toys, and a safe room all lined up.” Ricky nodded as he pet the fluffy. “I’ll need a box or something to carry him home in though.”

“We’ve got a bunch of cardboard carriers.” Said Cindy. “I’m just glad this little dude has a future beyond the incinerator.”

Ricky pet the fluffy and began to speak to it. “Would you like to come home with me, Stumpy?” Ricky asked sweetly as he scratched behind the pony’s ear.

“Stumpy get new daddy and housey?” Stumpy asked nervously.

“That’s right, buddy!” Ricky said with a grin. “And toys, and sketti!”

“Weawwy?” The creature asked excitedly, wagging his tail.

“Yep!” Ricky replied, clenching his fist slightly at the fluffy’s annoying babytalk. “I promise to be a good daddy and give you lots of hugs and love!”

“Hugges an wuv?” Stumpy said happily. “Yay! Stumpy wuv new daddy!” He hopped in his cage.

“All right.” Ricky said as he stood up and stretched his aching back. “So how about I come in each day after work and stay for two hours. That’ll be a ten hour day for me, with 10 volunteer hours total each week, sound good?” He looked at Cindy for a response as she added food into the cage dishes.

“I’ll take whatever help I can get!” She said with a laugh. “I really appreciate the help!”

“It’s no problem!” Ricky smiled back. “I love animals!”

“I see that!” Cindy chuckled. “Let’s go get Stumpy’s paperwork filled out and I’ll grab a carrier box.”

“Sure thing!” Ricky said cheerfully as he pulled Stumpy from his cage. “Come on little dude, let’s get you home!”

“Yay!” Stumpy cheered. “New housie an toysies an sketti wif new bestest daddeh!”

“That’s right pal!” Ricky said as he followed Cindy into the back room. Shop unfolded a new cardboard carrier and put some newspaper on the bottom before gently placing Stumpy inside.

“Nuuu!” The pony whined. “No wike scawy sowwy box!”

“Ah come on, big guy!” Ricky chuckled. “Be brave ok? We’ll be home soon!”

“Otay daddeh.” The little pony sniffled as Cindy closed the top and folded the cardboard latches to create a handle.

They all then went back out to the front of the shelter where Ricky completed the adoption paperwork. He said his goodbyes to Cindy and stepped outside to wait at the bus stop just down the corner. He waved to Dr. Mitchell as he stepped out of the veterinary hospital next door. The doctor jogged up to him for a quick chat.

“Her, Ricky!” The vet said pleasantly. “I thought you left for the day?”

“I’m going to be volunteering for a couple hours each day after work at the Last Hope shelter.” Ricky explained. “More experience, and more cute animals!” He added with a fake smile as he held up the cardboard carrier. “This is my new fluffy named Stumpy. A three legged brown fluffy rescued from the incinerator.”

Stumpy made soft “huhu” cries from within the box as he peeked through the holes on the side.

“You’ve got a big heart don’t you Ricky?” The doctor said with a smile.

“I try, sir!” Ricky blushed, scratching the back of his neck. “I have a soft spot for fluffy rescues.”

“Do you take the bus home?” The doctor asked. How far do you live?"

“I’m just a couple miles south in Grand Oaks apartments.” Ricky replied.

“Hey, that’s on my way home! I like in the suburbs just a bit further south. Would you like a ride?”

“Sure!” Ricky smiled. “Beats that slow bus ride home!”

“Indeed!” Mitchell laughed. “Follow me to my car!”

They chatted along the way to the parking lot next door to the veterinary hospital before reaching the doctor’s shiny new 2023 Cadillac Escalade.

“Hey, nice ride, boss man!” Ricky nodded as he climbed into the passenger seat. “This thing is first class!”

“Haha, thanks!” The vet chuckled. “It’s my pride and joy!”

“I’ll say!” Ricky agreed as he set Stumpy’s carrier down between his feet.

The ride home was smooth and enjoyable as the two coworkers chatted about their day. Dr. Mitchell had bought Ricky’s new fake persona hook line and sinker. He seemed genuinely enjoy Ricky’s company and Ricky found it tolerable to deal with his boss even after a long day of grueling work.

Soon they were pulled up in front on Ricky’s apartment building and saying their goodbyes.

“See you tomorrow!” The doctor shouted out his window as he waved and pulled away from the curb.

Ricky waved back with a smile and a nod before turning toward his building with a sigh of relief. He walked over to the dumpsters on the side of the building and peered inside to make sure they had been emptied. He was happy to find a row of freshly cleaned dumpsters.

Perfect. Mother’s corpse had been safely removed with no one suspecting a thing. How surprisingly easy it was to get away with murder when no one around you cared or paid attention. Ricky would have to explain his mother’s disappearance eventually, but he had plenty of time to figure that out.

Right now he was focused on the present. He held the carrier close as he walked upstairs and entered his apartment. It was good to be home.

He set the carrier down in the bathtub and dumped Stumpy out. A litterbox and a saferoom all in one. The tub walls were too tall and slippery for the three-legged pony to escape. He could always use the second shower for himself while the pony lived temporarily in the tub.

Ricky ripped up the cardboard carrier to make a makeshift litter box and put the newspaper in layers on the bottom. He the turned to Stumpy with a stern expression.

“See this?” Ricky asked, pointing at the litter box. “This is where you make good poopies and peepees, got it? If you don’t then you’ll be in big trouble and won’t get any hugs, love, toys, or sketti. Understand?”

“Otay daddeh.” The fluffy replied quietly.

“I’ll be back to check on you soon.” Ricky sighed as he stood up.

He hadn’t quite decided what to do with the creature. With his mother’s fluffy, Sunflower, it had been so easy and pleasing to get to the heavy abuse right away. And torching the fluffy hoarder’s house had really scratched that itch which could hold Ricky over for days.

I think this time I’ll go with a more slow and steady psychological abuse. Ricky thought to himself as he cooked himself yet another grilled cheese. Really get inside of his head and fuck with him.

Ricky smiled as he ate his sandwich and enjoyed some cold water from the fridge. He was exhausted from his long day but still felt better than he ever had in his entire life. The Jellenheimer would take it easy tonight and get to bed early after some more veterinary studies. His inner demons were fat and happy; he deserved some rest.

He gave Stumpy some food and water in two small bowls.

"No sketty? The creature whined. “Buh daddy pwomised fwuffy Sketti…”

“Don’t beg.” Ricky replied coldly as he shut off the bathroom light.

“Nuuu!” The creature cried. “Dawk scawy!”

“Stop whining or no spaghetti!” Rick snapped back before closing the door.

The fluffy responded with quite whimpering in his new dark prison. Ricky smirked as he walked away. The pony’s low key suffering was like music to his ears. He had turned out just as cruel as his mother.

except that fluffy isn’t my own flesh and blood soon like that crazy bitch. Ricky rationalized to himself.

He finally sat down in front of his computer for a couple hours of studying and social media surfing. He proudly updated his job employment info while enjoying a cigarette. He also added his volunteer work at the shelter.

At last he collapsed in bed, exhausted, and enjoyed the best night sleep he ever had. Today was a good day, and tomorrow would be even better!

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honestly, ricky is a bastard. At any moment he could have turned his life around and became better then his mother. But instead he sees his mother’s abuse and becomes just as bad if not worse and trys to rationalize it. those people are just monsters. such a good character to hate, Loving this shit boots!

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Thanks for the awesome feedback Julie! :two_hearts::sunglasses::beer:

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