Candyland Part 2 (by Nundevwizer)


“Hold him down!” Wendy yelled as she took a pair of plyers and took hold of one of 069’s teeth.


069 screamed in agonizing pain as Wendy started pulling. After two tugs…


The yellow tooth came right out, it was so badly rotten, there were hardly any nerves left to hold it in place.

“Five teeth left to go.” Wendy sighed as she grabbed another tooth with the plyers.

“Shouldn’t we give him an anesthetic?”

“No room in the budget. Just hold him still and we can get the rest of these teeth out.”

Ben just shook his head and reasserted his grip on 069.


It was an agonizing ten minutes as Wendy took out five of 069’s remaining nine teeth. About 2 months after Wendy’s encounter with Dr. Penerson, 069 had been in the vet’s office 3 other times to have some of his rotted teeth pulled. Now 069 only has a small number of teeth left, and so the clock is ticking on his usefulness to Fatsos.


“Phew!” Wendy wiped her brow as she put the last tooth on the tray. 069 was crying from the pain.

“huhuhuhuuuuu… pweaff come bae feethie fwienth… huhuuuu.”

Wendy looked at 069 with a sad face, she reached down and petted him. 069 burrowed his head into her hand as he cried.

The door slams open. “What the hell is going on in here?!! I could hear all that from across the factory floor!!”

Dr. Penerson stepped through the door, briskly walking over to the operating table. Wendy looks up from the table, tired from the effort of pulling a fluffy’s teeth. Ben just stood to the side, hoping to stay out of the crossfire.

“Is no one going to answer me?! What. the. hell. is going on here?!!”

He stops by the table and sees 069 who looks up at him from behind his front legs.

“Are you ready for more candy, 069?”

Wendy’s heart sank. She immediately gets up.

“No, he’s not ready! He still needs time to recover from the operation and-”


Penerson bellowed so loudly that it caused some nearby fluffies to shit themselves in their cages. Ben was going to have a fun time cleaning all that up. They also started crying.

“huhu… nu wike woud noisie…”

“babbeh scawed.”

“it am otay babbehs. Mummah gib huggies. Mae scawedie saddies gu way.”

Penerson looked down at 069, Wendy could only stand and watch what would happen.

“Are you ready for some candy, 069?” Penerson asked again.

069 nodded and lowered his leg.

“Fith Nye weagy foa moa nummith, miffa.”

Wendy was not prepared for what happened next. The next thing she and Ben knew, 069 went flying across the room and hit the wall face-first with a large oof as the air in his lungs was forced out by the impact. Penerson just grabbed 069 and threw him across the room in a rage.

They all thought they heard something break, it turned out to be another tooth. 069 hit the wall with enough force to chip one of his few remaining good teeth and he fell to the floor.

After the hard landing, 069 got up, huing from the pain as his face was squished when he hit the wall, but he didn’t have time to catch his breath as Penerson walked over with a pair of pliers in his hand. He grabs 069’s face with one hand as he went to work grabbing one of 069’s good teeth with the pliers.

069 winced in pain as he felt the roots of his teeth rip as Penerson pulled.

“'…wea… 'uu… uries…” He cried in desperation, but it was no use. Penerson gave on good yank and it popped right out, leaving a trail of blood in its wake. 069 could do nothing but scream in pain as Penerson went to work pulling out all of 069’s remaining teeth.

Wendy wanted to stop him, but she was afraid for her job if she tried to intervene. Ben just stood behind the door as though taking cover.

It didn’t take long for Penerson to pull what was left of 069’s teeth and 069 was left in a mess of blood, tears, and pieces of teeth. Breathing heavily, Penerson drops the pliers to the floor and starts to walk out, stopping in front of Wendy.

“I want them… gone…” He said. “All of them. I have no further use for them.” He took a couple more steps. Ben peeks out from behind the door.

“After that… your services will no longer be required.” He huffed. “I’ll make sure to send your severance pay to your account after today.” He then leaves without another word.

Wendy looked to Ben who looked back at her. They were both speechless. Wendy looked to 069 who managed to stop crying to utter only one thing:

“Can fifh nye haf nummief nao?”


This reminds me of my parents’ cat. She has no teeth. Her name is Gums.

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