Camouflage is a disadvantage, if you are not trying to hide. (by: artist-kun)


Feral poopie survival believers disliked that.


Hahahaha let them scream and let the fun begin. If the other foals and the mother they do’nt see as a “poopie babbeh” they gonna try to heal them. that’s the moment for killing more stupid foals and fluffies.


Even when their family seems to love them: the poopy baby is fated to suffer.

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Well, in some cases, foals woth a more natural colour will be seen as bestest babbehs by ferals. This is because more colourfull foals are not as camouflaged and have a smaller chance of surviving. So there is a big chance it’s family will come to its rescue.

If it’s a feral that’s not hiding, how did you not hear it before being anywhere near close enough to step on it?


Well since your new shoes are ruined…step in it again

Next time, watch your step if you’re not paying attention

This is one of my favorite artist-kun arts.

Fluffies with natural earth colors are better at camouflage!!!

Ignores the fact that fluffies rarely stand still, emit very strong odors, and are incredibly talkative/noisy by nature